Jul 07

Ally Polly

Ally Polly

An all day symposium preceded the evening showcase. Allison Polly Filmaka’s Head of Strategy/Brand Partnerships was on the opening panel. She spoke about the Filmaka community as a vast pool of talent ready to work with brands to create films. I was happy to hear that she is working hard to bring up the budgets and is determined to do so as our community of writer/directors becomes more appreciated and valued by brands and advertising agencies. Ally screened Filmaka’s Brett Wagner’s Direct TV winning entry “Crystal”. It looked great screened on the big screen and was well received.

The day continued to unfold with a series of panels ranging from discussions about the latest digital camera technologies, agency expectations of new directors and the musings of the incredible cinematographer Caleb Deschanel. I loved the way Caleb spoke of his work as an “art form”. He clearly treasures the nuances of filmmaking. He mused over the richness of shadows and hits of light. He recollected the talents of actors he worked with, and was so appreciative of his mentors. He was breathlessly inspiring.

Jun 07

Filmaka members Varda Hardy and Ian Allen Lim have been selected for SHOOT magazinesNew Directors Showcase.” They flew to New York to participate on a Panel with other up in coming directors and Varda tells us all about it!


New Directors Showcase Directors Ian Allen Lim, Oliver Power, Bill Bruce, Alex Beh, Varda Hardy and Lora Schulson, co-executive director of content production for Y & R New York

I noticed Filmaka’s Jason Haikara’s Facebook Posting announcing Shoot Magazine’s “New Director’s Showcase”. Filmaka member, Jonathan Newman had been selected to be showcased last year and good things came to him from this honor, so I paid attention to Jason’s posting. I submitted two of my projects “Race to the Sky” and “What Kind Of Planet Are We On?” just making SHOOTS’s deadline by the skin of my teeth.

Two weeks later, when checking my e-mail, I discovered a note from Roberta Griefer, publisher of SHOOT Magazine. When I read it, I actually gasped. Roberta was congratulating me on being selected for SHOOT’s New Director’s 8th Annual Showcase. Wow! “SHOOT” is a highly respected advertising/commercial production industry magazine and since I very much want to make commercials, I found this honor especially exciting!

I flew to New York for this event and was accompanied by LiveTribe Productions Executive Producer Karen Lavender and Producer Jamie Bullock both of whom play key roles in many of my projects including “What Kind Of Planet Are We On?” which was screened as part of this event. Kate Salvino representing Current Content Creation (whom I’ve recently signed with) also flew in from L.A.. Between the three of them, I was surrounded by smart & beautiful company.

…Stay Tuned for Part 2!