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Nov 28

Vitamin C is renowned for its beneficial effects on immune health. Fresh greens may be submerged in water and stored in the refrigerator where they keep well for up to 2-3 days. Several studies on dietary nitrates from beets and other vegetables have demonstrated improved exercise performance in athletes (31). (Photo-by. One study on the antioxidant compounds in 12 different cruciferous vegetables found over 40 unique flavonoids, a type of plant chemical, in watercress (1). The mature cress seeds are also edible. Low levels of these carotenoids are associated with heart disease and high blood pressure (19). Watercress: nutrition. Watercress is part of the Brassicaceae family of vegetables, which also includes kale, Brussels sprouts and cabbage (1). its reduction potential properties. Regular inclusion of cress in the diet has been found to prevent osteoporosis, anemia, and vitamin-A deficiency and believed to protect from cardiovascular diseases and colon and prostate cancers. Stanford School of Medicine Cancer information Page-Nutrition to Reduce Cancer Risk. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. In particular, they protect your eyes against damage from blue light (34). Mayo is a popular condiment for sandwiches and often used as a base for salad dressings and sauces. Watercress is an aquatic perennial herb found in abundance alongside slow running waterways and nearby natural springs. provide 47 mg or 72% of RDA of vitamin-C. As an antioxidant, vitamin-C helps trap free-oxygen radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) through Cress leaves can also be steamed and eaten as a vegetable. Visit here for an impressive list of vegetables with complete illustrations of their nutrition facts and Dietary nitrates have also been shown to lower blood pressure by increasing nitric oxide in your blood (22). suggest that the hydrolysis product of gluconasturtiin, 2-phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC), is believed to be cancer preventing by These compounds protect against cancer by safeguarding healthy cells from damage, inactivating carcinogenic chemicals and blocking the growth and spread of tumors (11, 12, 13). Eat these 15 heart-healthy foods to keep your heart in top condition. In a 10-day study in rats with high cholesterol, treatment with watercress extract lowered total cholesterol by 34% and “bad” LDL cholesterol by 53% (23). Fortunately, diets high in antioxidant-rich foods like watercress can help protect against oxidative stress, which may lower your risk of these diseases. Additionally, research demonstrates that the isothiocyanates and sulforaphane found in watercress suppress the growth of breast cancer cells (16, 17). Both watercress and … It is one of the excellent vegetable sources for vitamin-K; 100 g provides over 200% of daily recommended intake. Furthermore, the vitamin C in watercress is associated with a lower risk of developing cataracts as well (35). It is a good source of many important nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, iron and folate. The good: This food is very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. In the stores, purchase thick, broad, succulent and deep green colored fresh leaves. Watercress provides generous amounts of the carotenoid beta carotene. Source: USDA Richest in Vitamin A: 3191IU (64% of DV), Vitamin C: 43mg (48% of DV). In fact, watercress outperformed all other vegetables in this study in terms of total amount of phenols and the ability to neutralize free radicals (1). It’s also a good source of minerals that protect your bones. Studies have shown that high levels of carotenoids not only protect against the development of heart disease but also lower your risk of heart attack and strokes (20). is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure by countering effects of sodium. Centers for Disease control and Prevention, Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), Watercress plant. A review of studies in over 500,000 individuals linked eating cruciferous vegetables to a 16% reduced risk of heart disease (18). Here are 14 of the healthiest leafy green vegetables you…. It contains a plethora of antioxidants, which may lower your risk of heart disease and several types of cancer. Watercress contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidant compounds in the carotenoid family. Isothiocyanates found in watercress have been shown to prevent colon, lung, prostate and skin cancers (9, 10, 14, 15). This article discusses the benefits of lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as…, Here is a detailed review of 8 nutrients that can help maintain proper eye function, protect your eyes from damage and fight the negative effects of…, Packed with nutrients but low in calories, leafy greens are crucial to a wholesome diet. Being a Brassica family vegetable, cress may also contain goitrogens, which may interfere with thyroid hormone production and can cause Turn it into pesto by blending it with garlic and olive oil. Here are the 11 most nutrient dense foods on earth. 100 g of leaves Watercress is low in calories but packs a vast array of nutrients. reason, it tops the list of "powerhouse fruits and vegetables.". (pyridoxine), thiamin and pantothenic acid that are essential for optimum cellular metabolic functions. Oxalic acid is a naturally-occurring substance found in some harmful parasites like flukes and larvae. Once considered a weed, it was first cultivated in the UK in the early 1800s but is now grown in watery beds throughout the world. If you are trying to drop some fat, you should workout and add this nutritious low-calorie vegetable to your diet. Watercress nutrition (100 grams). It's small, oval, and dark green; succulent leaves carry high moisture content. Vitamin-K has a While a considerable amount of research indicates that dietary nitrates may enhance exercise performance, conclusive evidence that watercress improves athletic performance is lacking. It’s an extremely nutrient-dense food — one cup (34 grams) contains only four calories but provides several important nutrients (3). tangy, peppery aroma when squeezed between thumb and index fingers. Watercress also contains dietary nitrates, which boost blood vessel health by reducing inflammation and decreasing the stiffness and thickness of your blood vessels (21). However, to get the most benefits from its active antioxidant compounds, it’s best eaten raw or lightly steamed (36). Watercress is rich in vitamin A (from beta-carotene) and vitamin C, and is a source of folate, calcium, iron and vitamin E. It also contains useful amounts of vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin B6, potassium and iodine and is naturally low in sodium. Nitrates are compounds found naturally in foods such as beets, radishes and leafy green vegetables like watercress (31). Additionally, watercress makes a delicious addition to any meal and is a nice change from the usual lettuce or spinach.

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