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Nov 28

He also learned from the natives that the tree's foliage, which is rich in vitamin C, could be used to treat scurvy, leading to the tree's nickname, "the tree of life.". Redwood trees are grown in California. Customizability: The wood's dense, fine texture provides a neutral, uniform color and tone. Some of the other advantages of western red cedar include: Resistance to decay: Western red cedar is the most decay-resistant cedar, making it great for outdoor construction projects like shakes and shingles. Still viewed largely as a weed tree, large stands of Eastern White Cedar still remain unharvested. It's also important to consider the impact your choice will have on the environment. Western Red Cedar Talking about cedars and arborvitae is somewhat confusing because many of the trees we call "cedar" are actually junipers, arborvitae or some other species altogether. Eastern white cedar's outer sapwood layers are primarily white but have a hint of yellow. Good looking texture: Eastern white cedar has a fine, dense texture and an even grain pattern. Its inner heartwood is mostly pale brown but has occasional red tones. During the inspection, we will honestly evaluate your roof. Northern white-cedar is a slow growing native North American boreal tree with the scientific name Thuja occidentalis. In terms of resistance, western red shingles are good at resisting moisture, which prevents warping. Gene Wengert, technical advisor Native to and primarily grown in British Colombia, Washington and Oregon, this slow-growth timber thrives in the cool, wet and shady environments of the Pacific Northwest forests. Northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is an excellent wood and has been used for lumber, especially in Maine. Its versatility is one of the most appealing aspects of western red cedar. Aroma: It's also loved for its distinct pleasant smell, which makes it great for interior design. This is not the case for Eastern White Cedar. The wood is finely textured, lightweight and makes for an efficient material when it comes to building. Low density and light weight make it easy to cut and shape using hand or power tools. This report will also provide estimates for the recommended repairs. Its pale color makes it appealing — it takes almost any stain, bleach or paint, meaning you can easily customize it to suit your project perfectly. Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) Missouri Botanical Garden. With a color range including reds, ambers, browns and golds, cedar is a naturally beautiful roofing material that provides many practical benefits as well. If left outside unprotected the grain will raise with both of them, more with the red cedar. In the 1500s, Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, wrote about a miraculous tree called "arborvitae," which the native Iroquois and Wabanakis showed him. The choice is still always in the hands of the consumer. In European colonies, settlers even used white cedar to make pipes. Mature Height/spread: Arborvitae (Tree of Life) can grow up to 40-50 ft with a spread of 10-15′. However, white cedar’s oils are stronger. Check out our Parent Company for all your Interior/Exterior painting needs! For that reason, through much of history, white cedar was the preferred choice for building watercraft like canoes and weather-tolerant fences. It is our goal to help you save as much money as possible by maintaining the roof you have — and giving you the curb appeal that your home deserves. After all, they have a lot in common: both have that pleasant aroma we associate with closets and attics, both have a similar face grain and both are valued in exterior and interior building for their exceptional durability and decay resistance. We have therefore chosen to group all of these trees into one "Cedar & Arborvitae" category. © 2017 All Rights Reserved. However, eastern white cedar is still strong enough to meet the needs of most construction projects. Now that you know a considerable amount about each species, you may be wondering which one is better. Eastern white shingles, if left unfinished or unpainted, will turn an elegant silver-gray. A Division of Shoreline Painting & Drywall, Inc. Eastern white cedar and western red cedar are two popular species of wood that, at first glance, you might have a little trouble distinguishing. If you would like a quote for an inspection. All Red Cedar trees coming for Western Canada are grown under a recognized sustainable forest program such as FSC, PEFC or SFI. Cedar is also available from international markets. Our highly experienced roof inspectors will cover your entire roof to identify and photograph all deficiencies they observe and document their findings. For instance, if you live on the West Coast and would like eastern white cedar, which only grows in the East, then the wood will have to be transported a long distance. If you suspect there's a problem with your roof — whether it's just some loose shingles or a more serious issue — we encourage you to get our Full Roof Inspection as soon as possible. The oils found in eastern white cedar are considerably stronger and can last up to a decade longer. We provide professionalism and high-quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Eco-friendliness: Western red cedar shingles are overall more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than eastern white cedar. Color and style: When it comes to colors, shingles provide lots of possibilities. The white cedar is more rot and insect resistant. One choice may cost more and/or have a greater environmental impact. Sustainability: Western red cedar is the most abundant species of cedar and can be sustainably harvested. Resistance and durability: White shingles contain oils that naturally enhance their ability to resist decay and insects — two common threats to wood. Still viewed largely as a weed tree, large stands of Eastern White Cedar still remain unharvested. White cedar fences typically last longer than red cedar fences do, often as much as 10 years longer. Some are deep brown, whereas others are light yellow-gold. Strength is 45,000 psi versus 61,000. Arborvitae is another name for the tree in its cultivated and commercially grown from which is planted in yards and landscapes throughout the United States. If you would like a quote for an inspection, fill out our contact form or call us at (203) 847-5740. This is not the case for Eastern White Cedar. Ontario Trees & Shrubs. Eastern white shingles can be painted in any color you desire, as they absorb paint very easily. Well I think it is time to put an end to this controversy. Compared to the western red cedar, which can grow up to 200 feet tall, the eastern white cedar only reaches 30 to 60 feet. Eastern White Cedar vs. Western Red Cedar: What's The Difference? One of the most common uses of cedar is for roofing, which offers a unique look for the exterior or a home. The heartwood, however, retains the characteristic blushed-red color that cedar is associated with. The species replenishes itself in approximately 35 years, allowing for sustainable harvesting. Eastern white cedar and western red cedar are very different trees. Redwood has a reddish-brown color in appearance. You will find that getting an inspection can end up saving you lots of money in repairs in the long run. CEDAR ROOF COATINGS, llc. Because red cedar shingles are more durable, they don't need as much maintenance and, if properly installed, can last for several lifetimes. The answer will depend on your application, the look you're trying to achieve, and your project's size. Eastern white cedar tends to last longer. Not only does this mean you can easily customize your white cedar roof to match the rest of your house, but the stain or paint you put on the shingles will help protect them from the elements. In addition, it contains more knots. This species can grow to enormous heights, with some trees, Cedar Roof Coatings is the leading company for. Versatility: It can be used to make a project more contemporary or traditional, depending on the project's design and the character of the wood. ; There had been dry seasons, accumulations of dust, wind-blown seeds, and cedars rose wonderfully out of solid rock. Used on residences and commercial buildings around the world, cedar roofing is available in shingles, shakes and hip and ridge unit formats. Western red shingles, which cannot be painted, have a rich color in their natural state. Northern white cedar also called swamp cedar is an evergreen species of conifers found in eastern Canada and many places in the United States. All Red Cedar trees coming for Western Canada are grown under a recognized sustainable forest program such as FSC, PEFC or SFI. Since its barks, twigs, and sap are believed to have medicinal properties, it is named “arborvitae” in Latin, meaning “tree of life.” Although northern white cedar is closely related to western […] The western cedar is not a true cedar, it is actually a juniper. Here are some factors that may make one choice better than the other: Western red cedar is available in larger pieces.

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