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Nov 28

(or)Why, you! - When talking to him in Brightstone Cove Tseldora after the player has killed Pate somewhere else, if wearing the Ring of ThornsYour ring! Both of them booby trap the chest in the Brightstone cove, though. Pate, I think he said. The game's lore always provides plenty of alternatives. Mild-mannered Pate / Creighton The Wanderer QUEST. Creighton's invasion triggers in the graveyard near the Church of Yorshka bonfire. Though he claims to be from Mirrah, his armor description implies that it isn't even actually from Mirrah, but a replica, and his helm covers his face. Creighton the Wanderer. And ended up wandering aimlessly looking for vengeance. - When attacked and aggroedDo you want some? Creighton the Wanderer's return in Dark souls III subtely indicates that the Bearer of the Curse choose to kill Mild-mannered Pate during his struggle with Creighton, and thus allowed Creighton to escape Drangleic. After Creighton got caught in the trap he decided not to risk his own skin to save Creighton and instead took their "shared" haul for himself. For the most loot, summon Pate for the Last Giant (he has to survive the fight) and he'll give you his set when you meet him next, help Creighton kill Pate and talk to him so he gives you his set, and then kill Creighton. Creighton was first introduced in Dark Souls II as part of a possible side quest, along with Mild Mannered Pate. Realized the serial killer complete with hockey mask and axe would work nicely. He moves around the country in search of the man who backstabbed him. Watch out for the slimy rat. That bastard with the ring lives in Brightstone Cove down the way. - When killing the playerNext time, you think before you pick a fight! Creighton's a thug and Pate's basically monotone Patches so there's no qualms about shanking these guys. Regular. - When giving equipment to the playerHere, these are for you.You did me well. After using Sirris sign you will be moved to her world, to the same bridge. Sirris isn't a merchant, and is ... Fight off the phantom known as Creighton the Wanderer attacking her. 3-He actually did die. You must help her in the battle against Creighton the Wanderer.The fight isn't hard, together you have much better chances. You can do without it.Think carefully before you answer. However, players will need to be summoned into her realm to prevent Creighton the Wanderer from killing her. Mon Apr 07, 2014 1:56 pm. Those that bear Dragon related tools appear to have a tendency for desertion, with Creighton, Hawkwood, The Nameless King, Ornstein, and Oceiros all being individuals that abandoned their previous occupation. Sort by. well since darksouls 3 we know creighton is a murderer, kill Creighton you don't need him you can get the key from pate. I'l mention that on the 4th time, i called a phantom, is that why he is not showing up anymore ? He's no friend of yours. With Kirk as the middle finger and Leonhard as the ring finger, that would mean you are either the index finger or the pinkie finger, depending on which finger is represented by Yellowfinger Heysel. - When talking after helping him kill Pate. The trap sand behind the door, and the bomb chest i thought were put there by Creighton, leading you into two traps like Pate did but without warning you they were there. In Scholar of the First Sin, the location of the second encounter has changed. Find him in the Shaded Ruins, in a tower just before the Najka fight, and exhaust his dialogue. That's his ring!You're not friends with the bastard, are you?Hand that ring over to me. He does not take the ring; he only wishes to assess whether you are Pate's friend. Met Creighton twice and exhausted dialogue and they are not at Brightstone Cove fighting. - When attacked and health is under 50%Damn! Another piece of evidence that shows how undeads get old. After defeating Creighton with Sirris, he will invade on … Activate it and you’ll enter her world and have to fight Creighton the Wanderer. Pate's spear's description states that he has been involved in countless battles, and also that he has something to hide. When facing him on your own outside The Church of Yorshka, it is very effective to knock the otherwise troublesome enemy off the cliff he spawns upon as he is surrounded on 3 sides by cliffs. What do you want?That bastard's run off somewhere. Creighton the Wanderer. Just take 'em. In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, Creighton is located at the Shaded Ruins, on the top floor of the right tower near the passage that leads to Scorpioness Najka.Brightstone Cove Tseldora. She’ll thank you and give you a Blessed Mail Breaker for the troubles. You must help her win the fight against Creighton the Wanderer, who first appeared in … 2-Managed to escape from near-death again from you and Pate(he was originally on death row in Mirrah, and worked with Pate of all people). Joined: Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:14 pm. When he's not brooding over revenge, he is writing about dinosaurs and intergalactic viruses. 1. The Undead Lockaway Key is required to open the door.Shaded Woods. The Dragonslayer Axe will immediately appear in your inventory when he dies, meaning reloading the area is unneccessary to retrive it if killed in this manner. (or)Hey, watch it there! u/dakingindanorf1907. During his confrontation with Pate he shows complete, nearly psychotic determination to slay the man, while Pate tries to talk his way out of it. Ensure that she lives! Battle Tested. These two's questline is a fun one. He moves around the country in search of the man who backstabbed him. - When talking after he kills Pate without player help…Serves you right…Hah hah hah!…Wait… …You weren't friends with that rat, were you?Then jog on…You've no business with me. Why does both this and pate's not tell me what they give you? Does he not invade if you have a friendly summon with you? Battle Tested. Speaking to her in the Firelink Shrine will grant you the Darkmoon Loyalty Gesture. While Pate does warn the player about traps ahead, he doesn't explain the full danger therein. Creighton is allegedly an infamous serial killer from Mirrah who is willing to kill just for the pleasure of it. this guy is quite touch in NG+, easily R1 Sirris to death if you don't jump in fast, i wish Bashful Ray was still around. Doesn't really imply that you killed him in DS2. i tried to restart the session, even the game, but nope, nothing, i retried at least 9 more attemps to go back to the bonfire,just refresh with the bonfire in the church etc... nothing works :( did'nt kill pontiff, killed him with sirris etc...have a good day and thanks in the future for the reply. His sign is in the cave with the skeletons, near the iron gate. Curiously, as Creighton will only initially appear after following Sirris's quest past The Catacombs, and Sirris's quest will immediately end if the player joins and offers covenant items to Rosarias Fingers, many people that join Rosaria's Fingers when it is first made available therefore never learn of Creighton's, a claimed member of Rosaria's fingers, existance. Note that she cannot die, or you will fail! If you have armor and ring obtained from Pate equiped , when you meet Creighton in shaded woods, will he attack you? If he was a killer, the imitation knight's armor would be a good way to avoid suspicion among passer-by. Pate has been described as a "smooth talker" and could be trying to play the innocent victim to get the player to help them during the fight. 100% Upvoted. Creighton the Wanderer.

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