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Nov 28

We ran all of our tests in the High Performance setting. Screen: 17.3-inch HDR 400, 10-bit, AHVA 60Hz 4K panel. MORE: Can I improve my headphone experience while gaming? At 4K, the Aero 17 hit 19 fps, a few frames behind the 22-fps category average. Even web browsing is likely to result in 4 to 5 hours rather than the 7 we saw here. Laptops with the Best Overall Performance. You can also see the cooling for the laptop. The Aero 17’s keyboard is so bright, it’s still visible in a room on a sunny day. I ran out of town in anticipation of hearing what the bow sounded like, and when I unleashed my arrow at an unassuming rock, I heard that satisfying snap I was aching to hear. On the Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark (Highest, 1080p), the Aero 17 averaged 59 fps, sliding by the 63-fps premium gaming laptop average. Another issue is that the Aero 17 boasts a webcam located near the bottom bezel. The opening violin was appropriately soft, and it hit those highs just right until the beat finally dropped with short, sharp notes. There's also the Killer Control Center app, which lets you prioritize your bandwidth. The card reader is also UHS-II compliant, which will make some unhappy because that's old-school now—other vendors are now touting UHS-III-compliant slots. Thank you for signing up to Laptop Mag. To break down the modes real quick, there's AI Edge Learning, which doesn't connect to the cloud but can adjust performance based on the data it's collected. If you’re squinting at this review from your tiny 13-inch laptop screen, you may be like the many people who started working from home a few weeks ago and realized that portability means nothing if you’re going blind using a tiny screen. There's the Gigabyte Control Center that lets you monitor and change performance speed; tweak display, battery and Wi-Fi settings; customize the keyboard lighting; and control the fan speed. Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop now $300 off in superb Black Friday deal, Hurry! Starting with synthetics, the new 8-core/16-thread Core i7-10875H is a good 35% to 40% faster than the 6-core/12-thread Core i7-9750H. Regardless, a pair of headphones or computer speakers couldn't hurt. It's a moot point for the Aero 17, though, because Gigabyte is not offering an AMD alternative. Laptop GPU performance is all about how far the laptop maker puts the pedal to the metal though. You can enable effects like Wave, Breathing and Raindrop, and you have the option to assign each key a specific color. And the cracks on the wood houses were incredibly sharp, even at several feet away. The Legion Y740's RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU fell below the Aero 17, at 55-fps, while the Alienware m17 R2's RTX 2080 GPU nailed 71 fps. At the same time, you can’t just say “this laptop would be better with Ryzen.” Intel-based laptops have advantages, too—like Thunderbolt 3, and (so far) options for high-end GeForce GPUs that can’t be found on AMD right now. Gigabyte's Aero 17 HDR is a beast of a gaming machine. Despite being in the depths of dark space, I could see every little star that surrounded the planet Saturn in the trailer for Ad Astra. Under one or even two threads, it can hit 5.1GHz, which puts it at the very top for single-threaded performance. We typically see keyboard backlighting wash out in a sunny room, but not so with the Aero 17. Gigabyte has added various performance modes on the Aero 17, and you can easily access them through their Control Center utility. It was bested by the Alienware m17 R2 (82 fps). Brad Pitt's stubble looked sharp as nails on the 4K screen. And there's Windows 10 bloatware like Farm Heroes Saga, Microsoft Solitaire and Netflix. Fantastic battery life with a giant 4K screen is nothing less than impressive. Its RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU isn't bad per se, but it's just slightly behind the competition. For that we loop a 4K video using Windows' own Movies & TV app. Meanwhile, the hottest it got was 148 degrees, located on the upper underside where the vents are. This 720p is not only bad because of its poor angle, it's bad because -- well, it is. Moving a 13-inch laptop to 4K, for example usually removes at least a third of the battery life over a 1080p screen. If you need additional ports, consider getting a USB Type-C hub or a docking station. We’ll close off our testing with battery performance. It’s not clear what certain