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Nov 28

See Miscellaneous Info for details on these types of Elements, as well as Consumables. Every point in the world also has an Element color. Each character in the game holds a natural affinity to a particular class of elements, known as Innates. On one of his travels, he met a mysterious old troll (probably Sprigg) who gave him a berry. The Shaker Brothers demonstrate Trap-use on Mount Pyre. When you do this, you'll be treated to another sequence, a conversation, and … Weak attacks increase it by 1, strong by 2, and fierce by 3. Blue - The element color associated with Water and Ice. The offset indicates how many levels above or below the allocation level the Element can be set in the Element grid. You automatically recruit him when your character is forced to switch bodies with Lynx at the end of Another World’s Fort Dragonia. Every character has an Element color associated with them, and this determines how and what Elements that character may use. By putting an Element into a higher level, it becomes more powerful / effective. See the last part of the walkthrough for hints on how to pull this off. While any character can use any Element of any color, characters who cast Elements that match their Innate color have damage multipliers. This is advantageous as well as dangerous, since, when the Field is entirely one color, Techs and Elements of that color receive large damage multipliers. They target either one or all enemies / allies. These magic spells call upon the Element of their color to either harm the enemy or buff / protect allies. The elements also exist in opposition to one another: Kid prepares her Elements before entering a battle. 5. As Repto said, sometimes you can tell a weakness by looking it(you see a skeleton, … It is the actions of people in those areas that have an effect on the local Elemental field, called the Field Effect. They include everything an RPG usually categorizes as “magic” – attacks, healing, buffs/debuffs, status effects, summons – as well as consumable items and special mechanics like stealing items. Once an Element of a specific element is cast, it subtracts from the Element Grid Level; and needs to be built back up to, for instance, cast another 4th level Element. 3. Each Element has an allocation level and an offset. Completely filling the field effect gauge with a single color increases the potency of all elements in the same class, and summon elements of the same color can also be used once available. Some monsters can be weak to both Shadow AND Light(while not weak to the other 2). These three Techs are learned at a certain number of stars and are auto-allocated into levels 3, 5, and 7, respectively. Alternative Character Interpretation:. Character Techs are listed on each character's profile: List of Chrono Cross characters. Element Cast - Retaliation Green - LoRes (lowers defense stat) Black - RecoverAll (regains around 300 HP) Blue - Weaken (nerfs characters physical attacks) Some monsters can be weak to both Shadow AND Light(while not weak to the other 2). By using Elements, the Field Effect is altered. Summons are rare Elements that call forth beings of incredible power. Each class also has strengths and weaknesses. The allocation level indicates what level of the grid the Element is intended for. However, enemies can take advantage of them too, so watch out! Monster Girl Quest Paradox uses a more conventional elemental system with twelve elements: fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, earth, holy, dark, physical, pleasure, bio and sonic. Lynx doesn't have any weakness and is the strongest character in the game. Traps are Elements that are used to capture Elements from enemies. Chrono Cross is the follow up to the hugely ... Harle is a strong all-rounder with no obvious weaknesses. This is the only example of elemental weaknesses in the game. To this day, Sewart receives hate mail from fans. And I’m a big fan of how CC uses colors to provide that extra bit of complexity to the decision making process without making it … There are six element colors: 1. While out on his own, Nikki developed the ambition to become a rock star to express his ideals and dreams. This has the same effect on the Elemental field as any other Element. Performing a tech other than Blue would remove the multiple. Soon, he is fighting a war to keep each world alive and find out why he is involved. https://chrono.fandom.com/wiki/Element?oldid=42823. Being the world itself, it is innately ALL Elemental colors. The Shaker Brothers provide a demonstration of Traps when encountered in Mount Pyre. Green- The element color associated with Air and Nature. There are "Turn" Elements in the game that add an extra innate to targets and be used to your advantage. Born to the happy couple, he enjoyed a relatively peaceful infancy at their home. (Magic, Consumable, Tech Skills, Field Effect, Traps, and Summons). Final Fantasy 9 has 8 elemental properties in total: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Water, Wind, Holy and Shadow. 2. In Chrono Cross, the word Element has a totally other meaning, but the concept of “elemental damage” still exists in the form of colors. People and objects are not the only things that are affected by an Element color. He uses a one-handed scythe but also uses your character's weapon when they switched bodies. 6. As previously stated, Elements are the magic spells in Chrono Cross, and apart from the most basic rules in usage, there are other things that must be taken into account when playing with elements. There's really no triangle. Simply using Elements changes the primary color of the local Elemental field. Unlike them, he doesn't just do this for his elemental weakness. For example, a 3/1 Element can be put into levels 2, 3, or 4. Harle also joins when Serge uses the Chrono Cross in a New Game+ if the player defeats the Time Devourer anytime between escaping from Sprigg's dimension, as Lynx, and saving Riddel from Another World's Viper Manor. the elements are the following White: - The element color associated with Light, life and Sky. The six classes are: White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

Bushel Of San Marzano Tomatoes, Importance Of Seed In Plants, Animal Crossing September Bugs, What Is Pronoun, Tomato Fry Chinese Recipe, Uttermost Deline Console Table, Navrai Majhi Singer,

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