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Jun 30

Mexican Filmmakers Visit Filmaka

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Roy, Ramses, and Jonathan Calderon

Roy, Ramses, and Jonathan Calderon

The talented Calderons, three brothers who live in or near Tijuana, Mexico, drove to Los Angeles this past weekend to help their sister move and to have lunch with Filmaka’s Jason and Carolyn.   Roy is a director, a 2008/09 Filmaka Feature Film Competition finalist.   Ramses is a producer and actor who has appeared in many of Roy’s films, including a new one entered in our “Smoke and Mirrors” competition.   Jonathan is a musician.    Lunch was at Grub, a restaurant just blocks away from Paramount Studios.   The guys were excited to see Yeardley Smith, who plays Lisa on The Simpsons.   It was great meeting you guys and we look forward to seeing more of your creativity.