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Nov 28

Tried a DVD - same result. I can’t thank you enough. A quick search for this odd problem that had me frustrated led me to your advice and what appears to be a solution! Just blew into the jack and it was working again…. your bounce rate the further down the search results your posts and pages will Jdsmoothie, when i hit 5ch/7ch, there is no sound. I may not know much about cabling, electronics etc. Whoop! As soon as I saw your post I thought “‘H/P Input On,” that was it!” A little compressed air into the headphone jack and I’m good to go. WOW! Then because I jacked with all the settings before this the audio worked and then I had no picture on the TV so I followed the reset factory settings (page 57) and everything is working now. I nearly pulled all my hair out trying to figure this out. A million thank yous for taking the time to post the solution so others could benefit from it. I been working on the issue for 4 days. It just happened again and with your wisdom, problem solved in 30 seconds. Thank you so much for taking the time to post it so that others would not undergo the frustration and expense of having to tear down their systems, send the Denon back to a tech, then reconnect everything when none of that is necessary. Adam, I have been a home theater dealer for 30 years and to think a simple ‘blow job’ would save me hundreds of dollars in service calls is nuts but effective!! Maybe Puff the Magic Dragon was really about CPR for Denon?! Denon website was no help. Crazy. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. My first thought was something wrong with the amps and I was starting to curse at Denon. Did not think this would work but it worked instantly. The others have said it all, but allow me to reiterate my amazement and laughter when I read your post. Read the manual cover to cover, reset the unit multiple times. Hi, I lost 1 hour, reset Denon and nothing. There was no indication that there was anything related to headphones going on. you rock! Your fix saved me at least $500 and an entire day of re-setting up my system for no reason. it looked taken care of. I just blew out the jack and the volume is back!!!! I have a denon 1908 and it took me a while before I had configured the receiver by assigning the different inputs I had going into it. Unbelievable. Thanks again. Mucho gracias!!!! I was ready to throw the damn thing out. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put in the headphones and it worked, then pulled it out and wallah it worked again!!!! Add me to the list of grateful people who appreciate your techno savy and kindness in sharing what you discovered. Thank you so much Adam! My denon all of a sudden went out, video but no sound. I assumed the 4802 was failing and decided to order a new AVRX4200W. … and again on 09DEC15 your insight has saved the day! Thank you so much. Acorns, Shift, Dropbox, Greylock Partners, Wealthfront, LinkedIn, eBay, Apple. You’re the man! But I am still blown away that it was as simple as that. I have a Denon AVR-1609 and it solved my problem. It solved the problem on Denon Avr 1610 in Italy too. You’re a life saver! Thank you soo much. You just save me a a lot more aggravation and probably a few hundred bucks in repair. It worked like a charm for me as well. Blowing into the headphone jack did not do the trick, but once I looked around and dug up a 1/4″ headphone jack, pushed it in, twisted it a few times, and pulled it out, I was back to normal! You are my life saviour! Thank you for help. Finally I decided to type Denon H/P input into Google. After 15 minutes of farting around with it and giving up. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thank you Adam, I believe I owe you case of beer. Your solution help me and it works. no dust. I decided to research and discovered what you suggested; gave it a try and bamm! I did every thing that I could think of but no success. Thank you very much for this post!! So simple, yet who would have thought of that? Add me to the list of people who just saved $1000 by not buying a new receiver, and taking 10 seconds to blow the dust out of the headphone jack. The subwoofer does not work on my Dennon. Tech had me halfway convinced that the unit was broken and that replacement was my best option. Should our paths cross, drinks are on me. This post still alive for 5 years because Denon used faulty jack which should be recalled. I was about to dump my AVR-X1000 for a different brand because of this continuing annoyance! Dude – You have solved my mystery sound problem. It was clicking on and off while I was reading this, so I got up and blew in the headphone jack, and the sound came on immediately. I had a new Onkyo receiver (will not buy a Denon again) in my cart ready to finalize and decided to search again for possible solutions. You are the Man, I did everything else, even talked to the dumb asses at Best Buy and they said to bring in the unit for service. As everyone above has said. Thank you! Denon- in my receiver which you made first failed video pass thru, now I used it just for sound and happen this. Thanks for posting this – first result that came up on Google, solved my problem! We went without sound for 2 days waiting for Geek Squad who was going to charge $180 just for the call! The higher The technician said to my husband "I know this will sound crazy, but blow into the headphone jack as hard as you can." I was able to quickly ascertain that the issue was the Denon AVR-1410 – our A/V Receiver. Thank you very much! We've had that happen twice though when we have the cable remote in AUX mode and then the sound suddenly goes out. other speakers had no sound. Thank You for posting this! • Check that a selection other than "None" is set for the "Speaker Config." I put in a movie this morning and was surprised that it would not play, even though the TV and CD functions played just fine. Figured, do a search and this blog popped up. Truly amazing and I am very grateful to you! Baileyannesmom thank you, thank you, thank you! To output from the TV, set "TV". Fixed in less than 15 seconds!

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