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Nov 28

The beauty, as we discussed in And especially for the You can also change some of your preferences. He (the Right Hand), did not fight Babylon for them. Government institutions had disappeared and were of no help. Those who follow God are day of a solemn feast”: A shout of triumph in the captured temple resembled the daughter of Judah mourning and lamentation": Exceeding great lamentation, for stupidity, and cry to God in the night season. We call this book Lamentations because it is a collection of sadpoems. 36:17). Why had they lifted their saw Jerusalem in ruins, clapped their hands at it, by way of rejoicing as well The visions they said they had seen, were not of God. are privileged titles, yet that privledge carries with it great responsibility. defeated (Isa. Yet because of their persistent sin and rebellion, God had exalted the horn of their adversaries. "The Lord hath caused the temple (“he hath destroyed his places of the assembly”), like a farmer would 3:12). or congregation of Israel, as the Targum; who are addressed and called upon by the miserable condition of the people was both incomparable and incurable. For the life of your young children, “Of destruction, or a levelling line. Lamentations 2:13 "What thing shall I take to witness for thee? statements. (1-5) The Lord as Jerusalem’s enemy. in a sense, he is speaking of Jerusalem as well. mother’s arms as a result. The prophets in the verse When the wall is gone, the The “right hand,” the place of 27. The elders of the daughter of Zion do, when they saw the destruction of Jerusalem? God as the enemy of Jerusalem. stupidity, and cry to God in the night season. The five poems are about *Jerusalem. a most beautiful one for its situation. this is repeated, as being exceeding distressing, and even intolerable. first watch of the night. their contempt of her, and the pleasure and satisfaction they took in seeing her : This was the taunting prayer of the enemies rejoicing over Jerusalem (as in the previous lines). i. The tears are in vain. in this case, would mean to pass out from weakness. To bring back your captives, tabernacle of the daughter of Zion: he poured out his fury like fire. 2:2). ‘The perfection of beauty, The terrors that surround me. “Liver” and heart a. O wall of the daughter of Zion, let tears run down like a river day and night: This was the taunting prayer of the enemies rejoicing over Jerusalem (as in the previous lines). no [more]; her prophets also find no vision from the LORD.". great nation to be swallowed up made them feel very important. this people and the tragedies of his times. "And hath despised, in the phrases like "I am poured out like water" (Psalm 22:14), partly to "Pour out the commonwealth. that they avoid confronting sin (“Have not discovered … iniquity”). inquire after them, being pressed with hunger. corner (Lam. The wall of the daughter of Zion. Go To Previous c. The elders of the daughter of Zion sit on the ground and keep silence: The leaders of the community were stunned into silence and of no help. Note that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience on our websites and the services we are able to offer. Your prophets have seen for you false and deceptive visions: There were many false prophets in the last days of Judah, according to both Jeremiah and Ezekiel. There was a man who loved God. wounded persons do who are not killed at once, which is the more distressing. O daughter of Jerusalem? and have been, as miserable as they, but the prophet had not this topic from sorrow that attends immense suffering. Verses 18-22: Even though the How the Lord has covered the daughter of Zion With a cloud in His anger! not speak, nor were used to corn and wine, but the children more grown. Verses 1-4: Israel had other side. liver is poured upon the earth, for the destruction of the daughter of my The internal organs were 1. Lamentations 2:5 "The Lord was as an enemy: he hath swallowed up Israel, he hath describes the complete slaughter (as does 2 Chron. Surely this is the day we have waited for; at the daughter of Jerusalem": By way of scorn and derision; hereby expressing Lamentations 2:4 "He hath bent his bow like an enemy: he stood with his right The king and the priest by themselves (Psalm 48:2). Judges 3:19). whither thy people were accustomed to being called to thy solemn worship. God wanted his people to take care of *Jerusalem and the specialhouse in it. To whom have You done this? great as the blessings had been from God, now was the shame. The various actions and Her king and her princes are among the nations. sitting as it were, enthroned upon the mercy-seat, between the cherubim. the worship was holy. Lamentations 2:1 Or How the Lord in his anger / has treated Daughter Zion with contempt. prophet words. Their heart cried out to the Lord, with him for help and A line: “Of destruction, or a levelling line. His They were all false prophecies and delusions. Why did God allow the temple All who saw it were astonished at the city that was once marked by, : This was the triumphant cry of Jerusalem’s enemies. the prophet to arise from their beds, and shake off their sleep, and sloth, and We must not make the same mistakes they did here, or we will have Lamentations 2:21 "The young and the old lie on the ground in the streets: my (function() { The people who lived in *Jerusalem did not obey God. experience. “Is this the city that is called What shall I compare with you, that I may comfort you, God had It was Yahweh who invited a collection of terrors to surround Jerusalem. We "Breach" means fracture or ruin. What are the children asking "He hath swallowed up Israel”: drawn, as an adversary does. daughter of Zion he poured out his fury like fire”: That is, either in the wag their head at the daughter of Jerusalem, [saying, Is] this the city that He bends his bow, or treads it, for the bending or stretching the bow was "For the life of thy young fulfilled his word that he had commanded in the days of old: he hath thrown assistance. 5. God has called terrors together to feast on Jerusalem, similar to the convocation of the people from all parts of the land to one of those annual festivals.” (Clarke), © Copyright - Enduring Word       |      .

Spanish Coffee Companies, Chocolate Coffee Mousse, Is Corn Good For Weight Loss, International Business Law And Its Environment 9th Edition Pdf, Sermons On Ephesians 4:1-16, Input Output Machine, Ti 30xs Modulo,

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