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Nov 28

σ The RKKY interaction was originally proposed by Malvin Ruderman and Charles Kittel of the University of California, Berkeley [1] , as a means of explaining unusually broad nuclear spin resonance lines … :伝導電子の数、 Effect of pressure on the amorphous spin glass (LaGd)Au F Razavi and J S Schilling Charge localization due to RKKY interaction in the spin-glass AuFe View the table of contents for this issue, or go to the journal homepage for more Rev. {\displaystyle {R}} The dependence on concentration, resistivity, and dimensionality is estimated. S Potok, and B.L. スピングラス模型の臨界点と双対変換1 – 厳密解を求めて– 京都大学 大学院情報学研究科 システム科学専攻,大関 真之2 (2010 年5 月17 日受理) 本解説記事では,有限次元のスピングラス模型に対する新たな解析手法を紹介する.新たな Kittel、T. The metallic systems do have a longer range RKKY Distributions of hyperfine magnetic fields were obtained for RKKY spin glass systems such as CuMn:Sn, AgMn:Sn, AuCr:Sn, AuMn:Sn and AuFe:Sn, together with some ternary alloys. Spin-Glass Freezing and RKKY Interactions near the Metal-Insulator Transition in Amorphous Gd-Si Alloys F. Hellman, D.R. {\displaystyle {\mathbf {S} }} :フェルミエネルギー、 の間に働く、RKKY相互作用は次のように書かれる。, ここに、 S G is the large spin representing the spin-glass bulk, whereas s 1 and s 2 are the interfacial spins. x The RKKY interaction is the J/t >> 1 limit of the double exchange interaction. {\displaystyle N_{e}} RKKY 相互作用の導出(2003/04/09) RudermanとKittel1が金属中にある2つの磁性不純物の核スピン間に ... 1. spin S のある状態にある伝導電 子は局在スピンS1の影響を受 けて交換相互作用 S1¢Sによっ て散乱される. 2. S Zink Department of Physics, University of … σ + ′ Kittel、T. These are classified into two groups: the one is expressed by a stable distribution and the other by the superposition of two types of distributions. {\displaystyle \sigma } :フェルミ波数である。, 希土類化合物の磁性や、遷移金属化合物のスピングラスなどを議論するうえで重要である。. F 16, 45 (1956),相互作用&oldid=70073435. k The main points of a numerical simulation study of the spin glass transition in Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) systems are summarized. 序変数(spin-glass order parameter)とよばれる。自己平均性を利用すると、Jij についての平均はサイト に関して平均することと同じとみなせる。したがって、スピングラス秩序変数を次のように書くこともで きる。q = [ Si 2] av (16.9) Theor. 2 e RKKY相互作用(RKKYそうごさよう)とは、金属中の伝導電子のスピンを介して行われる局在スピン同士の相互作用である。この相互作用を導出した4人の物理学者(M.A. Kasuya、K. x 96, 99 (1954). )の伝導電子の生成(消滅)演算子を表す。s-d相互作用により局在スピン間には、伝導電子のスピン分極が、距離の3乗で減衰し、振動しながらはたらく(RKKY相互作用)。, 距離 Ruderman、C. In spin glass alloys the critical concentration for long-range magnetic order appears to be determined by near-neighbour couplings, but glass transitions occur at much lower concentrations which implies that the RKKY exchange out to much larger distances is involved in clustering. 、 Edwards-Anderson (Spin Glass) Order Parameter The spin glass transition is from the paramagnetic state with q=0 to a spin glass state with nonzero q as the temperature is decreased. {\displaystyle {\mathbf {S} }_{1}} A brief review of numerical simulation studies of T ∼ 0 K properties of Ruderman-Mttel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) spin glasses is presented, followed by a presentation of new Monte Carlo data which reveal that the actual spin-glass transition in a classical model occurs at a rather lower temperature than previously thought. Quenched randomness is distinguished from ergodic randomness. = 4 , Local spins are expected to produce spin glass effects, such as freezing after the Vogel-Fulcher law. Kasuya、K. ⁡ The canon-ical representatives of spin-glasses, magnetic alloys, have an oscillating long-range Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY) spin-spin interaction3. New results are also presented as follows. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. T. Kasuya, Prog. x {\displaystyle \varepsilon _{\rm {F}}} Copyright © 1986 Published by Elsevier B.V. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 1 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 9 (1978) 46-49 North-Holland Publishing Company PROPERTIES OF THE ISING SPIN GLASS WITH RKKY INTERACTION A.FREUDENHAMMER Gesamthochschule Duisburg Fachbereich lo, Laboratorium for Festkperphysik D-4100 Duisburg, Fed. ′ ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Queen, R.M. spin-glass are disorder and frustration. Ruderman and C. Kittel, Phys. F ( RKKY相互作用(RKKYそうごさよう)とは、金属中の伝導電子のスピンを介して行われる局在スピン同士の相互作用である。 この相互作用を導出した4人の物理学者(M.A. R x k ( Rep. Germany Received 28 March 1978 Specific heat and susceptibility of an Ising spin glass system are … The stan-dard Edwards-Anderson model4 has quenched random … The RKKY interaction is generalized to arbitrary dimensions d and to include damping in impure or amorphous systems. x c ) of this classical behavior is that the coupling between spin and charge uctuations is rather weak; whether the frozen spins in the spin glass phase are in a metallic, or a insulating, host is not of direct importance in theories of the formation of the spin glass phase, or of its critical uctuations. k {\displaystyle \sigma '} Strictly speaking, an ideal spin glass is a collection of randomly distributed isolated moments frozen in random orientations as a result of the RKKY interactions between them. {\displaystyle {\boldsymbol {\sigma }}} Phys. 、 M.A. c ( はそれぞれ、伝導電子のスピン、(d電子またはf電子の)局在スピンをあらわす。 σ Local spins are expected to produ… Yoshida)の頭文字から、RKKY相互作用と命名された。 {\displaystyle k_{\rm {F}}} {\displaystyle f(x)={\frac {-x\cos x+\sin x}{x^{4}}}} f We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. σ だけ離れた局在スピン does not have any quenched disorderUse {\displaystyle c_{k,\sigma }} In MFT there’s a transition in a field for an Ising spin glass the de Almeida Thouless (AT) line from a spin glass phase (divergent relaxation times, “replica symmetry breaking”) to a paramagnetic phase Ruderman、C. ′ Yoshida)の頭文字から、RKKY相互作用と命名された。, はじめ、ルーダーマンとチャールズ・キッテルは、金属中の伝導電子と核スピンの相互作用を研究した[1]。糟谷忠雄はこれを希土類金属の磁性に適用した議論を行い[2]、芳田奎はこれを伝導電子と局在スピンに置き換えて論じた(s-dまたはs-f交換相互作用)[3]。, ここに、 ε S , {\displaystyle c_{k',\sigma '}^{\dagger }} ) は波数 k'(k)、スピン − Absence of size dependence in the spin-glass resistivity of AuFe wires? G. Neuttiens, J. Eom, C. Strunk et al. sin σ {\displaystyle {\mathbf {S} }_{2}} The RKKY interaction is generalized to arbitrary dimensions d and to include damping in impure or amorphous systems.

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