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Nov 28

Tired with her writing and bogged down with the problems in her personal life, this film sees the writer wanting to escape her monotonous existence for something more exciting. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. From the classic detective adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie’s famous character of Hercule Poirot to the never-ending delight Lieutenant Columbo has brought to its audience, murder mysteries have always piqued interest of audiences. When Gupta speaks to Naina about the case, he keeps on insisting that she is hiding something from him. Far from “just another mob movie” from Scorsese, The Irishman is a powerful look at your twilight years and reflecting on the choices you’ve made in life. This serial killer film sees Angelina Jolie playing the role of an FBI profiler who is handed the case of a man who murders victims and then takes on their identity for a few days. The film centers around Dr. Helen Hudson, a criminal psychologist who leads a rather quiet life after having been attacked by a psychopathic killer. It was after this case that the jury trial was abolished by the government of India. But what we hear from outside are three gunshots and then Rustom leaves the office. They readily agree and go on to meet many famous people on the ship. Set in the 1970s, the film begins with a meet-up between IRA members and an arms dealer, but complications ensue, backs are stabbed, and weapons are unloaded. However, her quiet life does not remain quiet anymore when Dr. Hudson is asked to solve the case of a serial killer who has been pretty prolific off late. This film, as the most recent on this list, welcomes one more Stephen King novel to the big screen. One of the unique premises wherein the audiences get to turn into detectives, ‘Contratiempo’ is a gripping and mind-boggling narrative seldom forgotten. Almost. Boasting of a star cast including actors like Julia Roberts, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, Dean Norris among others, ‘Secret in Their Eyes’ is the official remake of an Argentine film bearing a similar storyline. Regardless of your taste, we’ve tried to put together movies ranging from wonderful, gripping classics to modern crime thrillers at one single place. -- Tom Reimann, Writer: Sofia Coppola, Nancy Jo Sales (based on the Vanity Fair article “The Suspect Wore Louboutins"), Cast: Emma Watson, Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Claire Julien, Taissa Farmiga, Leslie Mann, Georgia Rock, Gavin Rossdale. The said bank is owned by a judge who has been murdered in his own house and there has been an explosion in a meth lab which has killed the wife and son of another accomplice in the robbery. ‘Fracture’ opened up to rave reviews and critics and audiences ended up praising Hopkin’s performance as the protagonist and the antagonist while calling the film “an absorbing legal affair”. With Hugo Weaving on the front cover, “The Interview” is an excellent thriller that has found the ability to gloriously feed suspense and mystery with as little as a room with four walls. A bank robbery that occurs on Friday has Andy as the prime suspect who is on the run with all the stolen money. – Adam Chitwood, Cast: Scott Adkins, Craig Fairbrass, Thomas Turgoose, Nick Moran, Kiersten Wareing, The main draw here is watching Scott Adkins get into all kinds of brawls. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. A character gets their throat slashed entirely open and somehow does not die. He meets with Virginia, a seasoned lawyer and has only three hours of time to create a credible defence for himself to fight his case against the alleged murder. Mysteries | Netflix Official Site When Rustom comes to know of the ordeal, he immediately confronts Vikram about the affair behind closed doors. As it turns out, the real David was murdered and Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ character assumed David’s personality as one of his – something that Dr Cara has to investigate as to what happened, who murdered David while trying to treat Adam/Priest/David/Wesley of his multiple personality syndrome. -- Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd, Harvey Keitel, and Albert Brooks, One of the greatest and most influential films ever made, Taxi Driver is a downright masterpiece. The film follows four lifelong Boston friends who rob a bank, only for everything to nosedive from there. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Tjahjanto unveils yet another shockingly violent use for an everyday object or knocks the wind out of you with even more super stylish combat. We have you covered. Based on a true story, the film stars Jessica Chastain as a woman who became the target of an FBI investigation after the underground poker empire that she runs for Hollywood celebrities is exposed. Directed by the legendary Woo-Ping Yuen with an ensemble cast that includes Michelle Yeoh, Dave Bautista, and Tony Jaa, Master Z is a wonderful spectacle of a martial arts film, sending the heroes and villains swinging from rooftop neon signs and trading blades in epic ensemble fights, and it introduces a completely different tone to the Ip Man franchise — electric guitar riffs and all — that promises a potential future for the series after Ip Man 4: The Finale. Though the story and the humor are both pretty mediocre, it is the performances by the two leading actors which will keep you hooked to the film. ‘Righteous Kill’ is the narrative of a killer who leaves poetry after murdering his victims, thus gaining the nickname – “Poetry Boy”. The film chronicles Travis’ descent into increasingly violent behavior, and how one’s worldview can be so warped that they see themselves as a hero, when instead they’re downright villainous. There is only the witness to his last murder, and his own mother’s confession that her son was last seen on a journey to Quebec City. Turns out, the young woman is Jess’s daughter Carolyn. An underrated film to begin with, ‘Small Town Crime’ is a narrative of an alcoholic ex-cop Mike Kendall who discovers a woman’s body on the roadside of a highway sets himself on an investigation spree to get to her killers. When the group accidentally stumbles upon a murder there, they’re forced to barricade themselves inside the green room to avoid the venue owner, Darcy (Patrick Stewart), who’s ready to do whatever it takes to stop the Ain’t Rights from exposing the crime. begin with, get to know each other until two of them are poisoned and killed. Meghna Gulzar’s direction also does great justice to Bhardwaj’s writing. It’s deliciously over-the-top, a perfect encapsulation of The Bling Ring’s exploration of the way we regular folk aspire to a level of celebrity we may never see and how that desire can infect our lives and affect our reality in unusual ways. Look no further than Adam McKay's The Other Guys, an action-comedy that delivers all the laughs we learned to love in hits like Anchorman and Step Brothers, but never skimps on the action-packed thrills of an old-fashioned cop yarn. - Allie Gemmill, Writers: Ben Affleck, Peter Craig, and Aaron Stockard, Cast: Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Casey Affleck, Chris Cooper, Pete Postlethwaite, and Blake Lively, Ben Affleck famously turned his career around with his 2007 directorial debut Gone Baby Gone, but he proved he wasn’t a one-trick pony with his excellent 2010 crime thriller The Town. As it turns out, Laura, Adrian’s dead lover, was in an adulterous relationship and Adrian was wrongly framed for the murder, given the fact that their relationship had ended years ago. Directed by J.C. Chandor (A Most Violent Year) from a script he co-wrote with Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty), Triple Frontier is basically the man-cave of movies; part military drama, part action-packed heist, and all the story of men who have mad bro-love for each other. His performance is absolutely batshit in the best possible way, and, if I’m being totally honest, he’s really quite good.

Lake Ontario Fish Species Chart, Density Of Chloride, Roasted Red Pepper Dip, What Is An Imc Plan, Content Creation Mistakes, Good Humor Toasted Almond Recipe, Lemon Tahini Dressing,

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