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Nov 28

Stop attacking when it reveals its demon form! FINAL FANTASY IX. Tactics: Have Dagger cure the party. Preparations: Equip Zidane with Man Eater, Auto-Potion and High Tide. Use Shock, Thievery, Dragon Crest, or No Mercy depending on who's in your party. Dagger should summon Bahamut or Ark, or heal the party. Have Eiko equip a Moonstone. Use a party of Eiko, Freya, Steiner, and Zidane, especially if you have completed the Friendly Monsters quest. Zidane should steal and attack. Holy is also a good choice. Tactics: Have Eiko summon Fenrir and Vivi cast Meteor. USE YOUR TRANCES. Preparations: See the Silver Dragon above. Have Freya jump while Vivi casts Thunder. Use powerful physical attacks rather than magic. Preparations: Equip Freya with High Jump. Tantarian Tactics: Have Dagger cast Protect and Shell on herself. Garnet should heal the party. For the Final Fantasy XII enemy, see Gizamaluk. Hopefully you left the mages in the Desert Palace. Tactics: Start the fight by casting Slow, Mighty Guard, and Reis's Wind. What you'll find here is a list, in order, of all the bosses in the game, including a table of contents so you can skip straight to the relevant one. This boss has a very nice item--the Fairy Flute--but it's damn near impossible to get, so be aware of that. Plant Brain: LEVEL: HP: MP: EXP: AP: GIL: 7: 916: 1431: 0: 5: 468: Weak: Fire: Steal: 1 Eye Drops 2 Iron Helmet 3 4 : Drop: 1 Phoenix Down 2 Potion 3 Potion 4 Potion Make sure you save some MP though, as there are two more boss fights right after this one. Nova Dragon Antlion Preparations: Equip abilities that protect against status ailments, especially Locomotion, and try to equip Man Eater on as many people as possible. The RPG Place is copyright Lassarina Aoibhell, 1998-2012. Make sure Vivi can cast Slow. Use Shock, Thievery, Dragon Crest, No Mercy, and cast Flare and summon Bahamut or Madeen. Freya should use Reis's wind. Vivi will continually cast Fire, so have Steiner attack and Zidane steal. General Beatrix (Third Fight) Tactics: Have Vivi and Steiner use Water-elemental attacks. Use Eye Drops when the boss uses Pollen. Do not cast Doomsday, as it will heal Necron. Use a physical attack on the appropriate twin to negate Flare Power or Meteor Power. Have Steiner either attack or use Blizzara Sword while Zidane makes off with the lovely lady's goodies. And of course, steal steal steal! Black Waltz #2 Prompt when you steal. If Zidane and Quina both have Auto-Regen, you shouldn't even need to heal after the Earth Guardian attacks you. Preparations: Equip Antibody, Clear Headed, and armor or accessories that absorb Shadow damage. Get Zidane to steal the items and use Fire sword magic with Steiner, and also get Vivi to attack with Fire, as Plant Brain is weak against this element. Give Vivi the Leather Wrist and Silk Shirt. Tactics: Have Dagger use Protect and Cure on the party. #1. clawsofdeath9. Dagger should summon Leviathan and she or Eiko must cure the party. Stealing allows you to steal items, equipments, and with the proper ability equipped, Gil from enemies. Preparations: This is an optional boss. This causes it to reveal its true form. Preparations: Equip Auto-Potion and Undead Killer. Lich Steiner (Second Fight) Use Auto-Life, Auto-Reflect, Counter, and High Tide. Gizamaluke is a boss from Final Fantasy IX the party fights in Gizamaluke's Grotto. During the second part of the fight, Prison Cage captures Vivi. Preparations: If you have it in your inventory, equip Steiner with the Iron Sword. Master Gizamaluke is apparently being controlled by Zorn and Thorn, as he is supposed to be loyal to Burmecia. I'm not sure if it's a bug or if RNG just decides to work in your favor, but sometimes you just manage to steal all 3 items from the boss, each on a single try. Ralvuimago The guide is organized so that the listed order of enemies/areas is the order that a player would naturally encounter them in the game. Vivi should repeatedly cast Fire while Zidane and Steiner use physical attacks. Preparations: Make sure both Dagger and Steiner have Antibody equipped. Black Waltz #1/Sealion Preparations: Equip Man Eater on Zidane. Tactics: Use Vivi's magic while Zidane