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Nov 28

The average price of a home is $244,795. Apparently, the first-time homebuyer market is on fire. According to, $63,000 should get you into a new house and allow you to meet your expenses. Talk about a state where you can live well on less: The average purchase price is $214,841, but the cost of living is 14 percent below the U.S. average, according to Since 2000, the city’s population has grown by 11 percent, according to We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), Alaska’s willing to pay you $1,000 to move—and stay—there. The cost of living is a tad above the national average, according to, but it’s manageable as long as you can handle the winter. Although the average price of a home is $305,902, you can expect to pay more in the state’s five fastest appreciating cities—McClellanville, Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, St. Stephen, and Charleston, according to 7), and Denver (no. The state’s average home price is $445,488; in Boston, according to, you’ll need a salary of roughly $98,000 to buy a home and manage your expenses. A housing price index growth decrease is shown as a negative number. The market there is so good that this year may prove to be the best ever in Southwest Florida, according to the News-Press. Today, the median home listing price in the US is nearly $226,800, according to Zillow, but that varies by state. In the majority of U.S. states, the median home price is over $200,000. People are heading to this state for a good reason, even though the average price of a home is $418,250. Want to live in Virginia Beach? Living near or in New York City demands a $100k salary, reports With a cost of living 12 percent below the national average, the home price average of $190,497 stands out. Below are the states with the lowest median home prices. The average purchase price is $341,089. See if you can nail this state nicknames quiz. Even though there is a lack of inventory, the price has remained stable because more people are leaving the state than moving there. If you visit Nashville, here’s how to experience it like a local. Arkansas is the home of Walmart, which is a big driver of the state’s economy. They looked at median home values at the bottom third of the market, average listing price/price per square foot, median closing costs, and effective property tax rates. If you can handle the winter, Maine is hard to beat. House prices in Adelaide increased to an average $418,150, while Canberra home prices were $535,000 on average. Small wonder the state has been so popular of late: The average purchase price is $181,712, and the cost of living is 12 percent lower than the national average, according to The area is fueled by low taxes, a good labor force, and business-friendly state laws, according to Since the early 2000s, the population has jumped by 12 percent. One reason for Atlanta’s nickname could be that the city’s median home price increased 12 percent over the past year. Wells Fargo, Citibank, HSBC, and others have large processing operations here, helping ensure job growth. Even so, a prospective home buyer would need a salary of more than $221,000 to afford a home and living expenses there, according to When homebuyers are searching for a home, there are many factors to consider. Generally, the states with higher median home values have higher median household incomes, while the states with less expensive homes have lower median household incomes. Raleigh and Charlotte are mid-sized cosmopolitan cities, with arts, culture, and a lower cost of living compared to bigger cities like New York. Each state has varying median home prices and typical home sizes. Check out the places on our list of the best family vacation destination by state. Hawaii’s pricing and home sizes are a sharp contrast to Maryland, which has the tenth-highest median home price at $310,744. Here’s a breakdown of the median home values in each state based on 2019 data processed by Zillow, an online real estate marketplace, and the most recent available census data (2017) produced by the U.S. Census Bureau. Ouch: The average purchase price is $691,241, and the pickings are slim when it comes to homes and condos. Yikes: The average home price in California is $713,887. The average purchase price is $602,812. Hawaii has the highest median home price of $638,388 and also has the third-highest average monthly rent in the U.S. at $2,333 per month so living in Hawaii is expensive whether you decide to rent or buy. Experts tout New Orleans for real estate investors: According to Mashadvisor, entrepreneurs and millennials are flocking there and after Katrina, and home values have gone up a whopping 43 percent. In both cities, you can get by on $67,000 a year. Millennials, in particular, are taking a liking to them. Home prices nationwide were up 14.2% year-over-year in October. The state has a steady average home price of $286,438. Perhaps things are slowing down: According to recent reports, June marked the slowest home sales month for California in four years. Especially when you consider that you can play outdoors year-round thanks to mild winters and 234 days of sunshine annually—well above the U.S. average. Plus, the city is home to the Kentucky Derby and many great parks. According to recent reports, homes are selling in days. Nashville draws visitors and new residents alike. The average purchase price is $408,936. The state has a steady average home price of $286,438. There’s a good reason. Check the median house price by state or if your home's value has increased or decreased. Branson is a hot spot known for its music scene and over-the-top Christmas celebrations. Between 1999 and 2019, the median price of a home has more than doubled from $111,000 to $245,000. According to, it’s the second least expensive state for routine home maintenance, coming in at about $15,000 a year. Why not Wyoming? The state capital happens to also be a lovely and extremely liveable college town. Ann Arbor and Troy stand out for being most desirable, according to The Center for Michigan. The average price of a home is $338,118. West Virginia ranks as the cheapest state to buy a house. New Jersey competes with its notable neighbor by offering livable towns, beautiful beaches, and plenty of open space. Average house prices by state. The typical home size in Hawaii is the smallest among the states, at 1,209 square feet and one could expect to get about 4.6 rooms. See average home values in your state. Included are rent prices, real and nominal house prices, and ratios of price to rent and price to income; the main elements of housing costs. In addition to having the highest home values, Hawaii also had an average credit score and estimated income that were in the top 20th percentile of all states. Bozeman is thriving thanks to its job growth: Since 2000, the population has grown more than 90 percent, reports United States Housing Market. A typical $200,000 home in Hawaii will only get you 421 square feet. Big salaries and an increase in demand have pushed up the cost of living. Although the housing prices aren’t the highest, the cost of living is, since nearly every consumer good has to be imported from the mainland. 24/7 Wall Street evaluated data from real estate company Zillow to determine the median home value of each state and how much $200,000 (between $190,000 and $210,000) gets you. The cost of living is well below the national average. Here are the 10 states with the highest median home price. St. Louis is going through a renaissance, and for that reason, the cost of living is climbing. Here you’ll find the average price of a home runs $221,125. You’re in the middle of history and mystery, here. When it comes to routine maintenance, New Jersey has the dubious distinction of being the most expensive in the nation at $18,151 a year. Minneapolis has a cosmopolitan feel with mid-size town charm. The average price of a home is $249,962, and with both Philadelphia and Pittsburg going through a renaissance, now’s the time to consider Pennsylvania. Check out the nicest places in each state. These days, Alaska’s willing to pay you $1,000 to move—and stay—there. You’ll need a salary of more than $127,000 to meet your needs, reports

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