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Nov 28

The Pegasus 37 is a reliable daily trainer that can do it all. I am no stranger to Pegasus shoes. Didn’t start happening until about 40 or so miles on shoes and after 80 or so miles went away probably because the skin is now thicker and tougher. While React foam has been been around for several years it is new to the Pegasus. Loved my 35’s, 36’s were ok but sold the 37’s on eBay after 40 miles – not a fan at all. This shoe grips everything and I even found it better on trails than the WildHorse that I recently tested. We place and use different types of cookies for the following purposes: On these and other websites owned by RSG Media BV we use cookies and other similar techniques. By giving your consent below, you agree that we place and read cookies on all our websites (see this overview) and combine these collected data. Thanks. Cushioning. I am normally a trail runner more than street because my body seems to get a bit beat up on the road, and I really didn’t feel like I took a lot of impact with this shoe.”. The woman’s version is so much better, softer, transitions better, more breathable upper, wider forefoot air zoom unit works better as slow paces as well as only 15 psi not 20. I fear they have made these in to a racer feel shoe instead of a all rounder like the rest of the pegs, lucky I’ve still got a couple of 36s and one pair of 35s react and turbos to run in I’m thinking of going back to kinvaras. Brilliant! John K., tester since 2020Arch height: Flat | Pronation: Overpronator | Footstrike: Midfoot. Does it make the insole softer so the chafing stops? Lumpy forefoot feeling & dreadfully cramped and shallow toebox – recently bought some Ride 13’s – so much better in terms of upper, fit and midsole feel. Gives me blisters on the inside of my arch on longer runs. To collect and analyze statistics to improve the experience on our websites and the effectiveness of advertisements. As is the case for myself and many others I found the forefoot a little narrow/tight; However, the mesh of the upper seems to have saved the day , and after about the first 10 miles the toe box opened up a bit making it tolerable. Tread wear is exceptional as well as construction. The air unit is now just in the forefoot, but it’s twice as big as previous iterations for extra snap. It’s still early and there will be more shoes to test, but right now the Pegasus 37 is most certainly going to be a “daily trainer of the year” front runner. This is an area of contention for me and often times can be a real deal breaker with a shoe, but with the 37 the more miles I put on the more this improved. Conclusion The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is every bit the classic everyday trainer you’ve come to know and love but with a few major updates. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Hi, Expert score. What is new is the more responsive ride that feels futuristic when compared to Cushlon. Social cookies: Would love to see longer laces and wider toe box. No complain. I’ll stick to my beloved Turbo 2. 10 mm. The resulting shoe hits a sweet spot that so many trainers strive for. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Any thoughts, recommendations, or ideas as to why I am having this problem? THOMAS: This is the shoe I was looking for and didn’t know it. To make our websites work as intended. Every month we give away a pair of running shoes to a lucky reader! That said Zoom Air is still a major component of this midsole, but it too has a major shift in design. Shoe type. And we can report that the update is a great one, subtly improving on an already excellent all-rounder without putting a foot wrong. The bag is now 10mm thick, up from 4mm in the 36, and tuned with 15psi of air for the women and 20 psi for the men providing the women with the softer ride they prefer. Heel Drop. But more on that in the review – enjoy the read! The cushion is plush and there is lots of it, but the shoe is quite heavy and bulky. What I really liked was that the responsiveness is just as consistent weather I was running fast or slow. True to form, the Pegasus 37 has a narrow fit. Nike has largely balked the trend of deleting outsole rubber in favor of weight savings, and we tend to appreciate that: A few millimeters of rubber at every point of the shoe that touches the pavement usually improves the ride and makes us feel more surefooted over sketchy terrain. Cushioning. Durable midsole and outsole capable of withstanding many miles. Click Accept to continue. I tried the men’s version (10.5), little bit hard on forefoot, inflexible tight forefoot , air zoom uncomfortable give it 3 stars. The importance of this plays into the tuning of the Zoom unit which is gender specific in the Pegasus 37. Great sole, but the upper is awful. Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 Conclusions 37 iterations of a shoe is very impressive and really a testament of how reliable, well designed, and loved the Pegasus is. “[The shoe] had a great cushioned ride that didn’t feel slow or sloppy. Feels very heavy and stiff. Zoom Pegasus 37 review. When Nike started the update on the Pegasus they began to look at the preferences between men and women. The Pegasus 37 is a reliable daily trainer … Nike filled the men’s Pegasus to about 20psi and the women’s to about 15 psi to reduce stiffness. Testers love the flexible feel and bouncy combination of the burlier Zoom … A new React foam midsole adds 2mm to the stack. Zoom Pegasus 36 review. Thicker midsole, now with React foam, provides bottomless cushioning, Forefoot air unit delivers springy toe-off. Steve. 10 mm. The reliable neutral daily trainer has a major remake for the 2020 edition, but with everything different that has made it successful is still the same. Hated my Peg37. A lighter, denser, and more translucent mesh forms the base of the new upper. The most significant change is in the midsole with a shift to React Foam. Expert score. Expert score. A lighter and more translucent upper make it closer to the Turbo with a more airy, breathable feel. Fine when you’re pushing but awful otherwise also laces barely go over the tongue when lock laced, Heel slipping is annoying.. and the shoe size is ok … the old reliable has become unreliable . Not working for me. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think this is a good long run shoe. I could easily get over 1000 miles out of it. Did you replace the insoles? Flywire lacing has been replaced with wide straps. The switch ... (Read expert review) $119.00. Because of that in think Pegasus 37 is not a long distance shoe for some people. Worst sprain in years. This durable shoe cushions impact well and really leaves me with a general feeling that I could run more, even when I am finished with longer runs. The shoe has almost a racing fit, but still feels comfortable for the everyday. The Pegasus 37 is a reliable daily trainer that can do it all. Nike nailed the cushioning system of the new Air Zoom Pegasus 37. This is a super well cushioned element that was dense and responsive at slower paces and really “popped” into action when my pace picked up especially going down hill. The last good Nike running shoes are Pegasus 33 and Elite 10, i got the same problem but i washed the insoles and this stopped. At the rear, you get an upturned collar with extra padding behind the Achilles, helping keep your heel stuck to the footbed. Undoubtedly the most famous part of the Pegasus has been the Air Zoom unit. My feet hurt after every run. We purchased a pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 at running warehouse with our own money. Grip was excellent, giving us no problems on wet and dry pavement and gravel. Also have blisters, on my left foot inner arch. I give the woman’s version 5 stars. While the bag is not a carbon plate the pillow added a very attractive pop in the toe off of the shoe. The midsole is all new, with springy React foam instead of Cushlon ST and a forefoot air unit—a pocket of air within the midsole. Same here. This has piqued my excitement for the new Nike Pegasus 37 even more, as it is packed with Nike’s awesome React foam in the entire midsole. I cannot believe this, but I am considering taking them back to Nike, which would be a first.

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