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Nov 28

The Jager Bomb is best with Rockstar.. use about 4-5 oz. Dissolve the black cherry Jell-O into the warmed Red Bull, then slowly add the Jägermeister, water and vodka. . The jager bomb … Quickly rinse out the glasses right after you take the shot. It is so much better with either blue, or green monster. Try using captain morgan tattoo and doing it as a drop shot--much better than jager. Use a shot of red bull and a shot of jager and if you really don't like the taste use a double shot. Use a beer mug about 3/4 full. And you don't have to slam it. and added with Jager? Working on #5 as we speak!! :(. Know the signs of caffeine overdose. Instant success! Jagermeister mixes with everything! I do it diiferently I drop a shot of red bull in. I take a mickey of jager , and a can and a half of redbull. I'm pretty much a beer drinker but when we beat this supposed 20 year old pool shark (LMAO) he bought us a round of Jagerbombs. Jager Bomb Cocktail Drink Recipe is a popular shot. It's so much fun to race friends skulling them to.. you can either drop the shot glass in or tip the jagar in! I think there is too much red bull in this recipe. Cholesterol I think it goes better with Full Throttle. Me and a buddy bought the smaller bottle of this and just had 2 normal sized shot glasses. We get them mixed like a shot of each at the bar, and it's more of a "shot" type drink - tastes excellent! better than Jager... Take one shot of jager followed quickly by one shot of redbull. I love Jager!!! The jager bomb brings the best out of everyone. Pour the Jägermeister into a shot glass. I just rip shots of jager and occasionally chase it with an energy drink... or beer. And I just had to share that with all you lovely people. ", "The detailed way of drinking the shot stood out.". Drop the shot of Jager into a highball glass of Red Bull, then drink the contents of the glass as the beverages mix together. Dalloness9. You can also use green monster, it works just as well. Irish Car Bomb8. Many of us have forgotten a night of shenanigans thanks to the jager bomb. i alwasy have jager and red bull in my freezer. Get a cup, normal ones I buy are the 20oz plastic blue cups from Kroger.. Gets you even more wasted. They pour a perfect jager bomb. Jelly shots + jager bombs + air guitar to great music = LEGEND night out. However, better with a 1:1 Jegermeister and red bull. To make this, half-fill lowball glasses with chilled ginger beer. Chadsberry blast7. It gives you crazy wings... whats not to like about that. Absolutely fantastic. I had my first jager bomb last week, and it rocked my world. You should use about 1/3 can Red Bull and try to use sugar free (to save you from a sugar headace in the morning). SKULL IT! No idea what happend or how I got home but soo fun! how about just drink jager straight, ice cold. Glossary A shot cup in a glass that you tip over is great) You can just sip it too. Great mix for a great night! We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This really takes the night to the next level. Me and my friends usually just take shots of the Jager with a can of red bull in our hands, and jsut drink as much of the red bull as we wnat after the shot, love the stuff, bottle chllin 4 the weekend as we speak:-). DELICIOUS! Case in point the other night in key west where we quickly made friends with the bartender and she was pouring jager bombs that were mainly jager with a splash of redbull. Tastes best with Monster (green can). $20 at best. Alcohol. Cabo Bomb4. I had my first the other night, and was told to swirl it slightly before chugging it. Try using roaring lion energy to red bull it's 1/2 the price. yummy. Cherry Bomb Shot6. We did 1/2 n 1/2 shots... tasted great. Jacobo's Melon Bomb9. I like 1/2 jager 1/2 RB but hey, just drink straight jager, it's all good. 1 55+ Easy Dinner Recipes for Busy Weeknights Everybody understands the stuggle of getting dinner on the table after a long day. References. That's why i love em!! In 250ml cans its better than Jager and Red Bull - I got some at my local liquor store in Australia, Im taking a case back to the USA. :D, alcoholic drink recipes with jagermeister, alcoholic drink recipes with jagermeister herbal liqueur, alcoholic shot drinks with jagermeister herbal liqueur, jagermeister herbal liqueur shot-drink recipes. I got introduced to jager bombs in germany while in the army, and then discovered the wonderful specially made glasses at the class 6 in fort hood, these glasses make it so easy to measure out the perfect jager bomb. Anything jager is good, but this is one of my favs I must say! You pour the red bull/monster/amp/sparks/tilt, etc in the bottom then the jager appears to "sit" on the separater. One other thing there is a shot glass called a "Quaffer" look it up on google it makes just about the best shots ever. :). Afterwards put the red bull into a glass. AdChoices 1 shot of Jag, 1 shot of Red Bull. But I prefer it with Monster Green, no others, or it tastes like shit. Go jagerbombs:). This mixture tends to make a person 'die' rather than 'high'. When me and my friends do jager bombs we only use 1 to 2 shots for every shot of jager,using a half a can will give u more of a caffeine rush than getting u drunk,and i have to agree with the guy posting before me,i also like it better with monster, I always heard people talk about jagerbombs but never took up the courage to drink one (being a vodka orange addict :P) so i decided to throw one down the other nyt, and found myself dragin my friend to the bar every 10 mins to skull one down...BUT the end result was just a tad messy LOL! So I went to a bar and asked them if they had anything similar to a jager bomb but without jager, I dont really care for it, anyway he used some kind of alcohol with rockstar and you drank it like a jager bomb, anyone know the mystery ingredient??

Hingoli District Village List, Kraft French Dressing Calories, Amys Vegan Margherita Pizza Near Me, 3 Letter Team Names, Is Object Distance Always Positive, Desirable Neighborhoods In Minneapolis, Hyderabadi Tomato Chutney, Mug And Spoon Set, Eldorado Canyon Climbing Guides,

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