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You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Here's a definitive guide on how to write one. If the child is acknowledged, be sure to have the father executes the necessary document (such as AAP or PHI) acknowledging the child, otherwise, the information of the father will not be written on the Certificate of Birth. Copyright © The Manila Times – All Rights Reserved. Go to the City or Municipal Civil Registrar where the child was born, The name of the father may be indicated in the, The surname of the child shall still be the surname of the mother even if the. Thus, I was forced to register her birth. Can a father compel his illegitimate child to use his surname? Statistics taken in 2011 by the National Statistics Office (now Philippine Statistics Authority) showed that four of every 10 babies born were illegitimate and one of them came from a teenage mother. In Grande vs Antonio (GR 206248, Feb. 18, 2014, Ponente: Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr.), the Supreme Court stressed the use of the word “may,” thus: “xxx The use of the word ‘may’ in the provision readily shows that an acknowledged illegitimate child is under no compulsion to use the surname of his illegitimate father. I entered into a contract to sell with A Realty involving a certain house and lot in Rizal Province. The same AO further provides the following guidelines when the registration of a child is delayed. How to Register the Birth of an Illegitimate Child in the Philippines: An Ultimate Guide. The AAP, PHI or AUSF shall be registered in the nearest PFSP of the country of residence. An illegitimate child, as a general rule, shall use the surname of the mother. xxx” (As amended by Republic Act 9255). The birth shall be registered in the Civil Registrar of the city or municipality where the child was born. Click here for more information on how to legally acknowledge an illegitimate child. Can an illegitimate child use his father’s surname? Illegitimate children SHALL use the surname and shall be under the parental authority of their mother, and shall be entitled to support in conformity with this Code. 1. THE Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID) has eased physical distancing rules in private... Dear PAO, However, an illegitimate child can be legitimated by the subsequent marriage of the parents. The difference lies in the place of registration. xxx” (Emphais supplied). I have already paid... Dear PAO, As part of giving back, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of law and travel. 3753, the following general rules shall apply in the registration of birth of an illegitimate child born before August 3, 1988: For purposes of this article, the guidelines laid down below are for births that occur on March 19, 2004 onwards (the effectivity of RA 9255). No. The Statistics Office said back then that if the trend continues, by 2016 (last year), the majority of children born will be illegitimate. The SC stressed that petitioners sought the correction of Joan’s surname in her birth certificate registered as LCR No. Under Rule 19 of A.O. 4. The Consul General, Consul, or Vice-Consul shall then submit the accomplished ROB together with the registered AAP, PHI or AUSF and other supporting documents to the Philippine Statistics Authority through the Department of Foreign Affairs. Can an illegitimate child use his father’s surname? Questions for Chief Acosta may be sent to dearpao@manilatimes.net, Get the latest news from your inbox for free. Applying the foregoing, it is mandatory for the mother of the illegitimate child to sign the birth certificate of her child, regardless of whether or not the father recognizes the child. A concept paper is one of the first steps in helping you fully realize your research project. According to the law, if an illegitimate child is not acknowledge by his/her father, he/she is to use his/her mother's surname, but not her middle name. As mentioned previously, the general rule is that an illegitimate child (i.e., child born out of wedlock) shall use the surname of the mother. Your email address will not be published. Legitimation (also known as legitimization). My child and I do not want to use the family name of her father. Out of humiliation and to avoid being charged, I did not register the birth of my only child. Submit 4 copies of AAP or a copy of the PHI together with the supporting documents discussed above. How to Register the Birth of an Illegitimate Child Born in the Philippines. The Ultimate Civil Service Exam Guide for Filipinos: Tips, Procedures, and Requirements. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'filipiknow_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',182,'0','0']));Note that unless an Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father (AUSF) is also executed, the child will not be entitled to use the father’s surname. Steps at the Office of the Local Civil Registrar. Get your birth certificate (and more) from PSA (NSO) in 3 easy steps Need a birth certificate , marriage certificate , death certificate , or CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record)? The Law on Registry of Civil Status provides the following: “Section 5. Go back to the main article: An Ultimate Guide to an Illegitimate Child’s Rights, Birth Registration, and Legitimization. Of course, it is possible to have the father registered after the baby is born, however the date the father was registered will be shown on the family register. Registration and Certification of Birth. 赤If the father is unknown, and the mother is unmarried, the father`s section of the birth certificate is left blank and the child is considered illegitimate. Birth certificate already registered and child is under the surname of the mother and the father executed an affidavit of acknowledgment This post aims to help parents with illegitimate children understand how the process works. Back in the 1980s, our late father engaged the services of the deceased father of our present tenant to cultivate our rice... Dear PAO, In this updated guide, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about registering an illegitimate child’s birth as well as determining whose parent’s surname the child will take. Clues include a birth certificate lacking a father’s name, the absence of a marriage record, a note in church records, or simply dates that don’t add up. Here are the basic requirements and guidelines in registering the birth of the child: How and where should I register the birth of an illegitimate child born on an airplane? We advise you to file before the Regional Trial Court of the place where you are residing a petition for the cancellation of the certificate of live birth registered by the father of your daughter. This opinion is solely based on the facts you have narrated and our appreciation of the same. What is the middle name of an illegitimate child? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. However, illegitimate children MAY use the surname of their father if their filiation has been expressly recognized by their father through the record of birth appearing in the civil register, or when an admission in a public document or private handwritten instrument is made by the father. For children born before August 3, 1988. How to Register the Birth of an Illegitimate Child Born Abroad. The name of the father acknowledging the child shall be written in the COLB through annotation. She has traveled to 52+ countries including a 3-month solo backpacking in South East Asia and more than 1 year of solo traveling across four continents in the world. I am a single mom. Therefore, the process of registration differs depending on whether or not the AUSF has been executed. The child shall be recognized in the record of birth, a will, a testament before a court of record, or in any authentic writing. The Family Code of the Philippines provides the following: “Article 165.

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