Oct 21

Hey everyone!

Filmaka has just debuted Filmaka Frights! For the last few days of this Halloween season these films will delight you, terrify you, and make you scream like a cheerleader. Watch them if you dare!

So in celebration of  the start of the holiday season I thought we would take a sneak peak into just an ordinary day at Filmaka.

Upon entering our office you will be greeted by our secretary, Eunice.

She is always there, watching...

She is always there, watching...

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Oct 20

Last Chance to Enter Feature Film Competition!

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This is it – the big she-bang, the grand finale. It’s our final theme of the Feature Film Competition. If you’d like to submit a few shorts and get picked to direct your own fully-funded, fully-produced feature, don’t delay – start charging your camera batteries!


Every month, from over 100 submissions, 10 Peer to Peer Winners and 5 to 10 Filmaka Selections are chosen as Entry Level Winners. Each gets $500 and the opportunity to make another film – a Jury Level submission – for which they will receive $1000 funding. TThe Jury Level films are judged by our FILMAKA JURY of world-class film professionals. Three Jury Level Winners are chosen from each theme, and at the end of the year, all Jury Winners compete in the final showdown.

Our final round theme is…


The theme is…every previous theme. That’s right – you can submit a film that relates to ANY of the previous themes for the 2008-2009 competition. They are:

      Race Against the Clock          The Other Side
      Smoke and Mirrors                 Hard Times
      Fresh Start                                  The Party
      Pros and Con Games               The First Day
      On the Road                               Truth or Dare
      Help Wanted                              Behind Closed Doors

If you’ve got a film on your hard drive that you didn’t finish in time to submit to a previous theme, now’s the time to finish it and get it down that modem line to us! PLEASE NOTE: YOU CAN NOT RE-SUBMIT THE SAME FILM YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED TO A PREVIOUS THEME. Your submission to this short film competition must be original. Re-submissions will be disqualified.

You have until DECEMBER 1, 2009, AT 24:00 HOURS to upload your short film to the WILD CARD competition. Be sure to read and follow the DELIVERY RULES and TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you submit.

So print that script, call the crew, and start laying down some bytes!


Oct 12

Bill Pullman Opens on Broadway

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Filmaka Jury member, Bill Pullman, opened on Broadway last night in David Mamet’s play OLEANNA.

Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles on Broadway

Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles on Broadway

Pullman’s open demeanor, a countenance that morphs into desperation, is just right for this professor, whose world — academic, financial and personal — is unraveling around him.

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Oct 05

Hey everyone!

This Thursday, October 8th, Director Azhur Saleem and Producer James Boyle will give a talk about their experiences as independent filmmakers. Come and join the discussion at:

Mac store

1248 Third Street Promenade

Santa Monica, CA

6-8 pm

Also, here is a sneak peek at their new film:

The Marionette Unit – Inception Trailer from Fun Size Studios on Vimeo.

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Oct 05

poppiesRagbrai is so vast, how on earth do we capture it? To tackle this dilemma, I adopted a notion I have always embraced–every moment is like a piece of a hologram containing within it the whole–meant that, we could cover a “piece” of each key element and it would reflect the whole. With this approach, things started looking somewhat more manageable. We would choose those “pieces of the hologram” or in some cases, they would choose us.

blowfish-riderProducers Susie Gorrell and Talia Shakur-Rodriguez focused on narrowing down the list of riders. Steph Cambell, our head DP along with consultant Chris Blanch worked with me to narrow down sections of the 400 mile route that we would focus on based on beauty, clear passage, diversity of “look”, and unique interest (animals, barn, etc.). And I narrowed down what town elements and town people we would cover along with who we would cover to set the groundwork of the ride.

Here a list of the hologram pieces we collectively chose to focus on:

10 primary riders (5 of them where part of a team called Team Gnarley–we felt it was important to cover a team as well as individuals)
8 secondary secondary riders
20+ sections of road
9 various town “elements” including pie making, cement pouring, ballooning, light weight airplanes flyers, safety preparations, trains passing, hometown bands, etc.
5 or so towns’ spokes people
John Karras, co-founder Ragbrai
T.J. Juskiewicz, coordinator of Ragbrai
Unique & quirky people “catch as you can”
Vast Landscapes
Tiny moments: a bird flying by, an insect landing on a flower

I conferred with our head DP Stephen Cambell who is stationed in Florida and was shooting on a feature during our 0a2v3893prep. We determined that we would need and array of cameras strategically assigned. We would have three fully equipped camera units with camera crew, sound and a PA. We would have lipstick camera mounted on helmets, handle bars, and various other moving pieces. I thought it would be cool to give some of our subjects consumer cameras to document their own stories when we couldn’t be with them.

Our line producer Bernie Cassar struggled to bring all these pieces together within our budget, but I really felt this was the bare minimum we needed to get the kind of coverage we needed and Steve and I did our best to come up with cameras that would serve our needs and fit within the budget. We ended up with four different type of cameras all to be used for very distinct and specific purposes. The camera units would also be assigned distinct and specific purposes. And as it turned out, this was a fantastic strategy.