Jun 22

Playing Catch Up: Filmaka Updates

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Well, thanks to Filmaka’s Nicole, we have figured out our technical problems so watch this space for more frequent blogs.

Here’s what’s been going on since our last blog:

* NEW HOME PAGE: Here’s a shout-out to our designer Ryan and our India-based development team based.   Congrats on doing such a great job with the new Filmaka.com home page.    Since our April 2008 launch, we have received some great suggestions from the Filmaka community about how to tweak our website.   One of the main suggestions involved re-organizing the information to make the benefits to community members easier to understand at a glance.  That’s why we now have three primary areas:   Make a Movie (our feature and documentary competition), Join the Community (member discounts, member success stories), and Get a Job (working with brands and agencies or jobs our members received because of their Filmaka work).   We hope you like these changes and, if you have other ideas, e-mail us here or at info@filmaka.com

* FILMAKAS ROCKED THE WEBBYS: Our talented team from Mexico City – Luis, Arturo, and Rodrigo – flew to the Big Apple to attend the 13th Annual Webby Awards with Filmaka’s Allison Polly and Jana Augsberger (who was an early champion of their work and who greenlit their Best Drama Series THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA .   Check out the photo of the guys with Webby host Seth Myers on the Filmaka home page.   You’ll be hearing from them in their own words very soon.

* THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA NOW ON YOUTUBE: YouTube, one of the sponsors of The Webbys, was so impressed with TEN COMMANDMENTS, that it’s now being featured in its new “Show” section along with TV series such as Weeds and Star Trek.

* FILMAKA’S YOU TUBE CHANNEL: TEN COMMANDMENTS also has its own “playlist” on our YouTube Channel which Filmaka’s Nicole, Jason, and Craig have been working hard to revamp.   Check it out and help spread the word (send to your friends on Facebook!)    We look at this Channel as a great way to bring attention to our members’ best work.   You’ll see we have created “playlists” for several web series as well as short films, branded entertainment, and even jury interviews.   We’ll be adding a lot more content in the near future, including documentaries.

* DIRECTV STATUS:    Thanks to everyone who submitted to the DIRECTV FILM CHALLENGE.    As we mentioned a couple weeks back, DIRECTV requested additional time to review your entries.   They were extremely impressed with everyone’s hard work.  We expect to speak with DIRECTV any day and will keep you posted.

I am sure there’s more but, if I don’t stop now, this will be the longest blog entry ever.

May 23

SHOOT names Jonathan Newman to New Directors Showcase . . . and more

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Hello, everyone. Jason from Filmaka here.

We are having some technical issues with our blog which is why our postings have not included photos and videos in a couple weeks. We are working hard to fix that problem.

Johathan Newman

Johathan Newman

The biggest news at Filmaka this week is that SHOOT named JONATHAN NEWMAN to its New Director’s Showcase. Jonathan, as you may recall, was the winner of Filmaka’s FORD MUSTANG STORIES competition and SHOOT selected him because of his Mustang film “Father’s Day.” Jonathan is flying from London to New York to attend the reception at the DGA. We’ll be posting updates from Jonathan’s trip. Congrats, Jonathan!

The Filmaka staff – and many of you! – have been busy getting ready for the DIRECTV Film Challenge. Pitches are due this Monday 5/25 so, if you have any free time over Memorial Day weekend, this could be worth your while. Twenty semi-finalists will be awarded $5,000 each to turn their pitch into a film. After a month of production, ten winners will be awarded $50K, with the top winner receiving $15K. Check out http://www.filmaka.com/directv

Our Webby Award winners from Mexico City, Luis, Rodrigo, and Arturo are hard at work publicizing their success in Mexico – several articles and a radio interview so far. In a couple weeks, they’ll head to New York with Filmaka’s Jana Augsberger and Allison Polly to accept their Webby Award for Best Drama Series (THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA).

Filmaka had a meeting with a potential new client – always looking for opportunities for our members – and we’re working on some exciting changes to our website.

Finally, we have also been working on an experimental project. We’ll fill you in as soon as we can.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend, everyone.


