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Nov 28

Just let me know what the current readings are and I'm sure I can help. My plan is to fill it 1/3 with water and then slowly add the acid. - Add Chemicals with equipment on - A general rule is that you can swim an hour after adding chemicals PROVIDED YOU HAVE HAD THE FILTER RUNNING. Circulate the water for an hour, and then recheck the pH. Acute inhalation exposure may cause coughing, hoarseness, inflammation, and ulceration of the respiratory tract." we've heard that Muriatic acid works properly even if it does take close measuring and monitoring. Or you can check out the alkalinity, pH, and muriatic pages: Muriatic Acid Swimming Pool pH Levels Pool Alkalinity The above links have charts to help you. Problem: I'm new to pool care and have a newly replastered 7k-gallon pool.We started up with muriatic acid about 5 weeks ago. In other words, if I add muriatic acid (or PH Down), how long afterward can I add bleach (or vice versa). The pool company told us not to add any other chemicals until the pH stabilizes. 05-02-2018 07:55 PM #2. Never use more than one pint, and never use more than 1/10 of the amount of water you've already added. Adding the Acid - Add Chemicals in the evening. Then the chlorine can be added. Wear protective gloves, clothing, and eye protection if necessary. Although liquid muriatic acid is another chemical that performs similarly, dry acid is more user-friendly, is less caustic and does not damage surfaces as easily if spilled or splashed accidentally. Another thing you can do if your pool is in direct sunlight all day is to raise the CYA level higher to 70-80 ppm and also raise the FC level to 3-3.5 ppm. It is best to wait a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour after adding it to your pool to allow the acid time to mix with the water. And it's a good alternative to muriatic acid for a couple of reasons. Alkali and Acid; Never add an alkali and an acid at the same time. However, adding only Muriatic Acid will probably not clear up a cloudy pool. I just used your calulator to help determine how much muriatic acid to add and it said about 1.5 liters. You should add chemicals in the following sequence: a. Muriatic acid vs. sodium bisulfate. During this time, the pumps should circulate the water and acid together more thoroughly. If a large quantity of acid is being added, wait 24 hours then re-test the pH to make sure the water is not too acidic. You will need to run your filter 24hrs/day until you are clear. Next, add muriatic acid to the bucket. Do I do it as an acid "shock" and put it all in at once with the pump off and let it sit for 20-30 min? If your pH is showing pH 7.5 or higher, adding an acid will reduce it. Make sure the pool pump is on and the water is circulating in the pool. Continue to test every 4 hours until the levels are at optimum range (7.2-7.8). Check your chlorine level daily and make sure … I have some 55 gallon plastic drums. So you learn from my mistakes, here are some guidelines when adding muriatic acid to your swimming pool water: Wear eye protection and acid resistant gloves (the gloves’ package will list the chemicals it is resistant to). BUT . How long you wait between chemical doses and applications depends on a few variables that you should already know about your pool. The only chemicals I have been using are bleach, borax, baking soda, muriatic acid and sometimes trichlor shock. It's still getting high, so we keep adding acid, but it also started to grow algae, so a couple days ago I shocked it, and now want to add the rest of the chemicals anyway. View Profile View Forum Posts Administrator Quark Inspector. Variables like: Size-The size and volume of your swimming pool is the key to how long you filter your pool to recirculate and turn it over. Now you have a solution of salt in water and you can dump it. And how long after adding chemicals should people wait to go swimming? Even diluted muriatic acid can potentially cause harm.

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