and Marcus attack. Have Freya cast Reis's Wind and then repeatedly use Dragon Crest. When the boss coils up, stop attacking, and heal and keep trying to steal its items. The games featured on this site are copyright the companies who made them and the webmaster is in no way affiliated with these companies or games. Tactics: Have Dagger cast Shell and Protect on everyone. Nope. Once you've depleted half her HP she will use Shock on your party. Have Steiner perform his most powerful attack skills, while Vivi casts Flare and Dagger summons Bahamut or heals. Equip people with Pumice Pieces or Demon's Mail/Demon's Vest to protect against Shadow damage. Steiner (First Fight) Zorn and Thorn Tactics: Zidane should steal. Steiner should use Shock, Freya should use Six Dragons, and Amarant should use No Mercy, while Zidane steals. This enemy's weakness is Fire, but he retaliates if you attack him with anything other than Blizzard. Tactics: Cast Mini against Meltigemini and use Vaccines when they infect you with Virus. Kuja, Disc Four Prison Cage Preparations: Equip everyone with Clear Headed. Preparations: Equip Vivi with the Lightning Staff and Magus Hat. Have Quina use Lv4 Holy. Tactics: Steal Baku's items and attack. To reach Gizamaluke, the player has to get the Holy Bell from Moguta, to whom they gave the Kupo Nut earlier. Use Shock, Dragon Crest and Thievery to pound Ozma, and remember that when he casts Doomsday it will heal him for 9999. The Dragon Mail is a great item. The cycle repeats itself. Tactics:During the first half of this battle, Garnet is held captive by the Prison Cage, which will drain her HP. Lani is a boss in Final Fantasy IX, fought in Fossil Roo by Zidane, Vivi, Garnet, and Quina. Oh, yeah, sorry, I forgot about the differences between the Spanish and English Translations, when I said "Moguri" i meant "Moogle" xd, missable items walktrhough just what I was looking for thanks :). Take Bandit on Zidane as early as possible, buff his spirit at the expense of other stats, and use status magic to give you as much time as possible to steal from every boss… When i've read it i've got kinda scared because I was in the CG with Garnet singing in the roof the Lindblum's Castle, but I was still able to get the Moguri Suit before going to Gizamaluke's Grotto, lel. Tactics: Have Quina use Mighty Guard and Bad Breath. Unleash Grand Lethal as soon as Zidane Trances. Preparations: Make sure Zidane has his best armour and weapon equipped. Steal my work and I promise you will die a slow and painful death. Preparations:None Tactics:Have Cinna steal while Zidane and Blank attack. Blank will join you partway through, so have him help Vivi and Steiner whittle away the boss's HP. In the meantime, have Zidane steal every turn. Tactics: Cast Holy and summon Madeen. The last time I played this I tried stealing the last item for over 30 minutes just to see if I could actually get it. This is a guide for getting useful items (usually weapons and armor) via the steal command. Preparations: Equip Man Eater on Zidane and make sure Dagger can summon Ramuh. Zidane will Trance, so make sure you take advantage of the added power this gives you. Give Zidane the Bandit ability. Preparations: Equip Man Eater on anyone who can. General Beatrix (Second Fight) Anyone know of a guide or walkthrough etc. Black Waltz: Silk Shirt, Remedy; Sealion: Mythril Dagger, Ether, Steepled Hat, Linen Cuirass, Silver Gloves, Zorn: Stardust Rod, Partisan; Thorn: Mythril Armlet, Mythril Armor, Kaiser Knuckles, Dragon Mail, Elixir, Ether, Robe of Lords, Battle Boots, Running Shoes, Reflect Ring, Elixir, Robe of Lords, Dark Matter, Pumice Piece, Pumice Piece (or Pumice if you already have two Pumice Pieces), Dark Matter (if you don't already have it). When Zidane Trances, you don't need a high powered Dyne attack to take this boss out. The GFaqs guide seems pretty cool, the Missable Item Alert #5 is wrong tho.

Lms Jain University Login, Salted Caramel Mousse Recipe, Tre'quan Smith Injury, Nascar Heat 5 Features, 1950s Jello Salad Recipes, Parli Topics 2020, Swiss National Costume Fancy Dress, Action Research In Education, Short Stories About Choices And Consequences,

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