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Nov 28

Leadership and Shuriken buffs provide considerable support for an infantry focused army and a degree of offensive flexibility other craftworlds may find somewhat lacking. The Covens will have none of this feel-good hopeful nonsense and are quite happy to keep doing what they're doing. While they can stand to risk running across the field a little more than their ghostsword kin can, using a Wave Serpent is still highly recommended to get them into position. While this is pretty inconvenient, players may still take multiple Ynnari Detachments (Yvraine in one, The Visarch in another, for example) with one dedicated Drukhari force and the other with a dedicated Craftworld force. The sheer speed of the skyreavers make these slightly more effective than when taken on their ground-bound kin, but they still pale in comparison to the other two ranged options. With 26 wounds, you won't be hurting for opportunities for this to come into play and when paired with Iyanden or Alaitoc, possibly even Bonesinger support, you'll have a disgustingly durable tank. This changes if paired with the CTM of course, but stacking these upgrades can get pricey. If you must take the cheapest possible Wraithseer, consider at least giving it this to make sure it can still do something at range. The custom obsessions let coven units fill some different roles but Prophets of Flesh will still give you a tough core with a few neat tricks. A shardnet and impaler succubus with warlord trait and relic will tie down infantry and will make them take mortal wounds. Chapter Tactics #185: A Snapshot of the 9th Ed Meta and Analyzing Win Conditions ← This Week’s GW Pre-order: Psychic Awakening: Pariah. Use Ulthwe and an Autarch, and the enemy will either try hard to kill them (and make this stratagem earn its cost) or not try hard enough (and get completely shredded by 2+ rerolling Black Guardians). Lastly, if you can afford it, taking these units in a, Still a fairly decent trait for character hunting; best used on Autarch Skyrunners due to their strong melee potential and excellent mobility. Kind of a similar boat as the star engines. New to Competitive 40k. You'll ideally want to give this to a supporting Spiritseer. Introduced in the new Vigilus Defiant Campaign, These can be used to grant access to new traits, relics and/or Stratagems to applicable units within any Battle-Forged detachment by adding additional keywords to said units. That said, this trait can also be used to improve the casting of Warlocks or Spiritseers. Completely forego any ranged weapons (except the Grenades) on your Exarch in exchange for a squadwide 5++ invulnerable save. For Craftworlders, this means all of the Phoenix Lords, Eldrad, Yriel, Illic and the Avatar of Khaine may not be included in a Ynnari detachment. Ulthwé lists may find some extra utility with these guys due to the 6++ FNP and, These guys can be quite tough to move when fully entrenched if you're willing to invest the CP and psychic support. Yes, especially when paired with Alaitoc, the -1 to hit on top of the distort field invuln can make your tank especially frustrating to target. Remember, the additional die happens on every roll, so if the rolling unit has a re-roll ability, the additional die still happens on the re-roll. Given its size, strength, and points cost, Tantalus is a prime target for heavy enemy firepower. Equivalent to +1 to hit (and stacks with it), even on Overwatch (where it works fine, unlike real modifiers). Just like the scorpions, doubling your chances to deal mortal wounds (especially since all your hawks need to do is land near or move over enemy units) is awesome, especially when running larger units. He does give Ynnari units within 6" rerolls 1 to hit in combat, and given how the army works now, he can replace an Autarch for your front line attackers. Just keep in mind that he will always will be a big and scary target and needs support to get him in the front line where he is best. Pair either with. You can also buff these to hit on a 2+ for Ulthwé Guardian Defenders, but one would argue the AML would be a better choice. Talos unit with 2/3 models benefits very nicely. Fast, fast, extra fast. Your default option for when you want to pay as little as possible for your Night Spinner. Remember with the 'Hunt From the Shadows' strat these guys have a 2+ save in cover. And almost all of them may find some big use. Flat out better than the core rulebook version thanks to the +1 Wound. 4 S6 shots at a 36" range is quite nice as a source of supplemental firepower for what it costs. Beasts don't benefit from Power from Pain or Obsessions, this patches that very nicely. You could potentially support one of your close combat units like Scorpions or Banshees with it, or imagine the trolling when you kill someone in Overwatch with it! A situational and somewhat useful trait. The Starcannon is the default choice in this slot. The answer is that you can use these on 1-2 20 elf wych or kabalite blobs to protect them before they get to slashing/blasting your opponent's army off the table. Seeing as how this is strictly worse than just gaining another attack, never take this. That said, it's still situational. Psychic bonuses from Yvraine and the Yncarne make wyches tougher, faster, and stronger and do even more for beast units turning razorwing flocks into iron walls. If you are gonna take these guys, you should be throwing them at GEQs; squishier targets that have lower armour saves and lack much melee ability. New 9th Edition 40k Command Points & Detachments Rules. Aspect Warrior Stratagems Ends up faring a bit worse than the sword in melee, obviously, since you've paid 2 more points and reduce your AP by 1. Can turn an Archon with Djin Blade into an unholy character-murdering monstrosity. Have a Hemlock cast Horrify or a Warlock casting Embolden on the Farseer and maybe bring along The Visarch or some Kabalite Warriors with Grenade Launchers and use it to snipe those Commissars, Ancients and Painboys. Just keep this in mind if you are taking multiple HQ units. A decent way to supplement your distort fields with a hit modifier. This means if you're going with just the one Ynnari detachment you need to think more carefully on which two powers to bring. Start Competing: Craftworld Eldar Tactics. The odds of that lucky "crit-hit" going off consistently aren't remotely good enough to genuinely factor it into your game plan however. This one is laughably unnecessary since virtually all craftworld fliers can bounce back and forth between any two points on the board like coke addicts thanks to their Wings of Khaine rule. A fantastic ability for a psyker heavy army, this can potentially be the difference between a failed or passed psychic test for your lower WC powers. It will be absurdly difficult for your enemy to get rid of that unit, which will still demolish everything in close combat even after losing half of its strength. You now have to pay CP for additional detachments so even if you only play Drukhari you will be punished hard if you try to mix coven, kabal and/or cults, giving you only a small variety of unit choices. He does have a pretty neat sword though. Useful for finishing off a badly damaged vehicle or dropping it a damage tier. Eldar Craftworld List and Tactics . +15pts The edgy Bright Lance, in Craftworlder terms. It retains its two firing modes; being able to fire a focused blast at 10" for Heavy 2D6 shots at S7 AP0, or a dispersed blast at 48" for only Heavy D6 S8 AP-2 shots doing D3 damage apiece. While the AML doesn't quite punch through enemy armor the way the pulse laser or bright lance do, it still pairs quite nicely with the former due to their similar strength and damage values. Swap the blasters for shredders and the dark lance for a splinter cannon, toss in splinter racks and have at 'em. 2 points, so always a good idea in a Dark Creed detachment. It's a tough call, but this makes the D-Bombard more ideal for dealing with superheavy vehicles and lowerscale titans compared to the Pulsar. The Red Grief Succubus can be one of the best and cheapest duelists of the Drukhari. Using the Lightning-Fast Reactions stratagem on it may well be the difference between being reduced to a smoldering wreck or, Keep in mind, that to use Webway Gate specific Stratagems from Harlequins Codex you need to have a small detachment of this nice and deadly murderclowns (and pray to any god of your choice for this to be FAQed and. As part of an Aeldari list they can set up great leadership bombs. It sucks you only get 1 in a Kabalite Warrior kit, but you can easily convert splinter rifles into Blasters by chopping the barrel tips off of unused Disintegrator weapons.

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