May 13

Filmaka’s Ten Commandments Wins Webby for Best Drama Series

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Filmaka received some really big news last week – THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA won the WEBBY AWARD for BEST DRAMA SERIES. We are very excited about this huge honor, not only for ourselves, but also – and primarily for – the creative team behind the series: Luis Bernal Salazar, Rodrigo Lopez Aldana, and Arturo Gonzalez Alonso. We have gotten to know these guys very well over the past two years. They really poured their hearts and souls into the creation of this web series – almost getting arrested and worse – so this honor is hugely deserved.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll recount the journey of the series from inception to its current success. This is only the beginning for THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and our talented filmmakers from Mexico City. More on that later.

– Jason Zachary Haikara (three names in honor of the tres amigos with three names)

Apr 20

Please congratulate your fellow Filmaka members, Luis Bernal Salazar, Rodrigo Lopez Aldana, and Arturo Gonzalez. Their Filmaka original webseries THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA just received a Webby Award nomination for Best Dramatic Series! The leading international award honoring excellence on the internet, the Webbys were hailed by the New York Times as the “Internet’s highest honor.” There were over 10,000 entries from over 60 countries worldwide so this is an awesome achievement.

But Luis, Rodrigo, and Arturo need your help! In addition to the Best Dramatic Series that’s voted on by the Webby organization, there is also a People’s Voice Award category….this is where you come in.

Go to http://pv.webbyawards.com

Sign in and register. You will receive a password via e-mail. Once signed in, go to “Online/Video”. Then scroll to “Drama Series.” Select TEN COMMANDMENTS. Get your friends to vote. Post on your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages. Tell everyone you know to vote for this deserving and groundbreaking webseries. Your support will shine through when the winners are announced in New York City next month.


Finally, be sure to catch all the episodes as well as interviews and photos at http://www.filmaka.com/tencommandments.php

TEN COMMANDMENTS is a riveting, dark tale of two brothers competing for power in an international gang – based on the real-life gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).

Apr 06
Rodrigo Lopez Aldana and Luis Bernal Salazar with The Guild's Felicia Day
Rodrigo Lopez Aldana and Luis Bernal Salazar with The Guild’s Felicia Day

Last week, filmmakers Luis Bernal Salazar and Rodrigo Lopez Aldana travelled from Mexico City to Los Angeles to attend the 1st Annual Streamy Creative Arts and Awards Ceremonies.   Their dramatic Filmaka web series THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA received a nomination for BEST ARTISTIC CONCEPT.   THE TEN COMMANDMENTS was the only non-English language web series to receive a nomination – in any category.    While in LA, Luis and Rodrigo met with Deepak Nayar (Bend It Like Beckham, Lost Highway) and the Filmaka team as well as a television and movie production company.

At the Streamys, Luis and Rodrigo walked the Red Carpet, conducted press interviews, and mingled with web celeb Felicia Day, who took home Streamys for Best Actress in a Comedy and Best Comedy (The Guild).  Felicia also stars in the hit web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog which won several awards at the event.

More photos of Luis and Rodrigo at the Streamys can be found on THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA Facebook page.  The episodes can be viewed on Facebook and on Filmaka.com.

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Mar 21

Filmaka Original Web Series “Ten Commandments” Receives Streamy Nomination!

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HP_Com_butcher_knifeWhat would you do if your brother founded a local clique for an international gang? Beat ’em? Or join ’em? How about a little of both?

Watch the stakes go up as the bodies start falling. In THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LA VIDA LOCA, two brothers lock in a battle of wills to see who will find justice – or vengeance.

Filmaka’s original web series, inspired by the real-life gang Mara Salvatrucha (or MS-13), just received a STREAMY AWARD nomination for BEST ARTISTIC CONCEPT for a Web Series. Witness this vision from the minds of Mexico’s LUIS BERNAL SALAZAR, RODRIGO LOPEZ ALDANA, and ARTURO GONZALEZ.

Mexico City’s Luis and Rodrigo are heading to LA this week to attend the awards ceremony and to meet with Filmaka.