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Nov 28

I will go to Tokyo in mid march, do the plum still blooming in mid march? Put the bonsai tree on a table in your living room. The tree leaves become purple, they don’t have green leaves just like cherry trees have. The plum is an important symbol in parts of eastern Asia, where both the fruit and its flower carry significant meaning. The ume matsuri will begin in different locations throughout Japan from early february. About the festival at Tokyo's Yushima Tenjin Shrine. Leave Sapporo immediately after experiencing the Sapporo snow festival and then head to Toyko to see plum blossom. Can I see the early bloom of cherry blossom in mid march? Some varieties with more than five petals (yae-ume) and weeping branches (shidare-ume) have also been cultivated. 15 minute walk from Matsuo Taisha Station on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line, 10 minute walk from Bampakukinenkoen Station, 15-20 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station, 15-20 minute walk from JR Narita or Keisei Narita stations. Plum blossoms, like cherry blossoms are a signal for the beginning of spring, and though they are often overshadowed by the popular cherry blossoms, the flowers are stunning in their own right. Plum blossom season is very short just like cherry blossom. Usually main flower season starts in Japan at early spring but Ume trees bless Japanese nature with its flower before spring arrives. Photo Credit: kuribo at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing. Japanese plum blossom has a sweet flowery fragrance. If you desire to see ume outside Tokyo then I suggest you to buy Japan Rail Pass. Every picture is credited properly to its owners. There is an interesting fact that plum trees are believed to be ward of danger as a result in the past time many plum trees were planted on many older plots of land in Japan. It comes in a variety of colors such as white, pink, red and yellow. All Rights Reserved. Spring sign: Most of the people recognize this Ume blossom as the end of winter and beginning of spring. However, here, we would read about Japanese ume, its history, significance, symbolism and some most popular Ume Matsuri spots just to help you where to go to see Ume blossom across Japan. Plum blossoms (Ume in Japanese) are popular seasonal flowers in Japan which bloom before cherry blossoms (from February to March). The people of Japan believe Ume blossoms work as a spirit of health. Do you know that Japanese plum is native to some Asian countries such as in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea? Most plum blossoms have five petals and range in color from white to dark pink. The ume spots I have mentioned here are the best ume spots to view plum blossom in Japan. 1) Setagaya City Hanegi Park (Tokyo)2) Inabe Plum Grove (Mie)3) Atami Baien Ume Matsuri (Shizuoka)4) Odawara Plum Festival (Kanagawa)5) Mito Kairaku-en (Ibaraki)6) Haruna Plum Grove (Gunma)7) Suzuka Forest Garden (Mie)8) Umeno Park (Tokyo)9) Kyodo-no-Mori Museum (Tokyo)10) Koishikawa Korakuen (Tokyo)11) Yushima Tenmangu Shrine (Tokyo)Plum Blossoms at Koishikawa Korajuen Garden, Tokyo. However, plum blossom is also seen as symbol of luck. I’d like to point out a small inaccuracy. Sign in and subscribe for the latest Japan travel news and updates. Japan has got number of Ume blossom spots across the country, the numbers of spots are not that much few though. Are you coming or staying at home? They are just magical and are starting to bloom now ( late winter here in Australia). Currently the plum flower is the national flower of Taiwan, not China. Please check out the 13 Best Places to View Blossoms in Japan in details. One popular processed form is called umeboshi. This Is Not Cherry Blossom but Plum Blossom! 梅の花. Ranked as one of Japan's three finest landscape gardens. Based on this festival many cultural events are held in public parks, temples, and shrines across Japan.Plum Blossoms in Yokohama, Japan. The festival starts in February and ends exactly right before the Hanami festival begins. It brings something new that makes us to start our new life in a better way. Umeboshi is one of the most typical Japanese flavors. Its popularity was eventually surpassed by that of the cherry tree. Why you should visit Japan?Answer: The answer is given here in this article. Have you ever thought of decorating home with plum blossom bonsai tree? It is the best time for the Japanese people to organize first picnic party of the year before Hanami arrives. I think China’s used to be the peony, but currently they don’t have a designated flower. Plum blossom is considered as a popular decoration for wedding and early spring decor.A Beautiful Plum Tree Bonsai. You can view Sakura all over Japan when its season begins but it is impossible to find Ume blossom everywhere. Originally introduced from China, the Japanese plum (梅, ume; sometimes referred to as Japanese apricot) has played an important role in Japanese culture for many centuries. 梅花 noun. From February to the end of March, you’ll find them blooming in private yards, parks, temples, shrines and gardens granting a decidedly festive tone to the otherwise dull days of winter. Cherry blossom leaves are green and unfolding, unlike the plum blossom leaves which are a reddish purple (except for on some white plum blossom trees which can have green leaves). He believed, he might be displaced from his throne by Michizane. Legend has it that plum trees were In order to recognize a plum tree, just look at its bark, if you see it is darker and the flower is round with not split at the end of each petal then it is a plum tree.Beauty of Japanese Plum Blossom! 12) Baji Koen (Tokyo)13) Kyu Shiba Rikyu (Tokyo)14) Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (Kyoto)15) Kaju-ji (Kyoto)16) Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (Fukuoka)17) Ushi Tenjin (Fukuoka). In Kyoto, Ume festival started as a ceremony of prayer of the repose of this scholar’s soul. Ume (Plum blossom) Ume flower indicates elegance and loyalty in floral meaning . How to say plum blossoms in Japanese. Though they are similar in some ways, they are also quite different in appearance, variations and blooming period. Japanese plum blossom has a sweet flowery fragrance. The Setagaya Ume Matsuri is celebrated here on weekends and holidays from February 8 to March 1, 2020. You can decorate home putting plum blossoms branches in a flower vase. After few years later, he died and became a ghost. Mainly, it symbolizes three things, they are as follows: 1) Spring sign2) Protection and3) Spirit of health. The event is celebrated with plum festivals (ume matsuri) in public parks, shrines and temples across the country. Japanese plum has many varieties such as white, dark pink, pink and even we see yellow plum blossom. Kameido Tenjin Shrine in the east side Koto Ward is another Shinto shrine with around 200 plum trees. At this time fruit is pickled and it is very delicious having with rice. It will be tasty then, otherwise taste of umeboshi could make you crazy enough not to try it again in the future. Indeed Ume festival has different meaning than what cherry blossom festival means to us. You can fill the wreath’s center with other flowers. Photo Credit: mrhayata at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing. The camellia is an early spring flower native to Asia. See plum and blossom. blossom s, leaves) あなたが帰国なさる頃には、桜はみんな散ってしまっていること I will be a great liar if I say plum blossom is seen only in China and Japan. I always love to see flower wreath in our home. – This is a great page of learning and knowing about Umeboshi. In “Ode to Plum Blossom,” he described: I used to ride a horse to visit Western Chengdu, Intoxicated with the sweet smell of plum blossom. It is born of the bitter cold of winter and reminds its observers that spring will soon arrive . Now get it and hang the wreath on the front door.Plum Tree Bonsai Makes Your House Beautiful! Thanks a lot Wanda! It is believed that Fujiwara family did not like his presence because he had influence over Emperor Uda.You Can See White Plum Blossoms at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. The weather out there is very cold in February, so you better bring warm clothes with you. Plum fruit is also used for making alcoholic beverage and vinegar. In fact, ume blossom festival is overshadowed by Cherry blossom festival but it does not mean it is not charming at all. Take care. There are many delicious umbeboshi recipes you can learn reading articles online. You can read this article: Difference between Cherry Blossom and Plum Blossom. I would just like to introduce its symbolism from Japanese point of view.

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