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Nov 28

Change ). By 1879, Fletcher succeeded Emory as Captain of the Zouaves, and led their procession accompanying President Ulysses S. Grant in a grand parade down K Street during President Grant’s first visit to Sacramento, in October of 1879, alongside other Sacramento militia unitsDuring and after his tenure with the Zouaves, Fletcher was active in the Republican Party, based on the party’s close association with the abolition of slavery, from the 1870s through the early 1900s, and was an active member of the Eureka Lodge and Philomathean Lodge and the Odd Fellows. The first census of California counts 962 African-Americans in the state with 240 African-Americans counted in Sacramento County. That’s what a renaissance means,” said Burg. Sanderson first requested public support for a school for Black children, and those objections had long since died out. He has a book about R Street in the works. Despite Rev. It was in 1906 when J. Gordon McPherson, pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church, at the northwest corner of 6th and P streets, founded Sacramento’s first black … Especially after Sacramento became the State Capital in 1854, the local Black community was a vanguard for California civil rights, often finding common ground and organizing effective resistance with Sacramento’s Chinese community, who were also frequent targets of racist state policies. When William Burg began working as a docent at the California State Railroad Museum, he discovered there were a lot of “missing pieces” in the dominant narratives around Sacramento. In April of 1910 the white-owned Sacramento Union reported that P.J. In light of recent Black Lives Matter events, he’s turned his extensive research into a free webinar series on local Black history. I don’t have the right to do that,” said Burg. “Having white privilege means you have a seat that you didn’t earn,” said Burg. Black History Month at the Sacramento Public Library Feb. 9-24 The Sacramento Public Library will host a series of events honoring Black History Month, starting with Drum and Dance for Joy on Feb. 9 at McKinley Library, during which the Fenix Drum and Dance Company will lead participants in a drum circle and traditional African dance lessons. I think we have suffered enough in the past, without having this highly overdrawn picture of one-time conditions in the South thrust upon us without uttering a word of protest. “Negro Talks of Crimes Against Race,” Sacramento Union May 30, 1919, Page 2. Faced with six other competitors, including Assembly member Lee Gebhardt, W.R. Purnell, John Q. His books primarily center on oral histories and first-person interviews; Black Sacramento residents often urge him to explore certain topics and he follows their lead. In part due to the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan, often attributed to the popularity of the film Birth of a Nation, racism was on the rise in America during this era. This “missing” neighborhood is the subject of Burg’s most recent book, Wicked Sacramento. Both the Japanese and Chinese very greatly outnumber the negro. Sacramento got its first African American fire chief, Ray Charles, in 1986. So he is by training, sympathy and devotion. Harvey Returns from Conference,” Sacramento Union September 26, 1917, Page 6. By the 1870s, this small community included multiple churches, social organizations, schools, and even an armed militia, the Sacramento Zouaves. “But the greatest crime was the theft of a neighborhood’s legacy and the murder of a community.”. Collins assisted McPherson’s paper, and in 1915 Collins started a more lasting Black newspaper, the Western Review.[6]. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. [14] “They’re Off, Count ‘em: Seven After Commissionership,” Sacramento Union April 14, 1919, Page 1. The Sacramento Union attempted to minimize the racism of the play by pointing out that the production had “much in it of historical interest to the younger members of the race.” Protests in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles against the play, in the Union’s view, “have not done the Afro-American race any good.” The small size of Sacramento’s Black community meant that meaningful protest was difficult without sufficient organization. Herring’s appeal, Mayor Beard was unmoved, and the Diepenbrock put on its performance of “The Clansman.” The Union reviewer reported that the local Black community felt the play did not represent conditions in the South and it did them an intolerable injustice, then went on to describe the intense drama, merry comedy, and gripping action of the play, and its realistic depiction of settings like “The Great Cave of the Ku-Klux.” For the third time, Sacramento’s Black community was forced to swallow their outrage. Historian Clarence Caesar described Sacramento’s African American community from 1880 to 1940 as “the settled years,” in contrast to the civil rights struggles of the Gold Rush and Civil War era and the Civil Rights era following the Great Migration of … California’s unemployment fraud, Man’s vehicle hit by gunfire as he drove to work on Interstate 5 in Sacramento, CHP says, This coach last saw his mother in Woodland in 1979; his DNA helped find her body, Correctional officer fatally shoots inmate at California State Prison, Sacramento, The Gift of Sacramento: Our annual guide to the best local Christmas presents, After Trump administration yanked approval, Sacramento homeless shelter will move forward, ‘My family collapsed’: Why Sacramento’s Latino families face a higher risk of eviction, Black Friday arrives as coronavirus surges. The 1910s and 1920s were also the era of the first racial exclusion covenants, used to prohibit purchase of homes in new suburbs except by whites. Harvey’s experience clearly demonstrated that elected office was still too high of a hurdle for Sacramento’s Black community in 1919. Dr. R.J. Fletcher and Baptist minister J.M. Here are your holiday shopping options, Book of Dreams: Art classes provide healing, focus for women at Sacramento homeless shelter, Truck stolen from Yolo Food Bank day before Thanksgiving.

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