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Nov 28

I can’t talk about a touring bike without mentioning the upright riding position. Yamaha YZF-R1M 2015 Review (with 2017 specifications), Yamaha YZF-R1M (2018) | First ride & review, Six months later: The definitive Yamaha Niken review | 4,000 mile road test. For that reason, I dub this ride a Super Commuter, because that’s the job I think it would shine in.”, “The FJR1300 has been a favorite for a long time, and while the 2016 wasn’t a redesign, it was a revamp of an already popular bike. The headlight throws a sharp beam that pierces the darkness for good visibility, both to see and be seen. The most common problem with all models is rear suspension linkages seizing up due to lack of grease. The sixth gear is a tall overdrive gear so sustained cruising on the interstate is only at about 3,500-to-4,000 rpm, which is right where you want it for long miles in the saddle. Important. Not nice. By anyone’s standards, the 48 mm forks on the “A” are top-shelf items with 5.3-inches of travel and fully adjustable ride parameters, and the rear monoshock comes with 4.9 inches of travel as well as adjustable rebound damping and spring preload. With each update the FJR gets that little bit better, with the Gen 2 (starting at around four grand) significantly better than the original, and the Gen 3 a big step on. Much of the spec sheet reads like a sports bike: a twin-spar aluminium frame, 107kW (145bhp) fuel-injected engine, one-piece four-piston R1 brake calipers and adjustable suspension. But what about the engine, you may ask. … All good stuff for peace of mind when on the road. Get a quote for this motorbike with Bennetts bike insurance. The aluminum frame features beefy structural members that come tuned for what the factory figures is the right balance of strength, flexibility and weight, and it sets the tone for the rest of the project with a definite sportbike bent. At least it’s mechanical in nature and not electronic because I am positive I don’t trust brake-by-wire. Check the alternator output before buying a new one though – it might be on the way out. Yamaha MT-03 (2016): First Ride & Review! With up to 143 horsepower and 102 lbs-ft or torque, the FJR 1300 is ideal for both canyon-carving rides and high-speed cruising. Since the FJR1300 is billed as a “supersport tour bike,” it makes sense that it comes built on a frame that borrows heavily from Yamaha’s straight-up sport bikes. . Doug Hines created a set of 1" FJR1300 handlebar risers, and offers them for sale as well. This is clearly nonsense, and pretty much everyone does just that with no problems. That goes double if you're close enough to their Gloucestershire base to take advantage of their extremely competitive workshop rates (servicing from just £36 plus parts, for example). All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. Yamaha FJR1300 Chassis. For information including how to stop them, click, Third Party Fire and Theft Motorcycle Insurance, Yamaha FZ6 & FZ6 Fazer (2003 - 2010): Buying Guide, Yamaha FZ8 Fazer and FZ8 (2010-2015): Review & Buying Guide, Yamaha FZ1 and FZ1 Fazer (2006 – 2016) | Buyers guide, Yamaha FZS600 Fazer (1998-2003): Review & Buying Guide, Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer (2001-2005): Review & Buying Guide, Yamaha FZS Fazer1000 (2002): so much bike, not much money. Electronic suspension is a bonus if fitted, but we wouldn't want to pay too much extra. Specialists can re-spring and re-valve, but you're probably best off fitting a decent aftermarket unit. ABS was now standard and semi-linked brakes made their first appearance – applying the front doesn't apply any rear, but the rear pedal also operates a couple of pistons at the front, for better balance. Second, the traction control system closes the secondary throttle plate in the YCC-T system, reduces fuel delivery from the injectors and retards timing to restore contact-patch integrity when wheel slip is detected. At age 11 when bicycles were too simple to hold her interest any longer, her father found her taking apart the lawn mower. deliver balanced braking effort by allowing the rear brake master cylinder to pressurize two of the eight front-caliper pistons at the same time as the rear. That sixth gear let’s you cruise on the highway at a more respectable rpm; and let’s face it, if it’s a touring bike, it should cruise with seemingly no effort. On clutchless models, the computer can get confused and jam in one