Jun 02

Hard Times, DIRECTV Competitions: The Latest

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Hey, this is Jason from Filmaka.

I just wanted to give you an update that Filmaka has sent DIRECTV all of your pitches. Having read more than half of them (and I promise to read the rest in the next day or two), I can say “WOW”. We’ve done quite a few of these projects (Lincoln, Mustang, Cisco, Red Bull, Miller, etc) but each of them is unique in its own way. One thing that is always consistent, though, is your creativity. Although the pitches did contain some common themes (family, couples), they all had some unique characteristics. Thanks again for making us proud. What happens next? Well, DIRECTV will take about a week to review the pitches as well as your previous work (which is why keeping your Filmaka profile up-to-date is so important). We’ll certainly weigh in with our thoughts but, ultimately, the final decision rests with DIRECTV. Stay tuned.

As for the Digital Rights Group UK-sponsored “Hard Times” competition, we hope to announce the Entry Level Winners within the next week. Filmmakers selected their top ten and now it’s DRG and Filmaka’s turn. We like to announce them all at once so everyone has the same amount of time to produce their second film.


May 13

Your Vote Can Turn Hard Times into Good Times

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170 filmmakers did their part – now it’s time to do yours.

Hard Times

Hard Times

Your member votes will determine 10 of the filmakas who win $500 and proceed to the Jury Level of the HARD TIMES competition! That’s the round voted on by the likes of Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, Zak Penn, and other industry leaders. We have extended voting to TWO WEEKS to give you all a chance to watch more than 170 entries! You now have until MAY 19 to cast your votes. Remember, if you submitted to this theme, you have to vote or you’ll be disqualified. This month’s FEATURE FILM COMPETITION is sponsored by the DIGITAL RIGHTS GROUP UK, a leading multiplatform content distributor based in the UK, who will be taking a sneak peek at your entries for possible series development!

This was the biggest response ever to a Filmaka short film competition so THANK YOU everyone and GOOD LUCK.