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Nov 28

Long nosed pliers might be handy. Once you get it out, just use a box cutter and a bunch of fresh blades. Identify agave species plants in a range of sizes from 2 feet high to upward of 7 feet high and 12 feet in spread. Remove spent flower stalks at their point of origin as close to the main body of the plant as possible. I'll show you a foolproof way of cleaning an agave today. Cut through the stalk at a slight angle with your pruning saw to encourage water runoff. Hee hee...Sorry, I just had to say it, as it popped in my head first! looks great and its simple to wipe clean. The other 'meat claws' growing in larger pots and in the ground have hardly any dead leaves. I think you're right about your pot - too small. The leaves of the agave plants grow and die annually and new ones grow above them, much like how a palm tree grows with rows of dead leaves left lower down. Yorkie, I don't know what a portable dremel is. This is a Century Plant, also known as Agave Americana, growing in Texas in the Austin area. This may be what's stressing the plant and causing it to shed leaves unevenly. The main aspect of pruning agave plants consists of removing dead leaves and eradicating any areas that may be diseased. Read on. The whole thing will need a good sanding before you prime and paint. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. Agave ovatifolia, also known as whale’s tongue agave, is an evergreen perennial succulent that is known for its super-thick rosette of powder blue and gray leaves – a unique color combo!The plant belongs to the family of Asparagaceae and is a beautiful succulent for adding texture to coastal, city, and xeriscape gardens.. Agave americana care is small amount of water to not overwater, full sun to half shade and prune dead leaves and dead plant plants died after blooming and need to take bloom stem and the plant down to let the new plants place to grow. Should we paint this honey oak trim or leave it? You see here that this poor agave was just inundated with debris. Stick old wine corks on the spines found at the tips of the agave leaves to further protect yourself. ... Prune off only dead or dying leaves with pruning shears. Yellow leaves caused by under-watering will look solid yellow and will fall off or detach with little to no effort. Yellow leaves caused by overwatering will look like a mosaic of both yellow and green. when dry, if you have any rough parts, give a quick sanding to get it smooth. Sanitize the blade of your pruning saw with a paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol to prevent any unwanted bacteria from infecting the flesh of your agave. It's still a favorite agave for it's neat compact shape, blue green color, thorn impressions, cold hardiness, and small size. I'll be watching to see if others know of a better way/tool to use. Spent flower stalks on most species will pull right out when the stalk dries up. Oddly, the lower, internal parts of the cone were worse damaged than the top, exposed leaves of the cone. I'm also considering painting trim white or leaving it stained. Pulling them off with a twisting actiion of plyers hasn't worked. Samantha McMullen began writing professionally in 2001. I'll look it up. By spring, a very few dry out all the way and can be removed, with the majority plumping back up. Dead lower leaves. Then come spring I'll try to remove the agave from the pot. The plant will start to look droopy and wilted the more sever the water deprivation is. No doubt you all are right about the pot. I can't wait for daylight to give it a try. I just tried sawing with a serrated bread knife and that has worked best, but it's still not easy by any means. Learn more. Some are in pots and some in the ground. After trimming some other agaves yesterday it's very noticeable that the dead leaves on this variety don't let go easily. Soft, mushy-looking roots can be pruned away. From what I've read, you're not really supposed to remove the leaves until they're dry enough to pull off easily. They may have also used something like liquid nails to put it up so you'll need to deal with scraping that smooth as well. Learn the benefits of painting your trim white, black, neutral, a bold color and more, Flowers and foliage will bring cheer to your kitchen even in the dead of winter, Color, scale, proportion, trim ... 14 things to think about if your exterior is bugging you, See how to find the right trim for the height of your ceilings and style of your room, Black trim and tile keep an otherwise snowy bathroom in a 1910 home from feeling sleepy, Saw palmetto provides a carefree ground cover for dry gardens in the Southeast, Give a dry and sunny garden a jolt of violet-pink color summer to fall — and watch bees and butterflies flock to the nectar, New This Week: Proof the Formal Dining Room Isn’t Dead, Your Best Winter Accessory for the Kitchen, Curb Appeal Feeling a Little Off? I've tried tin snips, but it's slow going and hard to get close to the leaf base. Lesson learned. Put on heavy gloves, goggles and a long-sleeved shirt before trimming your agave, to protect your skin and eyes from the sharp spines found on the tips of the leaves. There will probably be nail holes that need to be patched with patching compound. This agave stays fairly small, but is probably getting too large for the pot. but any combo options people have tried? hanzrobo, waiting till they dry up then pull off works too especially when your repotting once pulled out of the ground or pot. As a part of the care and maintenance of the agave plant you will need to prune the plant according to its needs. That's what I'll do in the future. The only pruning wax agave needs is dead leaf removal. nothing worse than bumpy, lumpy or gritty trim work! Carefully cut through the base of the leaf with a pruning saw. I think what I'm wanting is a laser beam knife -- zap, zap, zap, but that ain't gonna' happen. all my baseboard/crown and window/door casing are done in it. The more 'established' spots have compressed themselves in to the leaf to the point the leaf is quite flat there. Salt creep, thank you very much for the helpful hints. steak knife and they cut like butter and it beats waiting tell they've hardened up. Crown Molding: Is It Right for Your Home? Then you can easily pull each half off sideways and they come off from the stem instead of leaving ragged fibers behind. The other 'meat claws' growing in larger pots and in the ground have hardly any dead leaves. But I hesitate trying to remove it as the leaves are likely to get damaged.. Dead leaves can be easily pulled off or they drop off on their own. Cut off damaged leaves from yuccas and nolinas. The plants require little care most of the time, although they benefit from occasional trimming to improve their overall appearance. Repotting is also a good time to remove old, dead leaves, weeds and any parasites you might find near the leaf bases or on the roots. It’s normal for old leaves to wilt and fall off. However, agaves resent heavy pruning and can die back if you remove healthy leaves, so it is best to only remove the spent flower stalks and any damaged or dead leaves that appear.

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