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Nov 28

Devotion to Society. Ethnocentrism drives people away from what they love. Each person, even within a similar culture or ethnicity, leads an independent life. People can separate themselves even in the same religion by preferring one denomination over another because they think their belief structure is the best one to follow. That’s not to say that all changes should be followed without question. Whenever the approach of ethnocentrism is taken, it creates a circumstance where individuals or groups provide ultimatums to each other. This attitude or approach may apply to the current nations and cultures in the world, but it can also relate to all of the civilizations that existed in the past. The people who tend to follow ethnocentric views often take their cues from history and the traditions that their ancestors brought to the modern culture. It is more than a home country that you support. Since then, several individuals have furthered those initial observations, including William Sumber, Robert Merton, and Franz Boas. Members of the sects do not regard this ethnocentrism harmful for them as they want to propagate their own faith and win the majority. From an American perspective, patriotism is seen as a positive attribute. Furthermore, the problems of a marginal man are not to be faced by the population if the people remain loyal to their own society, culture and group. Decisions are made based on unrealistic comparisons. Assimilation is a process of fusion through which individuals and groups acquire the cultural patterns, attitudes and ideas of other groups or individuals. We can find this issue in the significant subjects that we debate as well as our individual choices in some matters. It is more than a lack of empathy; it is a complete disregard of the understanding needed to see through a different set of circumstances. The term was first used by Ludwig Gumplowicz in 1883. Although every person on our planet has their own definition of “normal,” we cannot apply this observation to anyone else. It is easier to be scared of something or someone who is different than you then it is to embrace the diversity that can develop through the intermingling of ideas. It is a process which can bring more solidarity to specific elements of society while allowing other cultures to pursue their goals at the same time without any interference. We can no longer choose to believe anything but our own thoughts or ideas because no one else to be correct. However, ignoring these issues in a particular sense following are the advantages and disadvantages of ethnocentrism. Instead of creating unity through diversity, this approach requires people to change who they are if the majority of people in a community deem the difference to be something that makes a person unfit for inclusion. Prolongs or Hinders Assimilation. Obstructs Intercultural Relations. Some people like to be by themselves for personal reasons, but ethnocentrism can cause social isolation simply because someone feels different (and superior) to everyone else. If you see someone committing an act of violence against another person, then this is also ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is a widespread tendency for people to favour their own group over another group on the belief that one’s own ethnic group or one’s own culture is superior to other ethnic groups and cultures. We seek out social connections whenever we go through a stressful incident in life. 5. Because this information does not include the other side of the equation, the conclusions we reach when using this approach are misleading at best. By comparing who we are with who others want to be, it becomes possible to find connections with like-minded people so that we can avoid the perils of social isolation. With each group not willing to compromise because they fear that there is a lack of morality or superiority in such a position, then people take sides instead of trying to get along with each other. Ethnocentrism is one of the main reasons … After the 2016 presidential election in the United States, there were couples filing for divorce because of the candidate whom they chose on their ballot. The act of dismissing any thought of evolution or change at the micro or macro levels is evidence of an ethnocentric perspective. The people who maintain an ethnocentric view in life will not typically bother much about other societies and cultures in the world, past or present. It has become one of the major social problems among the Western societies. Thus, it would place these sects in an advantageous position, i.e, … When you have two individuals or groups who look at each other and think of that other culture as being inferior, then you create polarization in society. If ethnocentrism is taught on uniform lines within a society it enhances solidarity within society and decreases minor or major sectarian, class, or racial frictions or conflicts. There is no middle ground when taking the ethnocentric approach. That is another example of ethnocentrism at work. Cultural assimilation is a process where the individuals of one culture fuse themselves with a different one as a way to fit in with in the context of ethnocentrism. ‘Ethnocentrism encourages Patriotism and loyalty to one’s own society and culture. That is why ethnocentrism is one of the most significant societal problems in the developed world today. This philosophy can create isolation. Are you the type of person who gets angry when someone has a disagreement on an opinion that you have shared? The unity and integration of different societies become difficult. That means the conclusions which people draw when using ethnocentrism as their foundation for decision-making are based on generalizations and opinions instead of facts. An average man finds ready-made solutions of the problems confronted by him in different social situations of his daily life. This approach is a “you’re with me” or “you’re against me” attitude in all aspects of life. That is why societies self-destruct over time – because no one is willing to listen to what anyone else has to say. As Psychology Today notes, humans are hardwired to interact with other people. Because you would feel that going elsewhere would inspire more loyalty, you would place yourself in the best possible position to surround yourself with people who can support you. The ethnocentric persons do not bother much about other cultures and societies and thus lead a life of their own. Author: Prossylink. 2. If one group develops ethnocentric attitude towards the other group, then inter-cultural relations cannot be maintained smoothly. When you have two items of equal quality and price available for purchase, having a consistent preference for something produced in a manner of which you approve is an ethnocentric viewpoint. Everything has its positives and it has its negatives. It can produce higher levels of self-esteem. This process can occur on a societal level or involve specific behaviors or actions in the areas of religion, language, behavior, or customs. Ethnocentrism brings frustration and restlessness among the people of different groups, castes and classes in such a way that they waste most of their energies, time and resources in. Parents can become divided over how they decide to discipline their children.

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