Aug 12
Wim Wenders

WIm Wenders

Lesley Gilb Taplin interviews Filmaka Jury member Wim Wenders about the importance of locations and how they are reflected in his work. He also talks about his two latest films shot in the Los Angeles Art District.

Some Excerpts…

About each location having a story to tell:

WW: Indeed. There’s little I can add. PARIS, TEXAS started by the desire to explore the American West from scratch. WINGS OF DESIRE was a way to describe the city of Berlin in the most complex way possible. BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB was also a discovery of Havana, as END OF VIOLENCE was a portrait of Los Angeles…

About working in the busy city of Los Angeles:

WW: We certainly didn’t disturb anybody. We didn’t even stop traffic, but went with whatever happened in the streets. Which wasn’t easy. This was NOT a documentary, but a fictional story. Actually, we were treated very friendly by the locals, the residents as well as the homeless. I remember one guy looking out of his tent, shaking his head: “Man, you ARE low budget!” I feel we were able to capture the atmosphere of Downtown LA much better with our small unobtrusive digital equipment than any film camera would have ever allowed us.

You can read the whole interview HERE

Aug 12

SHOOT’s “Directors Showcase” Honors Two Filmakas Part 3

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Ian and Varda

Ian and Varda

Shoot’s New Director’s Showcase Screening, New Director’s Panel and After Party followed the symposium. Filmaka member, Ian Allen Lim was also selected to be part of this incredible event and he flew in from Puerto Rico to attend. Ian’s film, a Filmaka Feature Film Competiton entry entitled “Annie” was the most dramatic entry of the Showcase. It’s a beautiful piece. Both Ian and I were selected to be part of the six member New Director’s Panel which closed the event. (Filmaka was definitely well represented on this incredible day.)

During the panel, I spoke about how I started making my films with family members, my friends and now how I reach out to the incredibly talented and skilled professional cast and crew who I love to collaborate with. I emphasized my commitment to creating the best work I can no matter what. You know what I mean? I mean literally “no holds back” to make sure I’m creating something that really is a contribution…aesthetically, emotionally, viscerally. Creating art. I believe it is this very commitment that has enabled me and the other writer/directors showcased at this event to “stand out from the crowd”.

Ultimately, I am honored and humbled to be included amongst such an imaginative, innovative, skilled and determined group of directors. And I’m going to watch their work again and again. So much to learn here:

My deepest gratitude goes out to Filmaka Community for creating opportunity for me and my fellow filmmakers to do what we love to do, make films.