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Nov 28

These chairs are found in many living rooms or front porches, and they have a rich and varied history. Click image below to get started! FURN MFG Rocking chairs that are “big winners” will go in professional auctions and stores for anywhere between $300 and $500--and higher. It also has coiled seat supports, an old, worn and painted surface, and some small signs of repair to its back. Beware of sharply turned posts and sharp-edged rockers that hint that the chair is much newer than it should be. There, the heavy construction and solid wood went well with the décor of Spanish missionaries. For others, owning an antique is like owning a little piece of history, something to be carefully maintained, studied or displayed. A thin crest rail was often used for suspending a cushion for additional comfort. comparing my piece to the original, which was on public display in the 1940’s. You can even visit the Stickley website to read their personal story, in their own words. Their style of furniture remains highly popular, even in today’s market. Distinctive in style and perfect for any log cabin or hunting lodge, rustic rockers have been around since about the first quarter of the 19th Century. There were communal organizations similar to medieval craft guilds, and with this method, both artist and object would be reunited. advised me sell a painting that I purchased for just $10 at The number 4_0. The Seat Measures: 16" Wide X 16" Deep X 1 1/4" Thick Wood. It’s long like a sewing chair. When the Industrial Revolution hit civilization, the Arts and Crafts movement rose up in response to the dominance of machine-made furniture. Professional, responsive, and kind are just a few words to describe their communication Perhaps the most influential group in the history of the rocking chair, the Shaker community has done more for the promotion of the rocker as a vital part of the American household than anyone else. Looking for valuations for your antique rocking chair? There are ways to prevent this from happening to you. In comparison to the furniture of old, the modern goods were shoddy and churned out in debased revivalist styles for mass consumption. A child’s rocking chair is usually less elaborate, but more creative in shapes and styles. Chairs that score lower will go for prices between $50 and $200. We have partnered with Value My Stuff. detailed and comprehensive. Don’t overlook the value of parts, however. never doing this before, I was hesitant to submit a payment before receiving The most widely recognized type of Shaker chair would be a slat-back side chair or the famous Shaker rocking chair. If visiting shops and shows makes you nervous that you’re about to be conned into buying something, and you don’t have the time to sit down and read book after book. These rocking chairs have a rich and vibrant history. It’s in amazing condition besides one spot on the upholstery. The most obvious distinction in shape is those with armrests versus those without. An L and J.G. Mearto provides quick and affordable online appraisals of If the wood looks fresh and new, when the chair is being listed as one hundred years old, it is most likely a replica and a mistake. The Rockers Measure: 20 1/4" Long Each. The rocker was derived from the Windsor chairs early in the 19th Century, and its design is partially attributed to a man named Lambert Hitchcock, although there were many manufacturers of these chairs. Most of his furniture is made from oak wood. The born and most importantly the value, I'm impressed. Very well built sturdy chair Nails are an especially good indicator, as there were different styles of nails used depending upon the manufacturing technology available at the time of the chair’s construction. Don’t be afraid to look online too. 40"h x 26"w x 32" d. The chair appears to have no markings. The base is 9.75” long. “DODGSON Dark/medium wood. Some chairs are more primitive than others in design, while others have more gracefully-shaped seats and finely turned legs or arm supports. Wooden antique rocking chair that is miniature. With time, you might even pass it down to your children or grandchildren, and in a couple of hundred years, there’ll be a new antique on the market! authentication report I am so happy to have found Mearto. an estate sale for nearly $1,000 on eBay. Since the early 1700s, they’ve been a vital part of our culture, and just about everyone knows someone who owns an antique or a vintage rocker. Tacks on the rocker appear to be wooden nails or inserted wood pegs. One of the greatest fears of every collector is paying far too much for a piece that turns out to be a replica or a fake. Wood and possibly a metal Ornate carving on the ends of arms and ends of top headrest seat has curved areas ver comfortable and solid, 28 W x 37 H , Leather back and seat, wood mission style slats and frame, detachable seat is coil springs covered by stripe cloth, Very broad and big chair Antique Rocking Chair Styles. Generally, rocking chairs were made of either wicker or wood, and in all sizes for the whole family. Vtg Wood Wooden Gout Stool Childs Rocking Chair Black Antique Estate Find. If something seems out of place, trust your instincts. 33" tall, 26" x 33" footprint The upholstery has studs to keep it in place. Circa 1840 - 1850 authentication research Your local library is an excellent source of information about antique furniture, and a decently-sized library is sure to carry a few guides to give you an idea of how much pieces are worth in today’s market. ← Previous Post Rocking chairs are available in an array of shapes and styles. figural representations in the work, Mearto's art specialists took the time to explain in non-technical It was also widely influential, inspiring other movements and modern furniture, and it was priced so as to be affordable to the common man. Wicker rockers became popular during the Victorian era, both indoors and out, and various regions of the United States became known for the types of rockers that were produced there. Buying an antique rocker can be an intimidating prospect, but with time and research, you can enhance your own home with your own treasure. A total of seven spindles for the back brace. For many, it’s the thrill of the hunt. Another model of Windsor chair, hailing from the New England states, has a barrel crest rail with applied scroll arms, bamboo turned supports, a shaped seat on splayed bamboo turned legs, and old reddish-brown paint with yellow pin-striping. Answer a few simple questions and upload images of your item. and then try a club where you can socialize every once in a while and get to know people in a pressure-free situation. They came back with a 20 page extensive report and included a full page bibliography Nursery Glider Chair or Rocker: What's Best For You? It’s worth $920. While there are many opinions about the naiveté and practicality of these philosophies, there is no denying that the furniture produced by the Arts and Crafts movement was clean, simple and solid in design. It’s worth $1,275. In a club, you’ll find people who are there for the passion of collecting, rather than the profit. Having A Windsor rocking chair, listed as being crafted in Pennsylvania, features a comb back, mixed wood construction, a scrolled crest rail, and a bulbous stretcher and arm supports. They came into use in mental facilities and hospitals to soothe and comfort patients. terms their findings. looking into an oil painting by an artist whose work is over 400 years old. a wealth of knowledge in tandem with excellent customer care. any information, I'm glad I did. This has been reupholstered twice. This model of rocking chair is one of the most popular and sought-after models on the marketplace today.

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