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Nov 28

Sent out by the commercial firm of Thomas Agnews & Co to take photographs of the Crimean War, he brought with him a large white horse-drawn van, which had been converted from a wine merchant’s vehicle into a mobile darkroom. LC-USZC4-9262, Captain Ponsonby, Captain Pearson & Captain Markham, on the staff of Sir George Brown. LC-USZC4-9201, Lieutenant General Pennefather, & Captain Wing, Captain Layard, Captain Ellison, Colonel Wilbraham, Colonel Percy Herbert, Major Thackwell & Dr. Wood, officers of his staff. But danger forced him to retreat back up the road, where he created this image. Roger Fenton was sent to record the Crimean War by Thomas Agnew of Agnew & Sons, where the United Kingdom, the Second French Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire were fighting a war against the Russian Empire. LC-USZC4-9216, General Labousiniére & General Beuret. Roger Fenton’s 1855 photo “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” is the first famous photograph of war, depicting a barren road littered with cannonballs fired during the Crimean War. LC-USZC4-9209, Captaine Thomas (right) and another French officer. LC-USZC4-9168, View of Balaklava, from camp of Fusilier Guards. LC-USZC4-9194, Viscount Kirkwall, Captain 71st Highlanders. LC-USZC4-9177, Camp of the 5th Dragoon Guards, looking towards Kadikoi. LC-USZC4-9274, Cossack Bay, Balaklava. Roger Fenton Crimean War photograph collection/Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (Digital file no. LC-USZC4-9229, Colonel Doherty, officers & men of the 13th Light Dragoons, including Colonel Doherty, Cornet Danzil Chamberlayne, Captain Jenyns, and veterinary-surgeon Thomas Towers. to H.R.H. LC-USZC4-9342, Officers of the 89th Regiment at Cathcart's Hill, in winter dress, Captain Leslie Skynner, Lieutenant Francis Knatchbull, Captain Robert Rowland Conyers, Lieutenant John Longfield, and Captain Robert B. Hawley. LC-USZC4-9249, General Pierre Bosquet giving orders to his staff. LC-USZC4-9182, William H. Russell, Esqr., the Times special correspondent. LC-USZC4-9155, Captain Graham & Captain Macleod, 42nd Regiment. LC-USZC4-9160, Men of the 68th (The Durham) Regiment of Foot in ordinary dress. LC-USZC4-9200, Brigadier-General Garrett & officers of his staff. LC-USZC4-9225. LC-USZC4-9285, Captain George, 4th Light Dragoons & servant. He afterward made his way to Russia and took pictures of landscapes and buildings; he continued his work in Britain as well. LC-USZC4-9174, Lieutenant-colonel Thomas Shadforth at his hut & officers of the 57th Regiment. LC-USZC4-3912, Captain Robert Portal, 4th Light Dragoons equipped for Balaklava. LC-USZC4-9114, Cornet Henry John Wilkin, 11th Hussars. He was so fascinated that he traveled to Paris to study photography with Gustave Le Gray. LC-USZC4-9330, Major Daniels & officers of the 5th Dragoon Guards. In 2007, Academy Award-winning documentary director Errol Morris went to Sevastopol to find the area Fenton had photographed and discovered the small valley the soldiers called the Valley of Death. cph 3g09297) After Austria threatened to join the allies, Russia accepted preliminary peace terms on February 1, 1856. Roger Fenton English, 1819–1869 About this artwork Prominent in photographic circles and favored by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Roger Fenton was commissioned to document the British military during the Crimean War; his pictures there represent one of the first uses of photography in wartime. LC-USZC4-9292, Major General James B. Estcourt. LC-USZC4-9332, Lieutenant Colonel Clarke Kennedy, of the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot, A.D.C. LC-USZC4-9271, Looking towards Mackenzie's Heights, tents of the 33rd Regiment in the foreground. His work is admired today for his keen artistic eye, and how he managed to convey the reality of war even though he did not photograph men in battles. LC-USZC4-9148, Officers & men of the 89th Regiment Captain Robert B. Hawley, Captain Leslie Skynner, Major Caledon Richard Egerton, Major William(?) Because of this disadvantage, Fenton was limited as to what he could photograph. When he returned, 312 of his prints