gear. We definitely wouldn't pay extra for the clutchless version. That said, you do still need to check valve clearances – there are a few tales of premature valve seat recession, possibly linked to hard use with cheap unleaded fuel. FJROwners is a forum community dedicated to the Yamaha FJR Forum, with FJR discussions, Yamaha FJR pricing, FJR specs, and more By continuing to use this website you give consent for cookies to be used. Assume any used FJR will need this doing soon, unless the seller can produce bills (the owners' club will do it for you for under £70) or evidence it's been done recently. The AE had all that, plus electronically adjustable suspension (with upside down forks), and cornering headlights. Earlier models were criticised for having a five-speed gearbox which was a little undergeared for fast motorway cruising. They're hard to get at so owners often neglect them, and that can be disastrous – if they seize completely the tie rods can break, and the whole rear end collapses completely. Cast-alloy rims round out the rolling chassis with a fat, 120/70-17 hoop up front and fatter 180/55-17 one in back. Why it won: Although the very first U.S. edition of the FJR1300 won CW 's Best Sport-Touring honors in 2002, it actually was an early-release 2003 model—so early, in fact, that we were … Yamaha MT-125 (2014-2019) Review & Buying Guide. Not a big difference this far above 10 grand, but there it is anyway. First, the D-Mode provides two different power-delivery profiles; one for smooth cruising and a second for sportier throttle responses, a system that allows the rider some flexibility but is far from the tailored power curves possible with some of the top competitors. Impressive Ride Comfort: (’Cause how else could you do burnouts?) The big difference between the FJR1300A and the FJR1300ES is the electronic suspension. Both run inline, four-cylinder mills with liquid cooling, but Kawasaki manages to pack in a few more cubes with a total of 1,352 cc versus 1,298 cc in the Yamaha. The "A" and the "ES" models diverge a little when we look at the suspension. Send it in the Contact Form boxes on the right side. Manufacturers make a dozen or more models between their sportbikes, naked bikes and similar models, but offer only one or two sport tourers. Changes by Year The FJR1300 was introduced to Europe in 2001, before arriving in North America in 2002, with the 2003 model year designation, and offered in a non-ABS version only. The FJR runs on a modern frame, true, but it is an actual frame; Kawasaki went instead with an aluminum monocoque assembly that uses the body panels as stressed, load-bearing members, precluding the need for a frame at all. If it had moving parts, it had Allyn's interest from a very early age. I might agree with my husband that it could be a commuter, but with fuel economy under 40 mpg, I hesitate to give it that label. For 2016, there were three separate models. This feature is very useful in urban and suburban settings, but only marginally useful on the open road. The ES comes with suspension setup on the handlebars with push-button adjustments, which is a good thing, but with 84 different presets for suspension options, it can be a little overwhelming to have that many choices. For 2006, the 'Gen 2' model brought adjustable handlebars and seat, an even taller screen, and factory-fitted colour matched panniers. My preference would be to have it the other way around since it’s easier for my old-lady eyes to take in a dial at-a-glance; but that’s me and I’m sure younger eyes are happy with the digital readout. The AS takes the same spec as the AE but with the clutchless gearbox. For 2020 the A model will be dropped and the AE and AS get a special (appropriately funereal, to mark their impending demise...) paintjob, predominantly black but with gold wheels and accents. MSRP on the 2019 FJE1300A is holding steady at $16,399 and the FJR1300ES is $17,999. Rake is still in the “fairly sporty” range at 26-degrees, but the 4.9-inch trail is definitely enough to make the FJR more stable for low-fatigue, long-distance cruising/commuting/touring. 913949). Links and information on everything for the Yamaha FJR 1300. - New model of R-Gaza crash bars perfectly fits all Yamaha FJR1300 modifications (with semi-automatic YCC-S transmission or without) and model years (2001-2020)! In the end, I gotta say I prefer the FJR, though looks alone are the biggest reason for that.

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