Oct 21

Hey everyone!

Filmaka has just debuted Filmaka Frights! For the last few days of this Halloween season these films will delight you, terrify you, and make you scream like a cheerleader. Watch them if you dare!

So in celebration of  the start of the holiday season I thought we would take a sneak peak into just an ordinary day at Filmaka.

Upon entering our office you will be greeted by our secretary, Eunice.

She is always there, watching...

She is always there, watching...

Be nice to Eunice, she may look like a harmless old lady but you don’t want to be on her bad side.

Me, Ryan, and an old Filmaka Member

Me, Ryan, and an old Filmaka Member.

After that you will probably run into me and Ryan. Ryan looks a little bit different then usual. He doesn’t usually wear those glasses.

A candid moment.

A candid moment.

And here is Carolyn and Jason, I caught them in a heated discussion about a future Filmaka project. Don’t worry the blood on their clothes is not theirs, its just some filmmakers.


Human parts, wizards hair, mice. Mmmmm sounds like someone is making a salad!

Once you have done the rounds, I suggest going into the Filmaka kitchen for something to eat.


Hes just..umm...sleeping...yes, sleeping

So if you are ever in the area, come on down. Its always a good idea to pay your respect….um i mean…visit other filmmakers.


It was bring your weapon to work day.

We will be waiting for you.

Happy Halloween!!

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