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Nov 28

When and at what price the I never play with it off. RevivalDRIVE’s no-compromise Re-Amp EQ lets you tailor the pedal’s output to suit your amp, ensuring your clean AND overdrive tones always sound their best. These post-EQ features are expanded beyond the standard pedal in the RevivalDRIVE Custom we have, with an extra front panel to deliver even greater flexibility in amp matching. 新カタログ 「CUSTOM 計測器・セキュリティ製品・コンシューマ向け製品 2020-2021」発行 PDF版をダウンロードしていただけます。 冊子版をご希望の場合は、弊社営業担当者までお問い合わせください。 2020/3/30 Drive pedals --> Revival Drive --> Delay --> Blackface Amp --> Mic'd, Rick Falco - Atlanta, GA – November 27, 2019. I freakin' love this thing! I can't believe just how incredible this amp factory in a box this is. A direct link between your ears and fingers where every movement of the strings can be heard and felt. I have the expanded custom eq and decided to putchase the recival footswitch. Has made every other drive I have or have owed a mere toy. This thing will never ever leave my setup. With amp-like playing feel and realistic harmonics this may be the last overdrive pedal you will ever need. There were big grins and wide smiles at Origin HQ at the start of July as we opened up issue 434 of Guitarist Magazine. 655,00 € 2 – 5 dias. The amp characteristics of this pedal are just beyond anything I imagined, from clean to outright Billy Gibbons Tweed dirt amp, all things Marshall and everything really. These post-EQ features are expanded beyond the standard pedal in the RevivalDrive Custom we have, with an extra front panel to deliver even greater flexibility in amp matching. God what a design jewel this is! I just received my Revival Drive Custom and extra foot switch the other day. OE, Can you withstand higher voltages? Of the six knobs, the Volume (Gain) and Output are pretty standard, while Blend allows you to roll back from the fully overdriven sound to add in some dry sound for clarity, but the other three knobs address various intriguing aspects of amp behaviour. Ghost addresses the phenomenon of low-frequency notes occurring within vintage amp circuitry, underneath those you’re actually fretting – something heard more when soloing up the neck. Use the LOWS control to tighten up the bottom end or push the bass into thick distortion. Select from a range of voicing and bright-cap options to configure RevivalDRIVE’s Class-A preamp stage. Reactive overdrive design for realistic feel and authentic sound. And viola, hit the blend switch. The resulting dual-channel pedal has one bypass footswitch and a second to toggle between the channels. The jangle and chime of the British Invasion? Costly yes, but some things are worth the bucks compared to the countless other drives and amp mimic pedals out there. And, with two channels plus the options provided by the supplementary footswitch, there’s plenty of onstage flexibility. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. A footswitch will also be available. I've heard some complain about not clean enough but really learn the EQ options, vol and output and roll off the low control, it's all there. The Revival Drive from Origin Effects isn't your run of the mill overdrive. To that end, Origin Effects analysed a range of classic amps, both British and American, to recreate the entire signal path using all-analogue components that would work in a pedal (substituting discrete transistor-based circuitry for valves), with the aim of delivering the sound and circuit behaviour of a classic amp in a fully variable and controllable format. RevivalDRIVE’s two channels each deliver a wide range of British and American amp flavours, from clean to fully cranked. We’ve applied this to our push-pull high-voltage output stage, built with meticulously hand-selected discrete JFETS, to achieve sound quality unmatched by conventional pedal designs. In case you missed it, here is the glowing review:When Origin Effects designer Simon Keats put his mind to making a guitar compressor he smashed it with the Cali76 and SlideRIG family, which have ended up on the ’boards of many pro players including David Gilmour and Pete Townshend. It's so nice to hear from a happy customer! I have made it the centerpiece of my board, and it's my whole sound essentially. Customizable extra eq was well worth the extra dough. However, you may damage the pedal if powered at 18V for a long period. We recommend you only use a regulated power supply specifically designed for guitar pedal applications as power supplies which do not have sufficient internal filtering can result in unwanted noise. I've been wanting something like this for ages. Does such an array of amp sounds and feel with this amazing quality of tone containing everything that makes a great amp sound great. These dissonant ghost notes are an interaction between your playing and the AC mains power, resulting from the rudimentary power supply circuits of early amplifiers. Lows mimics the way low frequencies can drive a power amp to distort more – you can exploit this for a thicker sound or roll it back for leaner and cleaner. How to match the ultimate amp-in-a-box pedal to your existing amplifier? 655.00 EUR. Hey, Paul. Recreate your favourite vintage amps or get creative with new and exciting combinations. Get tight, modern chord definition from the Silicon channel, or switch to the Valve channel for increased sag and smooth, natural compression. Revivaldrive standard or custom? Two channels of authentic valve amp overdrive. Sounds. The RevivalDRIVE is packed with ingenious features and subtle touches designed to aid the player and increase flexibility. *The Custom's optional front-panel filter controls take fine-tuning the pedal to the next level, with variable shelf and cut frequency controls and a fully adjustable secondary boost/cut EQ. We don't advise that you run the pedal at more than 9V. Immaculately built, the RevivalDRIVE Custom has far more knobbage and switchage than we’ve seen on just about any drive pedal. More/Pres controls negative feedback as used in the output or power stage of some amplifiers. RevivalDRIVE even includes a touring-friendly Power Amp Mode for compatibility with flat-response power amplifiers, so you can keep the show on the road whatever happens. Plugged in with the Re-Amp EQ dialled-in to match the darkness/ brightness of your amp, the pedal can run the range from clean to fully cranked amp, all with wonderful touch sensitivity and volume knob cleanup. We’ve dispensed with the usual 9V battery option, both to save space and to allow us to adopt a high-current approach, yielding lower noise levels and superior tone. Em stock. RevivalDRIVE’s Valve and Silicon Rectifier channels, combined with our exclusive GHOST control, give you a huge tonal spectrum to explore. Tired of trying to deal with modeling and programming more than playing. Let's say 18V。, Hi, Leon. Simon you're a genius, and thanks to the crew at Origin for this hand wired beauty of analog goodness. I thought I had the best and hand picked stuff, this wonder has just floored me. Take control of your distortion character with variable negative feedback. A host of EQ features allow the pedal to adjust to different amps, too, while a RevivalDrive Custom option offers additional front-panel controls and a secondary EQ. Sounds. The way the low control wraps hair around the notes is something else. The UK’s foremost guitar publication had released its RevivalDRIVE review and given it 9/10 along with its Guitarist Choice Award. Intuitive controls let you go under the hood to tweak every aspect of the amplifier, from preamp shape to power amp breakup, even down to the sag and ripple of the HT supply. The AD30 is getting sold. I'm using it with a blackface tube amp, Torpedo CAB M, Native Instruments Guitar Rig and Positive Grid amp plugins. Please note: the RevivalDRIVE is powered by a mains adaptor only (not included). These are not covered and you will be responsible for payment (if any). RevivalDRIVE’s MORE/PRES knob has all bases covered, with a smooth continuous control that offers a world of character. It works so well with single coils and humbuckers. Delivering sparkling cleans and thick crunch with all the sensitivity of a classic amp, RevivalDRIVE feels as inspiring as it sounds. Each have an identical set of controls but while one channel is based on a valve rectifier, the other has a solid-state (Silicon) rectifier for the different responses associated with each.There is also a range of EQ adjustment features designed to match the pedal to the amp it’s plugged into, including flat-response power amps.

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