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Nov 28

Assuming they don't exist, their absence... Personally, I would have rearranged the chapters a little. I would like to see these updated. Easy to read and follow. Specifically, the authors recognized and acknowledged that the vast majority of students in college are there to gain knowledge and/or a degree that will help them provide for themselves and their families (present or future). The Table of Contents should include section number for each chapter. That said, after repeated attempts, I was unable to locate a glossary or index for this otherwise fine text. I could see students getting a bit lost in the detail presented, and not being able to clearly see the bigger picture. Okay, I'll try to curb myself a bit and not run on quite so much with this response. Principles of Economics by OpenStax plus MCQ, Essay Questions & Key Terms, Principles of Macroeconomics Textbook & Test Bank, Chemistry Interactive Textbook, MCQ & Test Bank, Principles of Microeconomics Textbook, Test Bank, College Physics Textbook, MCQ & Test Bank, Anatomy & Physiology Textbook , MCQ & Test Bank, Psychology Interactive Textbook, MCQ & Test Bank, Introduction to Sociology Textbook MCQ Test Bank, Cookies help us deliver our services. Economic concepts can be (and regularly are) divided into the two general categories of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics; "Integrating themes" are used for both the Macro and Micro topics. Text is on par with most text in the field. Principles of Economics - Open Textbook Library This book is intended for a two-semester course in Economics taught out of the social sciences or business school. That would be great! Each chapter has TryIt! Inside each chapter, it has the section numbers which are missing in the Table of Contents. I do this for two reasons: 1) I am a bitter old man who grades way to hard (I've been told), and 2) I'm saving the ultimate-highest-rank of 5 for when they finally make a digital text that plugs directly into the higher learning centers of our students' cortices (directly bi-passing the sizable portions of their brains dedicated to Netflix and pizza). It seems effort was put into chapters being able to stand alone on their own, for instance there is a separate chapter (23) on economic growth, investment (29), and interest rate - loanable funds market (13). Farm policy? Principles of Economics covers scope and sequence requirements for a two-semester introductory economics course. Frankly, many of the "fancier" presentations often provide more distraction than edification. Some depth is sacrificed, through, to hit on all of these topics. Let's face it, when preparing for a relaxed evening in front of a warm, crackling fire, hot Belgian cocoa in hand, and trusty canine underfoot, few would pull a love-worn economics text off the carved mahogany bookshelf (I'm painting a picture here) as an appealing choice for the evening's read. The text includes many current examples, which are handled in a politically equitable way. The text's coverage is comprehensive. The authors take a three-pronged approach to every chapter: The concept is covered with a “Heads Up” to ward off confusion, a real-world application for that concept, and a “You Try It” section to make sure students are staying on top of the concept. CC BY-NC-SA, Reviewed by Joyce Burnette, Professor of Economics, Wabash College on 8/12/19, This book covers everything I do in Principles, plus some things I would like to include if I had time. Assuming they don't exist, their absence is certainly not a deal-breaker. Each section also contains learning objectives, summaries, examples, and problems. I can happily accept the simple, straight-forward, understandable format contained herein. Farm policy? On the Macroeconomics side, the flow between chapters 20 - 23 is a good one but I would suggest a re-arranging of the chapters so that Fiscal Policy Issues are addressed before the Monetary Policy Chapters. Book Description: Principles of Economics covers scope and sequence requirements for a two-semester introductory economics course. For a text made available to Community of Learners, without any cost, it achieves the purpose like other high-priced textbooks. It covers almost all the major topics in mainstream micro and macroeconomic studies. It is in line with other high-priced texts. Another absolutely wonderful thing the text did was to address the students with respect. Individual topics are developed in sufficient depth, for instance the discussion of marginal benefit and marginal cost in chapter 6 is more detailed than in most of the other textbooks that I have seen. I don't have the time or inclination to cover all the chapters of any economics text, including this one. Reading through this text leaves me with the strong impression that this would not be a problem (more like, "General Hospital"). Where-the-heck did all THAT come from?!? 4. In-text problems, with solutions, and end-of-chapter problems are included. In other words, a good is scarce if it is limited. For example, discussion of the long-run average cost curve shows an area on economies OF scale (associated with multiple sizes of plot) flowed my a range of constant returns TO scale (TO which scale? Is this common with OER textbooks? Economies in transition? Principles of Economics aims to teach considerable range and depth of Economic concepts through an approachable style and methodology. Generally speaking, the text follows the usual order, micro then macro. I'm generally unimpressed with authors that strive to distinguish their text by presenting material in an avant-garde or experimental way. Being first edition, the second edition will be better. This textbook is very comprehensiveness. And since many of the textbooks on this list touch on managerial economics but don't completely center on them, such as Principles, Problems & Policies, we used the vacancy to recommend Managerial Economics for business students.

Kaiserreich American Union State Guide, Best Place To Buy Shipping Boxes, Stuff Matters Chapter 11 Summary, Words Of Wisdom For Law School Graduate, Buy Whole Lamb Near Me, Mount Greenwood Cemetery,

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