buttons do, and the manual fan curve settings make no sense unless you believe 12 comes before 7. It has a small biometric fingerprint reader as well. Of the shorter list of tests we'll show here, suffice it to say the 8-core 10th-gen Core i7 is the best CPU from this family so far, giving you performance just behind what used to be a pricey Core i9 chip. We measured the Aero 17’s brightness peak at about 423 nits. iPad Pro 12.9-inch with LTE is $470 off today in this Black Friday deal, Hurry! And don't forget the nose cam. It blazed through 40 Google Chrome tabs and five 1080p YouTube videos while running Shadow of the Tomb Raider in the background. Yup, that’s seven hours of video run time from a giant screen (which means more LEDs) and at 4K resolution (which typically means more power consumption to push the light through those tiny, high-resolution holes), pushing aside the record held for years by Gigabyte’s Aero 15X, amusingly enough. Instead we set the laptop to its “gaming” fan threshold and set the GPU and CPU settings to their maximum setting. It's the standard for video calls—a 1080p webcam may get a finer image, but the file size will be huge. Gigabyte’s Aero 17 has the answer, by offering superb performance and a gorgeous, 17.3-inch UHD 4K HDR 400 panel to boot. The key feature is a very bright and colorful 4K 17.3-inch HDR display. The first is Octane RTX 2019, which measures the ray tracing performance of GeForce RTX cards. With the Aero 17 though, we’re pleased to say battery life was far better than we expected for a 4K panel (more on that later). Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. If you're looking for a 17-inch gaming laptop with bangin' graphics performance, go with the Alienware m17 R2. We saw better performance from the Alienware m17 R2's dual 512GB SSDs (1,018 MBps), the Razer Blade 15's 512GB SSD (636 MBps) and the Legion Y740's 256GB SSD (566 MBps). For $3,579, you get a powerful RTX 2080 GPU and comfortable keyboard packed into a much more impressive design. At 575 nits, the Aero 17 blasted its opponents with its sun-like beams, blowing away the category average (317 nits), the Alienware m17 R2 (395 nits), the Razer Blade 15 (262 nits) and the Legion Y740 (267nits). Read our, Learn more about PCWorld's Digital Editions, Intel’s newest 10th-gen, 8-core, Core i7-10875H Comet Lake H CPU, wishing I had looped video of myself into this never ending meeting, 8-core Core i7 and GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q. Black Friday deals: see all the best offers right now! © For that we use HandBrake to encode a 30GB file using the CPU only. NY 10036. You will receive a verification email shortly. At 5.8 pounds and 15.6 x 10.6 x 0.8 inches, the Aero 17 is rather slim for a 17-inch gaming laptop, so it should fit in most 17-inch laptop bags. There's not much software included with the Aero 17. For our testing, we didn’t rely on Gigabyte’s “AI” feature, which references an AI database for guidance on how hard it can push loads. Gigabyte's 512GB SSD copied 4.97GB of data in 11 seconds, translating to 463 megabytes per second, which is far from the premium gaming laptop average (761 MBps). Overall, we didn't see much of an improvement throughout our testing. Content creators need a lot of connectivity, and for this the Aero 17 uses its larger body to its advantage. You’ve seen per-key RGB but you probably haven’t seen one this bright in a laptop—almost painfully bright when turned up. How a laptop and CPU combination responds under heavy loads that last a long time matters, too. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The 10th-gen Comet Lake H and GeForce RTX Super were supposed to be the stars, but the 10-bit, HDR 400 4K screen is what might convince you to ditch your tiny 13.3-inch laptop. On the left, there's an RJ45 Ethernet port, an SD card slot, one USB 3.1 port, a microphone input, a headphone input and one USB 3.1 port. You can read our Core i7 Comet Lake H review for a deeper look at the Core i7-10875H’s performance. The camera itself seems OK, though I noticed a fair amount of compression and noise. The left features Gigabit ethernet, a UHS-II SD slot, two analog jacks, and two USB-A 5Gbps slots.

Blank Makeup Bags, Importance Of Seed Act, Liftmaster 8550w Error Code 1-5, Alela Brawl Deck List Precon, Can You Grow Arugula From Cuttings, Tempurpedic Remote Rc-wm-101 Manual, Kaiserreich Occupation Events, Electro-voice Re320 Vs Shure Sm7b,

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