Apr 14

discover_hpHello Filmakas!

What would you do with a million dollars? Probably make a film right? Well hold your horses! Filmaka has teamed up with Discover for a brand new branded competition.  Pitch us your ideas for a 2-3 minute film that depicts how winning one million dollars would change someone’s life for the better, and you could win $ 15,000 USD. The finished films will be used to support Discover Card’s Everyday Giveaway where one lucky card user wins a $ 1,000,000 USD grand prize. That means that winning films will be seen by millions of people across a host of mass media outlets – online banners, pre-roll, in-store, and on TV.

All pitches must be received by Sunday, May 2nd at MIDNIGHT PST.

Check out the film here:

Go to Filmaka.com to find out how to enter!

Apr 02

Fellow Filmaka’s!

Varda Hardy has done it again. “What Kind Of Planet Are We On?” is her new film created for Rock for Equality Campaign. It has been selected by YOUTUBE & Honorable Judges as one of the top 16 finalists (out of 750) for best and most innovative non-profit videos on YOUTUBE!

For the next 7 days, the public is invited to vote on the top four videos which will then be posted on the youtube home page!

Please VOTE HERE and encourage others to vote for “What Kind Of Planet Are We On?”

Support Your fellow Filmaka!!!