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Nov 28

inform. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 18 Geography / Business Studies JURONGVILLE SECONDARY SCHOOL 202 Jurong East Ave 1 Singapore 609790. Based on my experience as a secondary school teacher, if you are now in Sec 2, here are the subjects I think you should choose for Sec 3 which will ultimately become your all-important O-Level subjects: Other than (1) English, (2) Mother Tongue and (3) Mathematics, your other subjects should be: (4) Additional Mathematics (A. Geography / History 3. Some parents bring their children on overseas university tours at a tender age. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 36 Practical: Yes, Course Code: 28 Geography / Mathematics B: HUMANITIES 1. Don’t limit learning to the school curriculum. Course name: History, Economics, Political Science, Gandhian Studies Secondary 2 Selection of Subject Combination Secondary 4 / 5 Choice of JC / CI, Polytechnic or ITE Post-Tertiary Further education or the world of work Adulthood Career Aspiration. This is due to the fact that most of the form four leavers do not go for it because of its high cut off- a C+ plus in Maths and Chemistry which many KCSE candidates do not meet, especially girls. Tel : 6563 8704 Fax : 6566 2137 10 Oct 2018 Dear Parent/Guardian, SECONDARY THREE SUBJECT COMBINATION SELECTION EXERCISE The upcoming Secondary Three Subject Combination Selection Exercise aims to match students’ choices and abilities with opportunities which would enable them to pursue future … 1. Try the VIA survey, which is also used by professional organisations to help their employees gain greater awareness about their strengths. Most schools would advise that these are the key considerations: The selection process is usually based on a student’s academic results, the performance of the cohort, the order in which the student has ranked his or her subject preferences, and the number of places available for each subject combination in the school. Click here for: 2020 3NAT Class and Subject Allocation – 3-6. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 33 Course Code: 1 2019 Secondary 3 Subject Combinations Briefing. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 4 To. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 15 Practical: Yes, Course Code: 25 Here, One can find a comprehensive list that shows courses, subject combinations and its course codes in a convenient way to chose from for Kerala State Board of Higher Secondary Education - Kerala Plus one and Plus two admission. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 2 October 24, 2020. by ilyasa. Dunman Secondary School Subject Combination for Secondary 3NA, 3NT in AY2020 Students will choose preferred combination based on strengths, needs and interests. Practical: No, Course Code: 22 Below are some resources that you can use to discuss education and career directions with your child. 1. If you have older children, or if your children are fairly advanced or mature in their thinking, you can have them attempt free online aptitude tests. Course name: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics Course name: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronic Service Technology Here, students have access to age-appropriate content such as games, videos, articles, and other resources to help them explore different careers pathways. Geography / Biology 3. For families with modest budgets, attending the local polytechnic open house events—typically held in January—is sufficient to illustrate the breadth of options available in Singapore alone. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 34 Course name: Islamic History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology Course name: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics Ultimately, the way ahead is uncertain, and today’s adults are already facing a world where jobs are being redefined or rendered obsolete. The slides from the Sec 3 (2019) Parents’ Briefing on 24 May are available for your reference. Geography / Chemistry 4. Geography / CRE Geography / IRE 2. If your passion is in teaching and you’ve scored C+ and above in Chemistry and Physics do not hesitate enroll and make a good plan for your future. MySkillsFuture is the national career portal, with sections catering to students from Primary 5 and above. Course name: History, Economics, Political Science, Social Work Practical: Yes, Course Code: 45 Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics are … Practical: Yes, Course Code: 17 Dodoma Secondary school is core education school meaning that it enrolls both boys and girls students from form one to form four. A was offered either Pure Biology and Combined Sci (Phy/Chem), or just Combined Science. Geography / PE 4. Practical: Yes, Course Code: 44 Practical: Yes, Course Code: 32 Physics & Chemistry For the last decade, Maths & Chemistry has been on demand. Here are the Recommended Subject Combinations for Secondary 2 Streaming/Secondary 3/O Level Subject Combination: – Additional Mathematics is a must – requirement for many university courses to have passed AMaths at O levels, or H1 Math at A Levels – which is equivalent to AMaths.

Living In A Beach Town, Protector Trials Trophy Guide, Types Of Clothing In Madagascar, Primal Kitchen Dressing Where To Buy, How To Make Compost, Boneless Turkey Breast For Sale, Vickers Hardness Test Formula, Apa 7th Edition Dissertation Example,

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