Apr 29

DIRECTV is looking for exciting, entertaining, 2-4 minute films (in HD) that capture and articulate the DIRECTV selling points and help raise the profile of the brand.

Be sure to check out the interview with Jon Gieselman, Senior Vice President of Advertising and Public Relations, in the video player below. He tells you exactly what DIRECTV wants in your film.


DIRECTV is looking for films in HD, under four minutes, that tell a story in which their services appear and play an integral part. They aren’t looking for hit-you-over-the-head commercials, but rather a story that is entertaining on its own in which DIRECTV is integrated. Remember, this is a scripted competition with a narrative story and interesting characters. Please note, you must be a US resident to submit to this competition.

Who uses DIRECTV? Why should they start using it now?

People are making smart choices on how to spend their time and money. Instead of heading off to see the biggest stars in theaters or catching their favorite team at the stadium, they are choosing to stay at home with their friends and family with DIRECTV. Who says they have to miss those blockbusters? With DIRECTV, they can watch all their favorite stars in blockbusters On Demand, and watch with all their friends and family —without paying $7 for a bucket of popcorn. They can catch every NFL Sunday football game, plus get behind-the-scenes looks into the league they can’t get sitting in the nosebleed seats.

And then there’s the technology. With DIRECTV, they could have a cutting-edge interface with some of the fastest search mechanisms in TV, plus the ability to schedule their DVR remotely by phone or computer from anywhere in the world.
How’s that for something to play with?


We’re asking you to create a film…you give us a pitch we like, and we’ll fund your production. Your pitch should be three to seven pages long. We suggest you include:

1. A script of 2 to 4 pages.
2. Storyboards and/or mood board (optional but recommended).
3. A budget breakdown.
4. Links where we can view your work as a director, if you intend to shoot this script yourself.
5. Current phone numbers and an e-mail address where we can reach you.

Remember, DIRECTV’s customers are in the United States, so your submission should target that sensibility. In addition, only legal US residents may submit to this competition.

PITCHES ARE DUE Monday, May 25, by 24:00 PST.


DIRECTV will select 20 filmmakers and greenlight their pitches.

Each filmmaker will receive $5,000 and have four to five weeks to shoot and edit their script. Productions MUST be shot in High Definition Video for this competition. DIRECTV is known for its crisp, quality picture, and winning films may be shown on DIRECTV itself! If you have a great pitch but are not able to shoot in HD, let us know and, if your pitch is greenlit, we can pair you with an experienced Filmaka director who has access to HD equipment.


From the 20 completed films, DIRECTV will select 10 winners:
•   1st place – $15,000 cash prize and the opportunity to introduce your winning film on DIRECTV
•   2nd place – $10,000 cash prize
•   3rd place – $7,500 cash prize
•   Runners-up 4-10 – $2,500 cash prize

Winning films will be used for online viewing as well as, potentially, on DIRECTV.
This is your chance to have your production funded and possibly have your film seen on television.

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