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Nov 28

Macklay tells them that the body was confirmed as Ruth's, but there was no trace of Briggs' head or any leads on Hastings' death. The Mitchum brothers wait for "Jones" and Bradley further describes his dream, particularly noting that Rodney's cut from Candie was healed. 374 [S3E11] Post-Episode Discussion - Part 11. Image Gallery. Andy asks Doctor Hayward about his sperm and Hayward gives him a vial to fill. The lights go out, and Jonathan is standing in the middle of the room. Written by Albert and Gordon spot a woodsman after Bill tells Preston about his activity in the house he brought them to. Shelly tells him about the situation. Episode synopsis: There’s … Press J to jump to the feed. Cooper watches Audrey's video in Ben's office. Becky quickly runs to the car with the gun and starts driving with Shelly hanging onto the hood until she is flung off. Becky receives a frustrating call concerning Steven, then begs her mother for her car. An Asian man watches through the window. Three boys play catch. And damn good cherry pie! Donna and Harold drink white wine and toast to Laura. Episode 12 Josie returns home with many shopping bags and apologizes for disappearing. Maddy and Donna meet in a booth and Donna insists that she is not angry over Maddy's relationship with James and asks for her help retrieving Laura's diary from Harold. Music by "Episode 11", or, "Laura's Secret Diary" is the fourth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks, and the twelfth episode of the series as a whole. Prev Angelo Badalamenti Our regular recapper, Noel Murray, is off this week. Angelo Badalamenti Hastings is killed when his head is inexplicably crushed; when Macklays screams summon the FBI agents, Cole looks into the car and simply says “He’s dead”. Bradley sees the box that "Dougie" holds, saying it was in his dream and that they cannot kill him because of what it may contain, according to his dream. While looking over Hawk's map, Frank focuses on many mysterious symbols, including a campfire and black corn - Hawk says the fire represents a modern-day utility such as electricity, the black corn represents sustenance, and the two can be combined to create “black fire”. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Season "Part 11" is the eleventh episode of the 2017 series of Twin Peaks and the forty-first episode of the franchise as a whole. Hank searches the stranger's wallet to find that he is not M.T. Albert then finds what he presumes to be Ruth Davenport's body And takes a picture of numbers written down her arm Diane sees a woodsman approach Macklay's car, but stays silent. He says next time, he will take Hank's head off, then smashes Hank's flashlight. At Lucky 7 Insurance, Bushnell Mullins calls "Dougie" into his office and Phil Bisby brings him along with coffee. All hell breaks loose in Part 11 of Twin Peaks: The Return, an hour about a world hurtling toward psychotic break. Prev Harold then says that people from the outside tell him their stories. Carl sees her and whistles for Bill to ride back into town. Do … Donna picks up a tray from the Double R Diner and Hank compliments her. Judge Sternwood enters the stationhouse and gives Lucy a hug. 374. They have another toast and Candie brings another piece of pie to Cooper. Part 11 Directed by: David Lynch Written by: David Lynch & Mark Frost. Harry introduces Cooper to the judge and Dick offers Lucy enough cash to get an abortion. Comic-Con 2017: TWIN PEAKS Panel & Part 11 Sneak Peek Screening Announced by Showtime, Kirsten Foe interview with welcometotwinpeaks, https://twinpeaks.fandom.com/wiki/Part_11?oldid=45178, Unknown performers as two boys playing catch. Produced by The judge talks to Leland and tells him that they will raise a glass together in Valhalla. Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 11. Harold reads from Laura's diary. On his way, Andy bumps into Lucy while carrying a copy of Flesh World. Cooper then asks Harry confidentially for a Bookhouse Boy. He says that the Mitchum brothers called him, wishing to meet with "Dougie" and Mullins prepares a check for the brothers to cover for their hotel, which was brought down by an accidental fire and not arson. Sternwood's beautiful law clerk picks him up to take him to the Winnebago. Aired: July 23, 2017. 4 Harry enters, and the judge asks what his lady trouble is. October 20, 1990 Aired: July 23, 2017. Original airdate Three boys play catch. Spills! Gordon's hand shakes and he requests to see Albert's photo of the coordinates on Ruth's arm. Next After a slower episode last week, things are picking up again in Twin Peaks. 2 He fights Hank and holds his hand as a blood brother. Carl sees her and whistles for Bill to ride back into to… Part 10 Written by 12th As he starts to pass through the vortex, Cole sees a group of woodsmen standing on a staircase before Albert pulls him back and the vortex disappears. Season 3, Episode 11. He asks what the coordinates are, but as Albert answers, they are interrupted by Preston and Macklay bringing donuts and coffee. He shoots Emory and hugs the sobbing Audrey. Episode This news excites Hank, who leaves to pick up flowers, tablecloths, and candles and tells her to ask Big Ed to recommend their diner to any unfamiliar motorists. Gordon and Albert tell them about the woodsman, whom Diane says she might have seen exit Macklay's car. Harry shakes Leland out of a daze and interrogates him about his visit to the hospital. When Pete leaves, Jonathan tells Josie that her business is almost done, and she is expected back in Hong Kong. As one of them goes to retrieve the ball, he sees a bloodied Miriam Sullivancrawling out of the brush. https://twinpeaks.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_11?oldid=44282. Next 11 Andy drops his sperm vial and when he bends over to pick it up. Frank also inquires about a bizarre symbol hovering above the mountains (also found one on the doppelganger's playing card and on Major Briggs' message) but is advised that he does not want to know about it. Spoiler alert: this blog is for Twin Peaks viewers who have seen episode 11 of The Return, showing on Showtime on the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK. Cooper takes notice of the piano player, who begins playing a piece as the lady slot-addict from the Silver Mustang Casino enters with her son Denver, revealing that he inadvertently helped her reconnect with her son and thanks him for it. Hawk and Frank discuss their destination given by Major Briggs. Episode synopsis: There’s … She says she left town because she was afraid and rebukes Harry for his suspicions. or: Laura's Secret Diary The prosecutor has not arrived, so Leland will spend the night in jail.

Icons Showing As White Squares, St Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Serum, Canned Salmon Wrap, A Fluoride Compound May Be Added To Water Why, Technical Engineering Apprenticeship,

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