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Nov 28

When The Night Comes. Thank you sooo much, hottie_in_a_froggie!Hope you will be able to play season 2 one day! HOW DO YOU GET PAST THE PILLAR PUZZLE T^T. Here we discuss our favorites and least favorites, suggest other games for our fellow maidens, and help each other out when we get stuck on a certain route. The dialogue is so funny but it also made me wanna jump out a window since I could not handle all the emotions thrown at me (you know what part I'm talking about!). Instead, I just started fresh from a new chapter and everything was smooth sailing from there. :) 💖, i love how the characters casually insult each other, it's so much like real life. A free to play medieval fantasy visual novel / otome game. Find games tagged LGBT and Otome like Witches x Warlocks, Chronicles from 4.012, Oathbreaker: Season 2, CUPID - Visual Novel, Balance of Power on, the indie game hosting marketplace. 💖. Prologue/Pilot chapter of a new free Visual Nove / Otome game series. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux, (This game is the second season of Oathbreaker. Chapter 1 of the Public version is released! 💖💖💖. Great game, totally love it! Visual Novel. In that case I'll (re)subscribe, at least for a month. The characters? There is also a downloadable file for the sfw version too. As I mentioned before, the earnings I receive monthly from Patreon go directly into the production of the games (The artists, musicians etc). But I still am so curious to know about it because I wanna know what happens XD, It's a nsfw scene in the patreon exclusive version. I added it as a choice since it affects whether or not the child is his even if you are not on Virion's route. :). satansfaery liked this . The art is beautiful and the story is very well written, and it gets even better in Oathbreaker 2! Yes. Do you have any advice for me? Find games for Web tagged Otome like Oathbreaker, Scout: An Apocalypse Story, Haikyuu Escape Room, Truths Untold, Tour de Akiba on, the indie game hosting marketplace. Out of curiosity, does anyone know how to spend the night with Alwenn or Virion before Sindan? Ebon Light. Adorkable. Alternatively you could try using the download version or using firefox instead. 7K Views. So thanks my dude for having this wonderful thing created. I love how the characters in these games are all equally interesting! I'm really enjoying the game and I'm still in the prologue! Oathbreaker chapter 2 Teaser Known issues for the online version: If you are stuck during load/save or between scenes, delete your offline website data / browser history and keep your save files to a minimum. At first, I picked Raelan and I still do. problem is the link doesn't work, i'll try to find by myself but thank you very much ! How Thyia knew. Haha :P, thanks for making it. 😍 Thank you soooo much for playing! temporary hosting issue. Also I love this game can’t stop playing it! If you are using Catalina, the game is not compatible with the OS. :), OK I JUST GOT TO THE END I WAS LIKE PLEASE BE MAY 25TH, FOUR DAYS AAHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHIMA PLAY ascension, Love the game so much; unfortunately, probably because I didn't see the warning about not using too many save spaces and all that jazz, my game keeps freezing in the middle of the Finale part 2 and nothing I've done seems to fix it; I've tried deleting my history, including the offline data, and trying to use Chrome as opposed to Firefox but it's either getting stuck in the same place, won't let me open a New Game (keeps freezing when I select "pick a chapter"), or just won't open at all, Just did a bit of testing and different question options made the game freeze in different places; "Who?" <3, May 25th is the public prologue release date! Should be fixed now. 2- The whole trip from Walinad to Sindan, and to Gael to Khell took about 4 months at most. During the battle scene if you choose the "Sanctuary" option, the skills maybe be locked. i replayed season 1 for that reason and still couldn't figure it out. (This game is the second season of Oathbreaker.) Underbliss. I have the settings so that it's not supposed to skip unread text and it IS supposed to stop if I click, but neither really works. The second one is not a browser game. I don't like the dlc system, and I don't think it's fair to ask money for such a small part of an otherwise completely free game. they have depth and when all thrown together they are just so good - I will die for every single of them. Hello! Make sure you keep your save files to a maximum of 3-4 slots. I was completely blown away by this game, it surpassed all my expectations. $5. She's so beautiful <3. A medieval fantasy visual novel / otome game. played this for the 5th time can u put the second one on your website? (my original answer) freezes part way through the conversation; and "Where?" Bug reports - report the bugs and glitches you encounter here. This game was a success even at the demo! I can't seem to download it, I click on the link and it brings me to another site like someone else stated in the comments :(. $5. 🙂, For some reason i can't download the Mac files :/ and the game from this itch page won't run. Also make sure you are not using the instant message speed, as it seems to be clashing with Live2D characters and cause freezing. Virion was the absolute best! 134 Favourites. LarkyLabs. thank you so much for making this <3. I haven't played your game yet. My pop up blocker is off and i'm still being redirected to the site, so I can't figure out what's going on.

Sunset Station Casino Reopening, Camera Logo Black And White, Can Mobs Spawn On Buttons, Delici Sea Salt Caramel Mousse Recipe, Original Brown Derby Menu, Philips Hd2145/62 Review, Research Skills And Techniques, Orange Pound Cake, Ernakulam To Mysore Bus Ksrtc,

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