were displayed in London and traveled throughout numerous towns in the British Isles. LC-USZC4-9170, Camp of the 4th Light Dragoons - soldiers quarters. LC-USZC4-9247, Lieutenant General Sir George Brown, G.C.B., K.H. LC-USZC4-9283, Lieutenant Yates, 11th Hussars, posed with dog, horse and groom. LC-USZC4-9282, British and French staff officers of the Head Quarters: 1) Colonel Vico; 2) Major the Honourable Leicester Curzon; 3) Lord Burghersh; 4) Orderly; 5) Count Revel; 6) Mr. Calvert Interpreter; 7) Colonel Poulet[t] Somerset; 8) Colonel A. Hardinge; 9) Dr. Prendergast; 10) Commander Maxse; 11) Colonel Kingcote; posed sitting and standing on steps at British(?) LC-USZC4-9295, Lieutenant General Sir John Burgoyne G.C.B., Inspector General of Fortifications. LC-USZC4-9146, Ismail Pacha & Mr. Thompson of the Commissariat. A terrible beauty: Roger Fenton Simon Grant1 In 1855 Roger Fenton took a photograph that became an iconic image of the Crimean War. Men of the 4th Dragoon Guards and a woman relax by a hut. LC-USZC4-9142, The old Genoese Castle at Balaklava, from above the castle pier. LC-USZC4-9179, Captain Lilley, field train. One particular photo was taken in an area close to where the Charge of the Light Brigade occurred. Dr. John Sutherland is sitting on table, facing right, and Robert Rawlinson, sitting on chair. As. LC-USZC4-9304, Colonel Wilbraham, with sword and binoculars. LC-USZC4-9126, "A Zouave". LC-USZC4-9139, Major Tinley, & officers of the 39th regiment. Dirt road in ravine scattered with cannonballs. Sent as a replacement for the Richard Nicklin, a civilian photographer, who was lost at sea, along with his assistants, photographs, and equipment, when their ship sank during the hurricane that stuck the harbor at Balaklava on November 14, 1854. LC-USZC4-9164, British private in full marching order, in front of tent, with rifle, canteen, knapsack, and other equipment. LC-USZC4-9263, Two sergeants, 4th Light Dragoons. LC-USZC4-9186, Lieutenant General Sir William J. Codrington K.C.B. LC-USZC4-9255, Officers of the 71st Highlanders Regiment with dog. LC-USZC4-9258, Council of War held at Lord Raglan's Head Quarters, the morning of the successful attack on the Mamelon. LC -USZC4-9287, Captain Staunton [i.e., Stanton], Royal Engineers. LC-USZC4-9178, Captain Henry W. Verschoyle, Grenadier Guards. LC-USZC4-9340, Group of officers, 8th Hussars. Early photographers had to deal with long exposure times—often as long as three or four minutes—which is why most subjects didn’t smile for pictures. LC-USZC4-9290, Officers of the 90th [i.e., 38th] Regiment, Captain Hume and Captain Snodgrass with with horses and groom. The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace gives a welcome airing to the powerful Crimean War photographs of Roger Fenton. LC-USZC4-9161, Officers of the 68th Regiment. LC-USZC4-9202, Captain Mottram Andrews, 28th Regiment. One gioard smoking a pipe, two Zouaves, and Mrs. Rogers in front of a hut. LC-USZC4-9173, Brigadier McPherson, CB., & officers of the 4th Division: Captain Clement Henry John Higham [i.e., Heigham], 17th Regiment; Captain William Henry Earle, Major of Brigade; Captain (John L. or Edward) Croker, 17th Regiment; Captain Roger Swire; Captain Philip McPherson, posed next to tent. LC-USZC4-9238, Discussion between two Croats. LC-USZC4-9361, Captain Walker, 30th Regiment. Roger Fenton, the man who would make history as the photographer of the Crimean War, was raised in great comfort in England. LC-USZC4-9231, Lieutenant Colonel Seymour, Fusilier Guards. Lieutenant John Sherwood Gaynor of the 47th Regiment. LC-USZC4-9241, Distant view of Sevastopol from the front of Cathcart's Hill. Ottoman Army. One of the most famous photos of the Crimean campaign. Valley of the Shadow of Death is a photograph by Roger Fenton, taken on April 23, 1855, during the Crimean War. Colonel Shadforth seated in the foreground. LC-USZC4-9130, Captain Hume on the staff of Sir John Campbell & his brother. LC-USZC4-9256, Major Chapman, 20th Regiment. War had broken out in October 1853 between Russia and Britain, France, Turkey, and Sardinia over Russia’s expansion into what is now Romania. 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