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This revelation of the ways of God does not, as the first chapter, present Christ to us as man raised up by God from the dead, in order that we should be raised up also to have part with Him, and that the administration of the counsels of God should thus be accomplished. Here the apostle assures us that he had received it by a special revelation, as he had already taught them in words which, though few, were suited to give a clear understanding of his knowledge of the mystery of Christ-a mystery never made known in the past ages, but now revealed by the Spirit to the apostles and prophets. All Rights Reserved. On at least three occasions (chapter 1, chapter 3, and chapter 6), Paul either prays for the church or pleas for the church to pray for him. "That Christ," says the apostle, "may dwell in your hearts." And what is its limit? All the ways of God in that which He had arranged for His glory were co-ordained under this name, and were in relation with it; and that which the apostle asked for the saints to whom he addressed himself was, that they should be enabled to apprehend the whole import of those counsels, and the love of Christ which formed the assured centre for their hearts. And note, it is here realisation of what is spoken of that is desired. Ephesians 3:1 (show verse) Disciples/apostles » What the disciples know. Thus He, who fills all things with His glory, fills the heart Himself, with a love more powerful than all the glory of which He is the centre. [2] But this centre gave them at the same time a sure place, a support immovable and well known, in a love which was as infinite as the unknown extent of the glory of God in its display around Himself. Chapter 4. John Piper Oct 24, 2004 75 Shares Message. 2 Surely you have heard about the administration of God's grace that was given to me for you, 3 that is, the mystery made known to me by revelation, as I have already written briefly. Ephesians is the fifth of Paul’s letters. For, although we are journeying on the earth, and although we are the habitation of God by the Spirit on the earth, yet in the mind of God our place is in heaven. They had seen creation arise and expand before their eyes; they had seen the government of God, His providence, His judgment; His intervention in lovingkindness on the earth in Christ. Lord, You are the power for change for good, and You have chosen to work through Your children—The Church. Some are listed below. Prayer. It passes knowledge. God’s rich mercy in Christ has saved sinners. Therefore the abundant life Christ gives us is a life of righteousness because He has given us His life – His life is a righteous life. 15: Christ is the centre of all the display of divine glory, but He thus dwells in our hearts so as to set them, so to speak, in this centre, and make them look out thence on all the glory displayed. © 2020 He who had created all things, as the sphere of the development of His glory, had kept this secret in His own possession, in order that the administration of the mystery, now revealed by the establishment of the assembly on earth, should be in its time the means of making known to the most exalted of created beings the manifold and various wisdom of God. They are the incomprehensible riches of a Christ in whom God reveals Himself, and in whom all God's thoughts are accomplished and displayed. He does it, in that Christ dwells in us, with tenderest affection, and He is the strength of our heart. Real life and righteousness are one in the same because the opposite of righteousness is carnality and carnality is death. That they should be co-heirs, and of the same body, all distinction being lost, had indeed been entirely hid in God (part of His eternal purpose before the world was), but formed no part of the history of the world, nor of the ways of God respecting it, nor of the revealed promises of God. One other major theme arises from the content of the Ephesians correspondence that I feel compelled to address. Therefore these Gentile believers were not to be discouraged on account of the imprisonment of him who had proclaimed to them this mystery; for it was the proof and the fruit of the glorious position which God had granted them, and of which the Jews were jealous. Here was a kind of wisdom altogether new; a thing outside the world, hitherto shut up in the mind of God, hid in Himself so that there was no promise or prophecy of it, but the special object of His eternal purpose; connected in a peculiar way with the One who is the centre and the fulness of the mystery of godliness; which had its own place in union with Him; which, although it was manifested on earth and set with Christ at the head of creation, formed properly no part of it. Gentiles/heathen » The apostle of the gentiles/heathen. EXEGESIS: THE CONTEXT: The recipients of this letter were mostly Gentile Christians. Now the mystery had been hidden in all former times; and in fact it needed so to be; for to have put the Gentiles on the same footing as the Jews would have been to demolish Judaism, such as God had Himself established it. Their vocation was to be one, the body of Christ; but this body in fact manifested on earth in its true unity by the presence of the Holy Ghost. On average, then, a prayer is recorded every two chapters. They disobey God’s law and are ruled by Satan ( 1:7; 2:1–3, 5, 11–12 ). 1) Power through the Spirit (Ephesians 3:14-16) 2) Power through the Son (Ephesians 3:17a), and 3) Power through the Father’s Love (Ephesians 3:17b–21). Thus ministry in the main is presented as in Colossians 1. Amen. What a place is this which is given us in Christ! Chapter 1 gives the counsels of God as they are in themselves, adding His raising Christ and setting Him above all on high at the end. Eight of these book are letters to local churches (like the one in Ephesus). The duty of the Jew was to respect this separation; he sinned, if he did not strictly observe it. God strengthens us according to the riches of that glory which He displays before our wondering eyes as rightly belonging to Christ. It was a new part of it. We have seen (chap. Observe too here, that the apostle does not now ask that God should act by a power, as it is often expressed, which works for us, but by a power that works in us. The Unfathomable Riches of Christ for All Peoples, Above All Powers, Through the Church Missions Week. These purposes of God with regard to a Christ, the Head of His body the assembly, Head over all things in heaven and earth, Christ, God manifest in the flesh, were now made known and being accomplished, so far as gathering the joint-heirs in one body went. Only in the latter epistle the whole subject is treated more briefly, and the essential principle and character of the mystery according to its place in the counsels of God is less explained, is viewed only on a special side of it, suited to the purpose of the epistle, that is, Christ and the Gentiles. But dwelling in love we dwell in God and God in us: and that in connection with the display of His glory, as He develops it in all that He has formed around Himself, to exhibit Himself in it, in order that Christ, and Christ in the assembly, His body, should be the centre of it, and the whole the manifestation of Himself in His entire glory. It has none; it is the fulness of God. In the age to come the Gentiles will be blessed; but Israel will be a special and separate people. Paul revisited the magnificence of God, the plan for Christ to create a Church of all believers, that the fruits of grace are to be shared, that discouragement due to suffering may be evidence of doubts about God’s sovereignty, that faithfulness in suffering may be strong evidence of true salvation, and that we n… [2] Christ is the centre of all the display of divine glory, but He thus dwells in our hearts so as to set them, so to speak, in this centre, and make them look out thence on all the glory displayed. New International Version. In it He had carefully raised a middle wall of partition. He enlightened all with regard, not precisely, to the mystery, [1] of the mystery; that is to say, not only the counsel of God, but the accomplishment in time of that counsel by bringing the assembly together under Christ its head. There the calling and inheritance were in the sure purpose of God, and his prayer is that they may know them, and the power that brought them there. In the book of Ephesians, we learn how the gospel creates a new multi-ethnic, covenant family of God, and affects our story and how we live every day as a body of new humanity unified in love. 1 For this reason I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for the sake of you Gentiles--. Here it is what is in us, and he prays that it may exist, and that as present power in the church. Chapter 2, His work in quickening others with Him and forming the whole assembly of those who are risen in Christ, taken by grace from among Jews and Gentiles; these are God's thoughts and work.

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