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Nov 28

Point the mics away from the drum kit toward corners or any other reflective surfaces in the room. You could use what’s called a spaced pair configuration, which entails spreading the mics out on either side of the kit until you find a good balance of kit sounds and left-to-right image. Another method uses 2 mics for the Kick Drum: The closer you can mic a Kick Drum the more attack will be focused on the recording. They have the equipment. The AEA N8 Ribbon is a modern type ribbon mic that reproduces the classic Ribbon mic sound in recordings. Positioning the mic closer to the snare head will also minimize bleed captured from the rest of the kit. Some drummers mic the edge of the hats Parallel to the cymbals to catch the air that is expelled from closing the hi-hat. Microphones are the tools of Songwriters. The engineer then uses a combination of them to create a balanced and exciting drum sound. Many Studio Engineers agree that the most important part of miking drums and mic placement is the players themselves. Place the mic close enough to minimize bleed but not too close that the snare makes contact with the mic. Again stay with the position that has the fullest sound. You can get excellent sound with minimal mics and good placement. So try a lot of different placement heights once the boom is centered over the kit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Place the kick drum mic close to the front head of the bass drum, or even inside it. Have you had success recording drums with a two-mic configuration? This is where most Home Recording studios come in. We’ve already looked at streamlined PA setups for singer/songwriters and ways to record multiple singers using a single mic.In this post, I’m going to show you some techniques for miking drums with only two microphones. But it wouldn’t be my top choice, because although it gives you a wide stereo image, it’s prone to phase problems, which can cause cancellation and distortion if the recording is heard in mono. Blocking off the direct sound will actually make the room sound very large in the recording. One of the most critical ways to improve your Home Recordings is Microphone Placement. Adding a Ribbon Bass drum mic will allow you to hear the crack of the snare and the low end of the Bass drum together. Always check the prices on the assorted mics used for drum recording. The downside is that it limits you to a mono drum mix. Dynamic mics work when sound waves vibrate a diaphragm (where the sound first contacts the mic) connected to a coil and a magnet. The work should be done with a large Diaphram Condenser mic. This makes it a lot easier for us musicians to work with. Either a Condenser or Dynamic Microphone can be used for Live play or Recording. When you pan you should hear the Toms move left to right. Drum mics don’t have to be expensive and according to the room acoustics and the type of recording, you may not need as many as you think. The wind blast will cause problems with the Phase of the mic. And sometimes, less is more—the legendary drum sound on Led Zeppelin’s When the Levee Breaks was the result of two overhead drum mics suspended from the rafters above the drum kit. Recording Cymbals room mics to capture the wide frequency range of the cymbals and ambiance of the room. The option is yours. There are no rules when using Room mics for drum kits. Before the use of multi-track recording when making an album was done with minimal electronic reinforcement, processing tracks. This the 3 mic Set-Up with a Snare mic added. Pull the capsule out farther towards the front of the Bass where you will pick up the natural lower frequencies normally found here. Experiment with positioning. Then add the Snare drum sound to the mix. Bands like Led Zepplin with drummer John Bonham and Mitch Michell from Jimmie Hendrix’s band actually used one microphone in mono to recording drums for some of the most important music from that time period. Choose the position of the Phase switch that sounds the best, put them back into the stereo mode and move on to the next step. The Glynn Johns Three Mic Drum Recording Setup. Otherwise, one side will sound louder than the other in the mix, and you’ll have to compensate with your volume faders during mixdown to get it into balance. The options to weigh when recording drums can be overwhelming. Many of these mics can be used for voice or other instruments. The 5 or More Microphone Recording Set-Up. You can use a Cardioid microphone that is less expensive. Condenser Mics usually come in pairs and are normally used as overhead microphones that record air on top of the kit. Use sound barriers between the mics and the drums. You may need to lift the mic a little higher to hear all the drums. I have never used a Ribbon mic but they are becoming very popular these days. That’s how I approach making a record. If you don’t have a dedicated kick-drum mic (for example an AKG D112 MKII or D12 VR), it’s preferable to use another dynamic mic of some kind. Experiment with these positions. You don’t need a ton of money to buy microphones, you need to know how to use the right microphones for the right job. Shure Beta 52A with built-in drum mount, it serves as the kick drum mic with its good low-end handling. There are several tried and true methods for arranging the mics in a stereo miking application, each with its issues and benefits. To avoid phase problems, engineers over the years have developed several stereo miking configurations (Blumlein, ORTF, M/S, XY) that require a specific placement of the two mics in relation to each other. Variety also includes different snares, cymbals and drums or hardware that can be swapped out with your kit to change up the sound. I would recommend 1 Shure SM57 and mic for the top only. Condenser microphones can be used if the genre of music is called for quieter music like Jazz, Where the SPL’s will be lower. Adding a Ribbon Bass drum mic will allow you to hear the crack of the snare and the low end of the Bass drum together. Is there a more low end and depth when you flip the phase switch on one of them? Dynamic microphones are ideally suited for Snares, Toms and Bass or Kick Drums They are the go-to mic. This barebones example will be a Cardioid Condenser mic that will only hear sounds from the drums on-axis from below the mic. Here are some small simple Set-ups for miking your drum kit starting with one Microphone Recording. The sound was limited to the space that the drums were in at that time and with a few hell of a great Engineers and Producers that music ever came up with. Room Mics add depth and excitement to the recording of the drum kit added to the other mic Place Techniques can have a full professional sound that is thick and full of ambiance that is found in big rooms. Some songs don’t require a lot of beef on the drums or they might sound ok with a thinner sound with less low end. Because Dynamic mics offer a better Mid-Range frequency response. He’s a producer, mixer and multi-instrumentalist in the New York area. This is a common problem that can be lessened. It’s generally best to use a matched pair of the same mics for these applications, to ensure that the left and right stereo tracks sound matched. Overhead mics are placed above the drum set. Use the 1 Overhead Mic Recording Set-Up then add another microphone, a Bass drum mic. The drums were saturated with effects that made the drums sound incredibly enormous. Adding a bottom mic can add some snap and crispness but also can complicate things. To simplify it use this. In the minimalist series, we’ve been looking at simple ways to make the most out of basic audio setups. This type of configuration offers good control over the sound and level of the kick in the mix, and a reasonable balance of the rest of the kit, assuming you’re careful with how you place the overhead mic.

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