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Nov 28

and the Reimagined D-41. It is priced about the same as a D-45. I've heard this claim before, but never form an official source. And the 45 has a glossy finished neck. And everyday, it's maybe tomorrow! I agree with everyone above. It is a truly inspiring guitar. I played quite a few and finally chose the D-40 due to about 700 savings over the 41, and great tone. C $14,339.57. As far as I know...the necks are now identical too with the exception of the 41 neck being a satin finish, and the 45 a gloss. They were generally a bit brighter than the Martins, but lacked serious low end. But from a tone and quality perspective, they now appear exactly the same. The "Dreadnought" body style was developed by C.F. 17 watchers. And bragging rights because you "got the 45". The wood types and bracing are exactly the same except for the grade of the woods used. I didn't like the looks of it but the tone was absolutely out of this world!! I played several of Martin's D-series guitars (D-28, HD-28, HD-35), a couple of their OM models (John Mayer and Eric Clapton signature models), as well as higher-end instruments from Taylor (model # slips my mind), Gibson (Advanced Jumbo), and a midrange Breedlove. Classic Martin Dreadnought with a High-performance Neck. I also concur the HD-28, which is scalloped, is fairly close to being on par with the reimagined 40 series. Guitar Gallery compares the Martin HD-28 Reimagined and the Martin D-41 Reimagined. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. I noticed a very big sonic gap between the D28-D35 family and the D41. I could really hear the stronger base of the D series over the OM, but the others were very subtle. The only difference I know of now is the 41 has a satin neck, and the 45 is gloss. In truth, we find it hard to put the D-41 down. They both use top grade sitka, and Indian Rosewood. Find Martin Guitars by year or model. It has been favorably compared to the venerable D-45 … I was looking at the OMJM. I've already posted this on another Martin thread. Just 1/3 more expensive on the 45 for strictly cosmetic reasons which mainly can only be seen from the back. It is a truly inspiring guitar. Martin & Company, and has since been copied by other guitar manufacturers.The Dreadnought style was originally manufactured by Martin for the Oliver Ditson Company. They also had a few high-end Taylors, the most expensive one running just shy of $3000. Some claim the 45 uses higher grade wood. Oh yeah...and bragging rights. Find available Martin Dreadnought D40, D41,D42,D45 and D50 Guitars with Anymore that's 3 grand for a little more abalone that can't even be seen from the front. I concur with everybody...but there is a sect of 45 owners who consider the 45 the Holy Grail. Tico hit the high points above, but to recap... None of these guitars are (currently) built like a … I have a difficult time believing there is, and with a 41 at almost half the price of a 45, I will check out the 41 first when I'm ready to buy. or Best Offer +C $379.77 shipping. Psalm 3:5 I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. Anything from 18 to 45 in Martin dreadnoughts are fine instruments IMO. Martin D-41, D-42, D-45 General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. So I want to own a Martin of that quality, but I have wondered is there really a significant difference in tone between a D41 and D45? Pre-Owned. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion, The D-41 was going for something like $3400. using left thumb for low E string. Personally I don't like inlays around the neck. The woods used in the D-45 are probably more select also. I have a hard time believing that the ornamentation justifys that much of a price difference between the two. I own several very good guitars, but I have found the D41 to be truly very good. I already own a D-41 and would like a new guitar with improved strumming playability and easier fingerboard gripping, e.g. What starts as our initial 10-minute note-taking session ends up an hour later as we discover new and musical facets to the instrument. I have a few guitars I want to purchase and one just has to be a Martin. In 1931, Martin began producing Dreadnought guitars carrying the Martin name. Now that the 41 and 42 have the same bracing, they seem to be in direct completion. Back view of Martin D-41 Special dreadnought. ... dID=784456, Full Specifications. Correct me if I'm wrong...but since 2018, the only differences between the two are the 45 has more inlays such as around the back & neck, and full sized hex's in the fret-board. I agree with Todd....other than a couple years when the 45 had scalloped braces/small maple bridge plate.....they've always been essentially the same build, just with more pearl trim on the 45. Some 45 owners seem to reject this, but offer nothing to prove otherwise. I would hope for the extra cost that there is more sound quality.

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